How to Install Google Play on 2017 Fire Tablets in 5 Minutes (Video)

Fire Tablet Play Store

Amazon released two new Fire tablets this week, the Fire HD 8 and Fire 7, and it turns out it’s the same simple process to add the Google Play Store and Google apps to them as previous Fire tablets.

Both new tablets are considered 7th generation models, but the software is the same as the 5th and 6th gen Fire tablets, so installing Google Play works the same exact way.

It literally takes about 5 minutes to complete from start to finish, and it can be accomplished directly from a stock Fire tablet without having to install anything else first.

You don’t need to use a computer or root the tablet first; all you have to do is install 4 Google apps.

Anyone can do it, and if you decide later that you don’t want Google Play on your tablet you can do a factory reset to wipe everything clean and make the tablet like it was when you first got it.

This is the same exact process as earlier models and will work on any Fire tablet running Fire OS 5.x and up. To check your tablet’s OS version go to Settings > Device Options > System Updates. The new Fire tablets are running and are confirmed to work with the below method.

How to Install Google Play on Fire Tablets

Step #1: Prepare Your Fire Tablet

Go to Settings > Security > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources (this will prompt a warning message—that’s normal).

Step #2: Download Google Apps

Now it’s time to download 4 separate apk app files. The easiest way is to use the Fire tablet’s silk web browser. Just make sure to install them in the order they are listed below.

It’s easiest to install the apps one at a time as they download. Just tap the download notification to prompt install. If you miss the notification, swipe left from the browser’s screen to open the menu and select downloads.

These apps must be installed in the following order:

1. Google Account Manager

2. Google Services Framework

3. Google Play Services

4. Google Play Store

Update: If you’re having problems with the install button being grayed out and rebooting doesn’t fix the problem, try this fix: When you encounter the grayed out install button, try pressing the power button to put the device to sleep, then power it back on and unlock the screen, and now the install button should work (tip).

Step #3: Restart and Sign-in

After installing the Google apps above you need to shutdown and restart your Fire tablet before using the Play Store app.

After restarting, simply launch the Google Play app and sign-in to your Google account. That’s it. Enjoy!

Update – Step #4: Once you have the Google Play store up and running, it’s a good idea to go into settings and turn off auto updates for apps because they can mess up the pre-installed Amazon apps and cause problems. See here for more about how to fix problems with Kindle ebooks disappearing.

via: XDA Forums

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  1. Thank you. Simple to the point instruction.

    Not having the Google Play Store is my #1 complaint with the Fire Tablets.

    • I’m happy I found this article.. I too was so mad that I could not download Google Play Store there are 3 apps that I need but they are housed in the GPStore.. Hope these steps will solve the problem

      • problems with kindle app Reply November 30, 2017 at 7:34 pm

        This works and, as described, only takes a couple of minutes. However, google pay immediately tried to update the “books” app (this is the kindle reading app). Which failed and left the books app unusable. Eventually I just removed the play store from my Fire. I was able to do this w/o a reset. Just removing the four google apps in reverse order.

        • I had the same issue with the Kindle reader app but its an easy fix.

          The problem is that the newer version of the Kindle Reader on the google play store is designed for newer Android operating systems, but the Kindle Fire tablet is still essentially using an earlier version of android (5.x). So, when you add the Google Play Store to your Fire tablet, don’t accept the update to the Kindle reader (it gives you a few seconds to stop or decline). If you already updated the Kindle reader and now it doesn’t work, its very simple to uninstall and revert to the one that came with your Fire tablet:

          To fix this, just go to the Google Play store on your kindle, search for Amazon Kindle app and tap it in the store for details. It will show an “uninstall” button. Tap it to uninstall the new version of the book reader, and the button will change to “install” and an “open” button next to it. You have now removed the newer version and reverted to the original version that came with your Kindle Fire. You can tap “open” or just close the browser and use the home page icon (DO NOT tap the “install” button 😀).

        • disable auto update on play store settings Reply December 2, 2017 at 6:58 pm

          disable the auto update setting on the play store settings tab as soon as you install it, and this won’t happen again. hope this helps.

