Video Tour of E Ink’s Booth at Computex 2014


Every year Charbax posts a video tour of E Ink’s latest products and prototypes. This time the venue was at the Computex event in Taiwan, and is the first time E Ink has had a booth there.

Like usual, E Ink had all kinds of products on display. Everything from ereaders to watches to signage to product labels, and even weird Hello Kitty pictures with E Ink “motion technology”.

One product that I haven’t heard of before is the Fujitsu Navit. It’s a new device with an E Ink screen that basically looks like an ereader. It was developed by Fujitsu for the health care industry. It’s designed to do things like notify a person when it’s time to visit the doctor, and shows how long the wait is, among other things.

E Ink has really been trying hard to crack the watch market for years, and they’ve even released a few, but it’s hard to see the concept taking off and becoming mainstream, unless big clunky watches suddenly become stylish.

Other products shown briefly include Sony’s DPT-S1 PDF Reader with a 13.3″ Mobius display, Spectra displays with red pigment E Ink, PocketBook’s smartphone cover with an integrated E Ink display, and a few E Ink phones, such as the Yotaphone.

Overall there’s not much we haven’t seen before, and E Ink’s booth was really busy this time so there wasn’t as much device testing and information shared as usual.

E Ink Booth Tour at Computex 2014

4 Responses to “Video Tour of E Ink’s Booth at Computex 2014”

  1. Yikes, $1100 for the Sony! Nice big display though.

    • What’s even crazier is there are people willing to pay that much for a decent large-screen E Ink PDF Reader. Hopefully at some point a viable market will develop for that type of device and help bring prices down for the rest of us.

  2. I agree with the watch. Not many people like big clunky watches and eInk for a watch is cheap. No one wants a cheap watch.
    They just do not get it…

    • Yeah, if it were shiny bling it would be one thing, but I don’t see big plasticky watches suddenly becoming popular.