New Software Update 5.3.2 for Fire Tablets Adds Alexa Support

Fire HD 8

Amazon has released a new software update for Fire tablets that adds support for Amazon’s voice-assistant, Alexa, which you can use to ask questions, get weather and traffic updates, order products from Amazon, control music playback, and even read Kindle ebooks aloud and listen to audiobooks, among other things.

A few people started getting the update a couple of weeks ago and now Amazon is officially rolling out the update to all 5th and 6th generation Fire tablets.

That includes the entry-level $49 Fire tablet, the Fire HD 10 and both Fire HD 8 models.

Apparently the older Fire HDX, HD 7 and HD 6 models won’t be getting Alexa support.

The new software version is 5.3.2. Fire tablets automatically update software as long as wireless is enabled so you don’t have to do anything to get the update.

Or if you don’t want to wait you can download and install the update manually from the Fire software updates pages.

To use Alexa on your Fire tablet press and hold the Home button until you see a blue line appear. That means Alexa is ready to go and you can ask a question or give a voice command.

Here’s the help page at Amazon for more info about how to use Alexa on Fire tablets. There’s also this list of examples of things that Alexa can do.

12 Responses to “New Software Update 5.3.2 for Fire Tablets Adds Alexa Support”

  1. Thanks Nathan,
    just downloading the update now 🙂

  2. Stopped working with Alexa software upt Reply November 18, 2016 at 4:49 am

    Hello Alexa goodbye Google Play. With the new upgrade my Google Play stopped working.

    • As mentioned on the other post, if you’re suddenly having problems with Google apps after updating then install these newer versions from this thread at the XDA forums.

      You only need to install the top two, Google Account Manager and Google Services Framework. Then restart the tablet and it should be good to go. It worked for me after the 5.3.2 update.

    • Same for me. Glad it’s just that Alexa is a butt. But I just want Google Chrome and Google Play Store to work again!

  3. Having Alexa was actually a fun little surprise this morning on my Kindle Fire. I had thought it was an added feature on the newer Fire tablets, had no idea they would be adding it to my super cheap $35 Black Friday 2015 version.

  4. Did the update brick older devices? I have an HDX 7″ that worked fine last night but wouldn’t boot up this morning. I switch from wall plug to computer and can get to boot screen. However, now just stuck at boot screen. I’ve tried the 30 second “press the power button” reset. It powers off, then back on. Still stuck at boot screen.

    Anyone else with older models having this problem today?

    Are there any solutions besides the factory reset route?

  5. Doesn´t work.!!!

    I have a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Kindle Fire OS

    I download in my PC the files that you suggested
    Google Account Manager
    Google Services Framework

    When I try to install the Google Account Manager i receive a message as PARSE ERROR.

    Please advice me

    • Apparently you didn’t read the part where it says your Fire tablet has to be running Fire OS 5 and up, not 4. Kind of important, that. You might be able to find a method for your 3rd gen Fire at the XDA forums.

  6. Very nice to see that Alexa software auto downloaded onto my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 device, used it for a minute to try out (I do not have the Echo or Dot devices). However, now I have a particular game on my Kindle that will not launch. I’ve tried rebooting several times, I’ve cleared the cache several times, I’ve stopped service several times. Nothing. And Kindle support is of no help at all. They ask me for an IDF or some kind of number that is hidden in my device and I can’t even get that hidden button to work. And yes, I am running the latest OS of UGH!!!!