Kindle Voyage Covers and Cases List

After nearly one week of using the Kindle Voyage, I’ve come to the conclusion that a cover is pretty much required to get the best out of the PagePress sensors. And of course the whole providing protection thing…

I mentioned in my Kindle Voyage first impressions review that I had a hard time holding the Kindle in a way that made using the PagePress sensors comfortable. For someone with large hands, the Kindle is so thin and tapered at the edges that it’s kind of hard to get a good grip.

But I’ve found that using a cover cures that. The added thickness makes using the page sensor buttons ideal. I really like using them with a cover. But the problem is I was too cheap to spring for a real cover so I’ve been trying to use an old cover I had from the first basic Kindle, but it’s too big and the power button is inaccessible. The Voyage’s unique design requires a cover made specifically for it, unfortunately.

I’ve been looking online at different covers for the Kindle Voyage today. There are more options than I expected. Of course Amazon sells their own official Origami covers that also double as a stand, but they are a bit pricey. The leather ones are $59 and the synthetic ones are $45.

There are some cheaper options from Belkin and Incipio for $29, but the early reviews are complaining that they don’t have auto wake/sleep functions.

There are some really cheap covers from Hong Kong for under $10-$15 on Amazon and eBay. The only problem is shipping can take forever. The ACcase covers look nice. I had one for the original Kindle Fire, and I liked it at first, but the material only lasted a couple months before it started coming apart.

Putting this list together, I still haven’t decided which one to get, and several aren’t available right now. How about you? What Kindle Voyage cover did you choose, and do like it?

Feel free to add any other covers you may find in the comments section.

Kindle Voyage Covers List

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Amazon’s official Origami leather cover, available in blue, black, and red for $59.99.

Kindle Voyage Origami Cover

Amazon’s official Origami synthetic cover, available in pink, black, and citron, royal blue, and grey for $44.99.

Kindle Voyage Origami

Below is a Swees Cover that costs just $9.99 with free shipping. I ended up getting this one; here’s the link to my Kindle Voyage Swees Cover Review, which includes a video review.

Kindle Voyage Swees Covers

Belkin Folio Cover, available in black, purple, and pink for $29.99.

Belkin Kindle Voyage Cover

Incipio has journal-style covers for the Kindle Voyage for $29, available in green, purple, red, black, and there are some with floral patterns too.

Incipio Kindle Voyage Cover

Incipio has a second Top Folio style cover that doubles a stand for $24.99.

Incipio Top Cover Kindle Voyage

Fintie offers a SmartShell Case with auto wake/sleep for $5.99-$7.99 plus $4.99 for shipping, available in a variety of colors and designs. They also have folio style covers.

Fintie Kindle Voyage

ACcase’s SmartShell Case sells for $9.99 plus $4.49 for shipping, available in pink, black, purple, navy blue and sky blue.

Accase Kindle Voyage

ACcover Kindle Voyage cases cost $10.99 plus $4.46 for shipping, and come in black, pink, purple, and sky blue for solid colors. There are some with map designs, floral designs, and one with a US flag.

Accover Kindle Voyage

OMOTON Kindle Voyage Case PU leather with auto-wake/sleep, costs $7.99 plus $4.60 shipping, available in black, purple, magenta, and navy blue.

OMOTON Kindle Voyage

Exact’s PRO Series Covers for the Kindle Voyage cost just $9.95 and come in eleven different colors.

Exact Kindle Voyage Cover

There are some really cheap no-name covers on eBay, among them is this one for $6.98 with free shipping…

Voyage Cover

Another cheap no-name cover on eBay, this one has auto wake/sleep and a screen protector for $8.99, available in eight colors.

Sleep Slim COVER

Here’s a Gizmo Dorks reversible sleeve case for the Kindle Voyage that costs $7.99 with free shipping.

Voyage slip cover

That’s the last one, for now…

13 Responses to “Kindle Voyage Covers and Cases List”

  1. I tried the Incipio book-style and I didn’t care for it. Why? It added too much thickness. The thinner Voyage in the Incipio was thicker than the PW2 in the Amazon cover. This is going back tomorrow. I just received the Belkin cover and I’m not digging this one either. While it IS lighter and thinner, it also feels cheap. If I had paid $9.99 with Prime shipping, I’d probably keep it. However $29.99? Definitely not worth it. Considering that both of these cases are the same outrageous price and don’t even have the Smart Wake feature, there are probably way better options out there. I like using the Fintie cases for my Android tablets (7″ and 10.1″). I think I’ll wait for their covers to be in stock on Amazon. I think the Smart Shell version will probably be just right. Right now, the price is $5.99 and $4.99 shipping. Once it is in stock, I’m guesing the price with Prime shipping will be around $10.99 or so. (At least I would be able to get it much quicker once it is in stock, even though the price is the same either way usually.)

    • I missed the Fintie SmartShell. That looks like a good option. I might get that one. I like covers that don’t go over the bezel. I’ll add it to the list too.

    • Thanks for the endorsement of the Fintie case on your Android tablets, Kimberley. I just put in an order for the smartshell version based on that since it and most others with power on/off aren’t released yet and thus have no reviews yet.

      For $11 with shipping I can take a chance, but it’s good to know they’ve produced covers for other devices that weren’t garbage. 🙂

  2. I had the same back and forth though process. Ultimately, I went with the manufacturer of the device and have come to LOVE the cover, even at the premium price. My wife has a synthetic cover BTW, and I honestly think I prefer it over my leather one. With those big meat hooks, you may actually like the leather cover. Don’t go cheap if this your daily reader.

  3. Marta Brazilian October 28, 2014 at 5:14 am

    I bought the Amazon’s official Origami leather cover. Is beautiful and I think is a good case. I like the original case from Amazon.

  4. Is Amazon’s case for the Paperwhite compatible with Voyage?

  5. I didn’t order the suggested leather cover because of the price and to a lesser extent, the colors. I checked out other covers, but definitely wanted the wake/sleep function. I reluctantly opted for the synthetic origami cover in grey. To my surprise, i has been comfortable and made the page-press turns easier for my hands which have some numbness and tingling. I can even read on my side more easily than with my paperwhite.

  6. Yep… definitely liking my wife’s synthetic oragami cover versus my leather one. Feels a bit more “slender” for lack of a better term.

  7. I got Amazon’s synthetic Origami Cover and I love it. It’s very slim fitting and I love the feel of it. It has kind of a “fuzzy” feel. It doesn’t feel like plastic. I use the cover as a stand quite a bit. I also like the fact that if I want to take the cover off and read on my Kindle without it, it is very easy to take out and put back in the case.
    I thought it was a bit pricey when I ordered it, but now I love it so much I don’t regret the price and feel it’s well worth it.
    In fact, I’m going to be getting my son a Kindle Voyage for Christmas and I’m going to get the same case for him.

  8. I purchased a Fintie case for my Voyage Kindle and am not happy with it. In less than three weeks the hinge started to separate. It worked good but won’t last. I’m looking for a different case.