First Look at 8-inch Icarus Illumina XL with Android 4.2 (Video)

Icarus Illumina XL

The Icarus Illumina XL is a new ebook reader that was first introduced back in October. It has an 8-inch screen (that’s why it’s called “XL”) and it runs Android 4.2 and can install Android apps.

Icarus launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help fund the ereader, and to give people the option to get an early bird package for $169.

They missed their end of November targeted launch date, but the first units have started shipping so some could still arrive before Christmas.

The folks at Icarus uploaded a video demoing the new Illumina XL a couple of days ago (embedded below).

As suspected, the device is definitely being made by Boyue. The software looks almost identical to the Bouye T61, also known as the 6-inch Icarus Illumina that I reviewed last year. All the Boyue device have very similar software, just like the inkBook Obsidian that I posted a review of a couple days ago.

This is the first Boyue device with an 8-inch screen, however. All the others have 6-inch E Ink screens. The bigger size has some advantages; the only drawback is the resolution is lower than other ereaders at 1024 x 768, which equates to 160 ppi on the larger display.

Other features include a frontlight, WiFi, 8GB of internal storage space, there’s a microSD card slot, and 3.5mm headphone jack, so it supports audio as well.

The Illumina XL sells for 199.95€ (165.25€ excluding tax) from the Icarus website.

Icarus Illumina XL Video

2 Responses to “First Look at 8-inch Icarus Illumina XL with Android 4.2 (Video)”

  1. This products looks good but I have one issue. Why Android 4.2 and not a more current version? Currently the minimum system requirements for the Kindle Android app is Android 4.2 and it might rise any time requiring a more current version. I would love to buy this e-reader but give us a more current version or at least the ability to upgrade.

  2. It is really fast! Have you tested the browser? I have not seen it. It looks as fast as the Cybook Odissey.