          • New Fire HD 10 worked with this (taking a couple hours) up to a point…

            Keep getting an alert that apps won’t work unless we update to newer version of Play Services.

        • I was about to install google play per the instructions… thanks for your comment.. the only reason I wanted it on my fire tablet is to download google books… it unfortunate that amazon and google apps can’t be on the same device. I do read from both apps. My iPhone is versatile

        • May I ask how you uninstalled the files? I cannot figure out how to uninstall them!


        • You could of just downgraded/rollbacked the app to the previous version in the APP settings, that would of easily solved your problems. Prior to doing that make sure you disable the auto update apps option as stated above.

      • I could install GPStore on my HD8 under again. But GPStore does not start to download and install apps any more. Worked great with the older OS.
        Anyone having an idea why GPStore starts just fine but does not install apps? Any trick¿

    • I tried everything for my 10.1″ Fire tablet that I got November 20,_2017. I bought my mom one a couple days later. Every suggestion worked with hers. Google Account Manager is the only one that sometimes installs. I keep uninstalling the APK files because they need to be in order. Any time it says continue, it’s grayed out. I’ve tried everything. No luck. Is it possible that because there are two in the same house, different accounts that one won’t work? We even tried hooking it up to be PC

      • Make sure your using the right version number it does matter for this process, when in doubt uninstall it all and try again. This is my 2nd fire tablet done this way on the same account.

      • See the note above. Turn the screen off, then back on, log in with your password and the install button should now be highlighted.

    • Im happy to see that Amazon’s skin on top of android is actually better and closer looking to stock Android with the on screen buttons showing and the drop down shade plus the array of apps. Definitely a must buy! Im getting the 10in version in a few days.

    • i changed the setting, downloaded this all in order, then restarted my fire and i cant find the app anywhere? any ideas?

    • I download all 4 links but I don’t know how to install the google play app? I restarted my Amazon fire what do I do after?

    • I got a parse error on the play services download. what is that and what do i need to do to get it done. no problems with the first 2. thx

  2. Thank you,

    I have followed this download list before, and it works very well.

    I can get apps that I need that are not available on Amazon.

    Plus the apps I do get are not gateways for unwanted popups.

    I have it now on my brand new Kindle Fire HD 8 which I got yesterday on pre-order.

    Works great.


  3. Hi and thanks. Works on Fire 7 7th gen but had to open google play after it installed rather than just restart, awesome!

  4. Hey im having an issue installing thw downloads. For some reason when I go to hit “install” it doesnt install. I have the new hd 8 2017 tablet running fire os 5.4 please help.

  5. Hi Darla, I had the same problem. I simply shut the tablet down then left it for 5 mins and restarted it.It then worked fine with all downloads.All working fine now and loads of apps. 😀

  6. This guide worked like a charm. I didn’t have any issues. Once you enable apps from “unknown sources” you can install the 4 apk files, then restart the tablet and open up google play so that you can input your Google credentials.

  7. Thanks so much for the tutorial and thanks Darla for asking my question for me! I am one happy camper right now.

  8. I did this but I for are the files or apps anywhere in my tablet. How do I find it? When I follow your links it says there are new versions available so I just guessed which ones to do. Is this why I can’t find it?

  9. Hi

    All done, but Google Inbox and Gmail apps crash on launch. Any ideas? Anyone go them to work?


    • Maybe try restarting the tablet? Gmail works on my 2015 Fire but I didn’t want email on the new ones so didn’t try it but it shouldn’t be any different.

      • No joy with Inbox although Gmail seems OK. The only thing I didn’t do was reboot after installing the 4 packages – I just went straight to the Google Play store app. Should I repeat the process but this time reboot first? Thanks

        • I don’t know. I’ve only ever done it as described and have never encountered any problems so I’m not much good for troubleshooting.

    • I’m having the same issue.

      I bought the Fire HD 8 (2017) and everything in the instructions listed above works, but Gmail and Inbox keep crashing.

      Yahoo Mails for some reason.

