New Fire OS 5.1.4 Update Adds eBooks to SD Card and “On Deck”

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Amazon has started rolling out a software update for Fire tablets that adds some new features and includes the usual “general performance improvements”.

The new software version is 5.1.4, and it’s for the entry-level Fire tablet as well as the Fire HD 8 and HD 10.

Amazon hasn’t updated the software updates pages yet for the Fire tablets, however, so there’s isn’t a way to manually install it yet but the pages will probably get updated soon.

The update adds two new key features: Kindle ebooks and periodicals can now be saved to the microSD card (you can manage your preferences under Settings > Storage), and a new “On Deck” feature has been added that will automatically download Amazon videos to watch offline.

Being able to save Kindle content to the memory card will free up some much needed internal storage space, which can then be occupied by some On Deck Amazon video that you may or may not want.

The whole On Deck concept seems a bit strange to me. It’s basically intended to automatically download Amazon videos when you’re not using the tablet so that you have something to watch anytime, even while offline.

According to the documentation that came with the update, On Deck will automatically download a “selection of movies and TV shows” when your tablet is plugged in and idle, provided it has adequate storage space available, which can be set to either the internal storage or memory card from settings.

The manual says that On Deck downloads videos using a special “shadow mode” that only uses storage when it’s available, and it will automatically make room. Amazon assures that it won’t impact performance and it won’t block you from using your storage space.

On Deck is enabled by default and can be turned off by going to Settings > Apps & Games > Amazon Application Settings > Video > On Deck. Parents can also use Amazon Video Settings to limit On Deck downloads to content suitable for kids.

4 Responses to “New Fire OS 5.1.4 Update Adds eBooks to SD Card and “On Deck””

  1. What’s the point of an SD slot if you can’t keep your content on it? Fixing an unacceptable deficiency like that hardly qualifies as a new “feature”.

    I doubt if these low-end tablets make very good e-readers, but using an app like Overdrive for borrowing and playing audiobooks could make them very attractive for some users…

  2. Thanks – you had the correct information about how to turn off On Deck, unlike the instructions actually on the kindle!
    I actually like the On Deck feature on my own kindle, but wanted to turn it off on my kids’ kindles since there’s no way to specify which videos will be loaded to On Deck.
    And regarding the comment above – not sure why you think the Fire is now a good e-reader. I find it excellent, and easy to use with Overdrive to get kindle books from the public library. A basic kindle fire for 50.00 seems like one of the best deals around for a general use tablet, especially if you use Amazon content.

  3. It seems as though the ‘Video’ part has been renamed to ‘Stream and Download’. Thanks for the instructions for disabling this.

    • I hate that on deck feature. I had to reset my Fire so it was turned back on again. I don’t get why anyone would want their tablet automatically downloading random videos they have no interest in watching. It’s just a waste of bandwidth and storage space.