New Kobo Aura One and Kobo Aura 2 Now Available to Order

Kobo Aura One

Kobo’s two new ebook readers for 2016, the 7.8-inch Kobo Aura One and 6-inch Kobo Aura 2, are now available to pre-order from and Chapters.Indigo (links below).

Currently they aren’t showing any ship dates but both devices are officially supposed to get released on September 6th. At first Indigo was showing them as “in stock” both online and in stores, but then they changed it to pre-orders.

From my experience it’s both cheaper and faster to order a Kobo ereader from Indigo than from Kobo directly.

Indigo charges in Canadian dollars so if you’re in the US it works out to being cheaper despite the higher CAD list prices and even when having to pay extra for shipping.

Indigo tries to scare off international customers with extra long shipping estimates but the last time I ordered from them the Kobo ereader arrived in like 4 days, which is faster than most shipments from US companies.

I’ll be posting in-depth reviews of both new Kobo ereaders so check back in a couple of weeks for more details and comparisons.

Kobo Aura One – Indigo
Kobo Aura – Indigo

Kobo Aura One –
Kobo Aura –

29 Responses to “New Kobo Aura One and Kobo Aura 2 Now Available to Order”

  1. Hi Chapters won’t let you put either new model in your shopping cart. stating unavailable but says in stock on web page. Nathan did you order from chapters yet? I am a little wary from ordering from kobo directly. It is probably better now since Rakuten took over but when I ordered my Vox way back it was a nightmare. Did Kobo announce a ship date?? Thanks

    • They were probably just in the process of changing it. It was a regular order last night and this morning, and it said they were in stock online and in stores, but then they changed it to pre-order shortly after posting this. I placed an order last night through Indigo without issue. The official release date is supposed to be September 6th but I don’t think they specified a ship date for pre-orders.

  2. Check please thoroughly how it works with pdf files…..

  3. I checked out both Kobo and Indigo’s websites. The Aura One is listed as pre-order on both sites. Interestingly Indigo is charging $249 while Kobo is charging $229 (maybe Kobo’s price is in US dollars). Both have free shipping so I just ordered from Kobo.

    • That’s the difference in US and Canadian prices for the new Kobo ereaders, which isn’t anywhere close to the actual exchange rate. They changed it to pre-orders this morning at Indigo. Earlier both models were listed as in stock online and in stores.

    • Hi Karl did Kobo give a ship date and what is the time frame for free delivery. Thanks

      • No ship date given by Kobo nor any confirmation emails yet. Indigo didn’t give an indication of a ship date either though I canceled the order just prior to completion.

  4. Thanks . Indigo has a delivery date listed as “by September 27th”.
    That is why I am a little hesitant ordering from Kobo. Had issues with them a while ago ordering online but that was before Rakuten took them over. Let me know when you get any type of response from Kobo on your order. Thanks in advance.

    • Indigo’s dates are ridiculously conservative. At least they were the last couple of times I ordered from them. It only took a few days when the estimate was a few weeks.

  5. Thanks Nathan That is good to know.

  6. Gonna wait for Nathan’s review to see if it’s worth getting. My concern is the battery life. Has it really been compromised to make it lighter?

  7. Just bought a couple I also got the September 27th date

  8. I’ve had nothing but misery in the past when ordering from both Indigo and Kobo and I won’t try again.

    I got my H2O from someone who got it directly in Canada so I guess if I want this one I’ll have to schedule a trip there.

    Kobo has a great product line with no US distribution and B&N has great distribution with a (really) lousy product. Seems like they could work something out, doesn’t it?

    • Kobo got where they are (that is, w/o a US distributor) by tying themselves to a failing B&M bookseller in Borders. Hopefully they wouldn’t think of doing that again.

  9. my order has fully shipped today and has a tracking number now

  10. James, Nathan . I haven’t ordered from chapters indigo before . The price stated is obviously in Canadian Dollars . Do they tell you what the charge will be in US dollars on any confirmation email.

    • No, they never say anything about the exchange rate or USD price. It always just shows the price in Canadian dollars. Your credit card company will do the conversion and they usually add a few dollars for a foreign currency transaction fee. Or you can use PayPal to avoid the fee.

  11. Thanks Nathan just did the current conversion for the bundle 324.60 Canadian works out to 247.47 not bad. May have to pull the trigger on it. Thanks for your help and responses and heads up using paypal.

  12. Checked Kobo this morning for a book not in my public library’s Overdrive system and found the new Big Kobo! After looking at several review, I ordered 2 directly from Kobo. Hubs uses big print on his and is gonna LOVE the larger format! Shhhh! It’s a surprise!

    It sounds like a 5-star reader; hope Kobo fixed the sensitivity of the touch screen compared to the Glo which I love, but have to swipe or tap each page 2 – 4 times which gets REALLY annoying ;(

    My expected delivery date is in 7 to 10 business days. The Kobo Website lists September 15th as the date pre-orders will be in stock. They already received their payment. Fingers crossed for delivery by the 16th!

  13. Got mine yesterday and love it. It’s a significant improvement on the H2O, which was already a mighty fine reader.

    Just applied the FullScreenReading=true hack, which still works, for those of you like me that need even more screen real-estate.

    I’ll leave the full review to Nathan though…

    • Just got mine today and it is really nice. The bigger screen looks great, and it’s surprising how light it feels in hand considering the larger size.

  14. Mine was shipped from Chapters yesterday saying delivery for tomorrow not use how true that will be .I am in Philadelphia. Not sure how US mail delivers after receiving pkg. Nathan how long did it take for yours to arrive?

  15. I found this site that can follow the tracking number from where the Canada Post (or whatever version of Canadian mail) left off:

    It seems to be able to track over multiple carriers.
    We’ll see how it plays out, but it has already given me a little more info now that the package has arrived in the U.S.

    We’ll also see if it delivers tomorrow, as the Canada Post tracking had indicated. (All the way from NY today, to my house in Calif. tomorrow? Dare I hold my breath???)