    • I have the same issues on my Fire 10. Worked immediately after installation but crashed after on a re-lunch.

  10. I tried it on my son’s 2016 model that we Google-enabled last year and it doesn’t work on that either so must be incompatible…

  11. we tried to install the gmail app but it works for for a bit and will crash. is there a way to stabilize?

  12. Yes, gmail keeps crashing on my new Fire 8 (2017). Re-installed the sequence a few times as well as gmail. All other apps work fine. Playstore downloads other apps, including google apps that work perfectly well. Anyone know of a fix?

    • I just ordered a Fire 8, so haven’t tried anything yet. Just a possibility – you could try the MyMail app, which can work with gmail and other mail providers. On an Ipad, it allows printing to Airprint printers, which Gmail does not, so it’s more advanced in at least that way.

      • The person is unlikely going to see your comment, but whatever problem there was with the Gmail app worked itself out because it works fine now.

  13. Likewise. gmail starts, loads inbox, then immediately closes. Have done this over and over. I notice a message when opening the Google apps with several that there is an updated version available and I see many variants at the bottom of the page. Pewrhaps one of these later (or earlier?) versions will work properly. Very disappointed that this is not functioning as expected.

  14. Hello, great article. Agree, this fixes the biggest problem with an Amazon tablet – only having the Amazon app store games. I use FreeTime for my kids. Do you know if you can expose a game from the Google Play Store to a kid though FreeTime?

  15. I’m having a huge problem here: the “install” button at the end of the page, just doesn’t work. I click on it, but nothing happens. Yes, I allowed apps from unknown sources… and the very first one, google account manager, already has this problem. Maybe folks at Amazon blocked it already? any suggestions? tks a lot!

  16. Which version of Play services do I download?

  17. Super excited for this. Just ordered 3 kids HD 8 tabets and I am Def gonna do this before the kids even get to use them. I am not techy at all but sounds easy enough

  18. I followed the instructions but unfortunately, it just says Download pending for everything I try to download.

  19. Thanks lots for this, this’ll help make my new yellow Kindle even more awesome! 😀 To make the process easier for myself, I made a tinyurl for this page, thought I’d add it here to help out others too. Feel free to update your post with it if you think it’s handy. The tiny url is:

  20. I did everything step by step but play store crashes after awhile

  21. I keep clicking download a it takes me to an error page saying something about rate limits. can anyone help

  22. Your explanation was fantastic and everything worked great;I have been downloading apps from the Play Store ever since.
    Honestly, it’s hard to beat getting an 8 inch tablet that has all the Amazon features AND that with your help I have been able to turn into a very decent Android tablet.
    I keep recommending your blog to all my friends with questions about e-readers and tablets. Thanks again.

  23. I just tried this and it worked beautifully. Thank you very much for this helpful link.
    Curious though: With new updates and versions constantly being pushed out for Google Play services and Play store, etc., will the updates occur automatically or do they need to be manually installed (similar to the way outlined above but with newer versions of the files)?

    • I have this same question as I now consistently receive the notification, “Google Play services won’t run unless you update Google Play services.” I cannot find a way to manually kick off an update for Play services…

  24. New fire hd 8 here. Upgraded to 5.4.0 then run the install as per instructions.

    Tapping the google app, screen dims like play store is going to start, then fails to start the app. Reset the fire hd 8 and started from scratch – same result.

    There’s also a google settings app that’s been installed – that’s working.

    Any advice for a newbie to the Amazon tablet world?

    • Surprised at the lack of suggestions of help.

      Here’s what I did to fix it. Searched you tube and used the same software versions as he choose. 3 of the 4 are the lAtest but 1 of them aS an earlier version. Works now.

  25. Thanks very much! Everything working perfectly! Best regards. (Hugo, Brazil).

  26. Thank you so much took a second to figure out how to open up google play b/c there is no icon got it working though. was really regretting my purchase but now everything should be ok.

