Kindle App for iOS Updated to Version 4.17

Kindle iOS App

Yesterday Amazon updated the Kindle for iOS app to version 4.17.

The update adds support for interactive magazines on the iPad for some US magazine titles. Interactive magazines contain enhanced content like videos, audio clips and slideshows.

The update also adds support for the new iPad Pro, which has a 12.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 , so the resolution has been increased for it.

Flashcards and notebook export are other feature improvements with this update. Now they are available on almost all textbooks and many non-textbooks as well, with improved filtering for textbooks.

Here’s the list of changes included in the 4.17 update:

Interactive Magazines for iPad
Interactive magazines on iPad support rich content controls such as slideshows, audio and videos for select US titles.

iPad Pro Support

Support for native scale resolution on iPad Pro.

Flashcards, notebook export, and improved notebook filtering available on more textbooks
Flashcards, Notebook Export to email, and richer notebook filtering (including chapter-based filtering) have been expanded to nearly all textbooks (and many non-textbooks as well).

Kindle iOS App

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