More Details Surface About New Kindles

Basic Kindle

Ever since Jeff Bezos announced on Twitter this past Monday that a new top-of-the-line Kindle would be revealed next week, everyone wants to know what new features it will have, and the rumors and speculations have started to fly (just how Amazon likes it).

The Wall Street Journal posted an article with a few interesting details about the upcoming new Kindle.

Their source says the new higher-end Kindle will feature a rechargeable protective case designed to extended battery life and to help make the Kindle thinner than earlier models.

There’s also supposedly a separate solar-powered Kindle case under development with a battery that can be charged by sunlight, but it’s unlikely to be released anytime soon. That would be a cool add-on for existing models like the Kindle Paperwhite 3.

According to WSJ, the new Kindle is codenamed Whiskey and its case is codenamed Soda. The solar-powered case is being referred to as Sunkiss by Amazon’s engineers at Lab126.

Developers at MobileRead also noticed the codename Whiskey in the latest Kindle software update code.

The code also seems to suggest that there’s a new basic Kindle as well, codenamed Woody. There’s code for other things that could mean possible page buttons, accelerometers, but no haptic feedback on the new higher-end model.

Bluetooth is another rumor that has been floating around. That would most likely mean some kind of audiobook tie-in, which makes sense with Whispersync for Voice and a possible Alexa crossover. Then Amazon could sell separate speakers and headphones for it as well.

Whatever features the new Kindle (or Kindles) have, the screen is going to be the most important thing. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. Is it next week yet?

13 Responses to “More Details Surface About New Kindles”

  1. Agreed. Having charging cases and/or solar powered cases is not gonna make people want to upgrade. Here’s hoping for a better screen.

  2. I’d have to say that screen size is about 99% the only thing that matters that is of relative use. Everything else is just noise.

  3. So, it’s possible, the included, nternal battery could possibly be smaller, supplemented by extra reserves in the case and with a potential solar case option, as rumors suggested.


    I suppose that the extra thin-ness might be also helped, if they have somehow moved Carta or its equivalent, to a plastic substrate, like their Mobius screens, potentially reducing weight, even more. Though, I’d probably fit into the more dedicated e-ink user market and almost always heft mine around with a rigid case,I guess I can see the benefits of having a more svelte option, making tucking it into a large pocket, purse or satchel for out-and-about daily use. It probably wouldn’t make me upgrade – right away, anyways.

    E-ink Holding profits were only around half-a million in 2014, but increased to 16-17 M (?) the past year, from what I’ve read; mainly due to revenue from patent holdings.

    Not sure if they have had the resources for a great deal of R & D the past year, but they are far more solidly a-foot, now and hopefully this new infusion will spur more development. I’d hope the screens in this next iterastion of Kindle might be higher-resolution or slightly larger, maintaining the current ppi, but I’d have doubts.

  4. Voyage has been discounted by $50 for Prime members.

  5. Why on earth would I want something slimmer than my Voyage? You *got* to hold it somehow. I don’t even care for less weight, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

    At this point, although I couldn’t wait to see what a newer model would bring, the only things I would care about (save, perhaps, a faster screen) are software related…

    • I’ve got to agree. How thin it is is the last thing I really care about. I thought the Voyage was too thin at the edges to hold comfortably without a cover. Big hands need something to hold onto…

  6. please let it be a 6,8/7 inch screen

  7. I’d love to see an 8″ screen.

  8. Amazon should get rid of Baskerville and Futura and add Charis and Georgia. Larger Kindle is mandatory above all else.

  9. Bigger screen is a must, like 8″ or more. I could care less about anything else.

  10. 6 inch will be a pass for me. Eight inch or larger I will definitely buy front lit or not.

  11. Change that juxtaposes features but doesn’t affect readability or ease of use is not worthy of reviewing. I now have 6 readers and await on the ultimate reader and they all promised to be developmental. Surprise, surprise what a waste and I will be extremely hesitant to buy another.