  27. Got it to install but Google play store won’t open even after restarting it.

  28. Hi there,

    I followed these instructions and similar ones I found on YouTube. Everything installed and I’ve been able to download and run apps from the Google Play store on my new Kindle Fire 8 HD. The only problem I’m having is, I installed an old version of Google Play after I read that Google Play will auto-update itself to the latest version. My version of Google Play, however, hasn’t auto-updated and I can’t find a way to manually force it to update. I did turn off “install unknown apps” after I installed the APKs. Does this need to remain on for the auto-update to work? Or am I missing something else? Thanks.

    • Stu, go back on this link for youtube instructions & there is a part where it tells you that you must activate a certain download section so it does auto installs

  29. This is awesomely perfect and so easy!!! I was very scared and intimidated to try doing this but it was quick, simple and easy! Thank you so much!!

  30. Well done, brilliantly easy, works exactly as shown. Just remember that REBOOT.
    Many thanks

  31. Problem parsing package?

  32. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Your steps were concise and very easy to follow. Look forward to more material from you.

  33. I tried to open the downloaded google account manager and I all get are parsing error after several restarts.

  34. Paul, I had the parsing error too on the google account manager. I finally just went on with downloading the other 3 apps, restarted, and all was well. I have a new fire HD 8 that got as a gift a week ago.

    • Worked for me too Julie, thanks for the reminder of the #1 solution. This is normally when I tell people they’re stupid for not rebooting and trying again but all too often I get silly and think I’m smarter than the rest of my IT tech colleagues.

  35. OK I went on YouTube & found this article with video instructions by Kevin Breeze & it worked great for me..Downloads took easily & I found the apps I wanted & downloaded them too.. This Kindle is very sensitive to the touch..

  36. While I like a little short on the love side my Kindle HD8 2017 I think I will still go & buy an iPad Mini4 I like the Apple store contents & less hassle..

  37. I can’t get it to let me install. I tapped on the first one install comes up I click on it and nothing. Any suggestions

  38. I downloaded, but when I click on the downloaded packages, fire says the package has a parsing error. I have shut down and restarted. Any other recommendations?

  39. No. I bought a new HD8 just last month.

  40. THANK YOU!!! you’re a life saver.

  41. Running smooth as glass! Once I realized that each step needed to be installed separately all went well. Thanks a bunch for this one!

  42. I followed all directions and installed the 4 apps in the correct order. Then I restarted. I can see the Google Play store icon, but when I tap it, there is nothing in it – just a blank screen. Help!

  43. same for me too. All I get are parsing errors. and YES I’m running Fire OS I double checked. I’ve been able to install on a previous kindle using this method and it worked beautifully, this time…not so much.

  44. Funciona perfecto en Fire 7, sin la necesidad de rootear la tablet, solo descargar a las app descritas en el articulo. Muchas gracias Nathan por compartir tu conocimiento.

  45. I’ve downloaded the files, but it says problem with parsing the packet. Any suggestions?

  46. Fire OS on HD8 2017
    After enabling install from unsafe sources I received a parsing error when trying to install. Error disappeared after rebooting. WOOT WOOT google-playing it up.


    #1 If something doesn’t work right try turning it off and on again. If then, Check your steps.
    If then, update to latest version and start over.

  47. Wonderful. Now going through the process of uninstalling Amazon apps and installing Google apps.

  48. Anyone else have trouble with live wallpaper? I use 3d parallax and comic rack lwp but I get “this app is not installed” message when attempting to open them.

  49. Just did this with my brand new Fire HD 8 with no issues. Thanks for the simple instructions! I do have a question, though: when installing an app that is available in both app stores, does it matter which version I install?

  50. Thanks a lot. Worked great!!

  51. When I try to install it and open it from the notification it says there was a problem parsing the package?

  52. Thanks! Worked with no problems.
    One thing is that sometimes you can’t install because it says “Next” at the bottom. Just scroll down all the way, and it will change to “Install.”
    Also, if the install button doesn’t click, restart the system and it will work. As mentioned above, open Silk and swipe left to downloads and you’ll find the downloaded files. Just click and install.
    I just realized that I went through this mostly for Chrome and to use my Chromecast!

