B&N Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Trade In Promotion

Nook Trade In

Barnes and Noble has started running a new trade-in promotion to entice people to trade an old ebook reader or tablet for credit toward the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet.

B&N is accepting select Nook, Kindle, iPad, and Nexus devices for trade in. The credit ranges from $25-$200 toward the purchase on a Galaxy Tab 4, either 7-inch or 10-inch models.

All trade-ins have to be done at B&N retail stores. The trade in promotion runs from May 17th, 2015 through June 13th, 2015.

The table below lists the trade-in value for the range of devices that B&N is accepting. Some of the values are pretty pathetic; you’d be better off selling the device on eBay for twice as much.

The credit value for older Nook ebook readers is pretty good, though. $50 for a 1st Edition Nook and Nook Simple Touch is considerably more generous than $25 for a Kindle Paperwhite or Nexus 7, especially when you can buy a new Nook Touch on eBay for $40 with free shipping.

Barnes and Noble also just cut the price of their Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablets, which isn’t surprising now that Samsung has started releasing new tablets for 2015. The 7-inch Tab 4 Nook used to sell for $179; now it’s down to $149. The 10-inch is $279. The regular Galaxy Tab 4 is almost always cheaper on Amazon, and it still is at $139, so B&N still can win. But if you’ve got an old device to trade-in you can get a Galaxy Tab 4 Nook at a pretty steep discount.

Trade In Devices

NOOK Devices
NOOK 1st Edition Wi-Fi® $50
NOOK 1st Edition™ Wi-Fi and 3G $50
NOOK Color® $50
NOOK Tablet® $50
NOOK Simple Touch® $50
NOOK Simple Touch with Glowlight® $50
NOOK HD® $50
NOOK HD+® $50
Third Party Devices
Kindle $25
Kindle Keyboard $25
Kindle Fire $25
Kindle Touch $25
Kindle Paperwhite $25
Kindle Fire HD $25
Nexus 7 (First Generation) $25
Nexus 7 (Second Generation) $25
iPad (First Generation) $50
Kindle DX $100
Kindle Fire HDX $100
Nexus 10 $100
iPad 2 $100
iPad 3 $100
iPad Mini (First Generation) $100
iPad 4 $200
iPad Air (First Generation) $200
iPad Air 2 $200
iPad Mini 2 $200
iPad Mini 3 $200

3 Responses to “B&N Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Trade In Promotion”

  1. B&N seems to be attempting to reward loyal customers. I just can’t figure out why I would want one of these instead of my NST or NSTwG.

  2. I don’t think I want to buy another ‘locked-in’ device from any of them! 🙂
    My old nook color has great battery life off wifi and is good enough for my craft videos and occasional movie stored on a microSD 🙂
    My nook hd+ is constantly trying and failing to download app updates and failed doc downloads… 🙁
    Not sure what would be a good replacement but not a nook!

    • I don’t have those problems with my Nook HD+. I did have an issue with books directly downloaded from certain free sites, such as Gutenberg and Baen, where the books constantly were being reported as forever downloading even after they had successfully downloaded. The solution (or workaround) was to download the offending books to my PC and then copy them to the Nook via Calibre.

      I’ve never had an issue with content from B&N or apps from Google Play.