I Can’t Believe Best Buy is Still Selling Sony eBook Gift Cards

Sony eBook Gift Cards

You’ve always got to be careful when shopping online. There are always those that are looking to make a buck by selling you an outdated or useless product.

That’s the case with Best Buy and their bogus Sony eBook Gift Cards that they are trying to sell for $25 and $50 each.

The problem with this is the simple fact that the cards are no longer valid.

Sony closed their ebook store almost 2 years ago.

Last year I complained about this very same thing. A couple of websites, Walmart and TigerDirect, were selling these same exact completely useless Sony gift cards (the pages still exist but at least they aren’t selling them anymore).

I can’t believe over a year later they are still being sold online, and from a prominent website like Best Buy no less.

It’s pretty crazy that a company like Best Buy can sell gift cards for a store that doesn’t even exist. It makes you wonder how many other bogus gift cards are being sold online.

2 Responses to “I Can’t Believe Best Buy is Still Selling Sony eBook Gift Cards”

  1. I don’t know how Best Buy can even activate the things.

  2. I can believe that this is still on their site, as BestBuy never fails to disappoint me..

    I just sent them a notice via email on their website asking them to remove the product. I included all the proper links to the Sony closure announcement

    The FAQ states that the gift cards were only good through March 20, 2014


    I hope no one accidentally bought those and tried to give them as gifts, and I hope we are not still talking about this a year from now

    Everyone have a Happy Holiday!