  53. Works like a charm on new Fire 8 HD FireOS 5.4.1. Thanks for the write up. Used the first method, just downloaded and installed.

  54. I have got Google play store and can’t get good play to install. I have tried different versions and re starting my tablet. I have only had this tablet a few months now and didn’t know I couldn’t use good play on it.

  55. This worked perfectly for me on my brand new Fire HD8 7th generation. I was also frustrated because after I downloaded the 4 apk files, nothing happened when I tapped “install”. But all I had to do was restart the tablet and it worked perfectly. Within minutes i had Google Play on the Fire, and I’m installing all of my favorite apps!! Thanks everyone!!!

  56. Hi, I’m having the same problem a lot of others are having but nothing is working for me. I have a fire 8, 7th gen, running OS I followed all steps above, and was able to successfully install the most currently updated version of Google play. I also powered my tablet on and off a dozen times, yet I still get the ”download pending” thing then i try to install any app. I also tried clearing data and cache from the app, nothing. I’ll keep searching for answers but if anyone can suggest anything I’d really appreciate it.

  57. I am getting the ” problem parsing the Package as well, is there a solution to this?
    Rebooting doe not seem to help.

  58. How is everyone finding these apps? I typed in every one in the order Im supposed to and Not 1 of them has come up in the app store..?

    • Follow the URLs as they appear in the blog post. They go directly to a mirror site that lets you download the APKs from a non-Google/non-Amazon source.

  59. I have a new fire 8. I have downloaded all 4 apk’s and restarted several times. When I open google play store I was able to input all my info. The. It says “ Error retrieving information from server” Please help! I am a teacher and need to use Chrome for a website! Any ideas on what went wrong?

  60. This worked like a charm, thank you. I’m enjoying the Google Play store far more than the Amazon app store, there’s so many different options on Google Play.

  61. Hey, thanks a lot for doing this. I was just wondering if the newest versions of each linked app (Google Services Framework, Google Play Services, etc.) would work, or if it’s necessary to install the older versions you linked.

  62. Thank you so much.
    Worked perfectly.
    So easy.
    Just 15mins.

  63. parse error problem parsing the package, is there a fix for this?

  64. I did this months ago, and it has worked out great. I’m just now having a problem wit some of the apps saying I’m not compatible (fire 5th Gen) because the Play store isn’t updated. Is there anyway to force an update? If I click where it tells me what update it is, it say of will, but it doesn’t do anything.

  65. I did my HD8 in a couple of mins no problem will wait a month and see how my new HD 10 works first 🙂

  66. Hi – I have the Amazon Fire 10HD (2017) with Fire OS 5.5.0 (the one that has handsfree Alexa) and its blocking the installation of Google Play Services and Google Play Store, Account Manager and Services Framework do install without a problem.

    I’ve tried rebooting and trying after, downloading newer versions of both apps that wont install, and I always get the same outcome “App not installed”.

    Anyone with a Fire 10HD found a way to work around this?

    • It worked fine on my HD10. I’ve done this at least 6 times now on all three current Fire tablets and I’ve never encountered a single problem. All I can say is make sure to follow the directions exactly as written; doing things differently like installing newer versions of the apps is going to lead to problems.

  67. New 2016 (6th gen) HD8 running ($47 delivered from Amazon Warehouse deals …they listed it as Used-very Good, but both were obviously new).

    …no problems with install at all. Also immediately installed Microsoft Launcher, and rarely even see the Amazon home page lol.

    I had the same issues with Gmail others reported. But after a couple of days, it just started working. It exhibited the same symptoms with my wife’s HD8 …so whatever the glitch is, it seems to work itself out after 2-3 days.

    Thanks for the excellent instructions and all the comments/suggestions.

  68. I downloaded it and when I try to open the google play store app the screens dims and then basically crashes

  69. Ughhh… There is no “Google Play app” icon nor app discoverable anywhere- Not on Home Screen (after restarting) nor under apps, can’t find it anywhere on my device. Pls, exactly what Google Play app are u referring to? Where is it? I’ve Googled “Google Play app” & “Google Play Store” & tried installing from there- no dice.

    Pls, how may I: “simply launch the Google Play app and sign-in to your Google account. That’s it. Enjoy!” ???

  70. I followed the directions exactly as written, and it worked perfectly on my Fire HD10 (2017). Thanks!

  71. Thank you for posting this! Very easy to do!

  72. Son got new Fire with only purpose to use one app and discovered not in Amazon App Store. Followed instructions exactly (didn’t try any “new versions) and shut down and turned back on (then restart, then shut down and wait awhile) and no Google Play. New Fire 7 2017 ver with ready to install.

    How get Google Play?

  73. NewFireWANTSGooglePlay Reply October 25, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    OK, we discovered we didn’t get to the install part. After the download is complete, we had to select OPEN (doesn’t say anything about INSTALL and to say OPEN gave the impression already installed), must do this to accept terms and then INSTALL. Son all happy now that he has Google Play and the one app he wanted the tablet for downloading his Udemy courses to work offline.

  74. When i try to install those 4 files I get “parse error”

    • I got the same error when I tried to install the latest version of those links. Then I tried downloading the ones from the link and they work perfectly. I did install those today and I could download other apps. Stick with the outdated versions.

  75. Downloaded like you said on my mom’s Kindle but after restarting Kindle Google play app wouldn’t open

  76. Can someone help me?

    So I followed all the steps and I got it downloaded but it won’t open. I have turned it off and on twice already. any ideas? Kindle Fire HD 8 i just got it today.

  77. i keep getting “Pars error” when trying to install the account manager, i even back tracked down the list of older versions to see if i could get an older version to install 🙁

  78. I had to go to previous version 5.1 and no parse errors

  79. worked perfectly on fire HD 8
    Thank you

  80. I have loaded the files, but in contrast to my wifes fire 8 (2016), the APK can not be installed on the fire 10 (2017) with Fire OS, although I have activated “unknown applications”. Can this be an OS problem? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  81. The instructions were very easy to follow. As promised, it too 5 minutes. All of the apps O have tried so far work pefectly. Thanks for the information.

  82. Hi. I noticed on the website that everything claims to be “Outdated”… should I install the newer versions?

  83. Not working on Fire OS 5.6.0. It’s not allowing to install 3rd party app/unknown app even after “Enable Apps from Unknown Sources”.
    Any idea ?

  84. Fire OS does not work!!!!

  85. Doesn’t work on Fire OS
    Install is not selectable for Google Account Manager. Apps from Unknown Sources is on.

  86. Hey there- Tried the method, and it works! Mostly.

    Any chance you’d care to update the files to the most recent version? I’m trying to play Myst on the Amazon fire. I used apktofire to just send Myst to the fire. But Myst requires the google play store to work.

    So I used your method because of the additional support files (that’s why I couldn’t use AtF for the play store).

    But now Myst is telling me that it needs a newer version of the play store. I can’t update through the play store, because play store says it’s not compatible with my device.

    Understandable, I suppose, but super annoying. So- I’m hoping maybe updated files will solve the problem? But because there are four files, I’m not sure which versions of files go together.

    Any help?

    (It’s FireOS I think)


  87. (correction –

    Fire OS
    Fire TV Home Version

    The play store doesn’t start either, says incompatible with this device, suggests going to settings and uninstalling the update. (Which is Android OS behaviour.)


  88. I have OS and it worked fine for me. Followed all steps downloaded and installed. Restarted the kindle. Didn’t work the first time I clicked on it but worked after. Had me sign into my google account and had access.

  89. I did exactly in the above mentioned way, but the install button remains unactive. Restart or reboot, nothing helps. I already did factory reset and start the process again. Nothing new. Any idea?

    • Thanks rolpic. This solution worked for me. Just keep putting on standby and reopening until install highlights.

  90. Despite restarting several times the install button is still greyed out for the APK install.
    I have Fire 7 (7th gen) OS

  91. Doesn’t work on Fire OS
    Install is grayed out for Google Account Manager and other APK’s. Apps from Unknown Sources is on and enable ADB is on as well.

  92. That info about the grayed out button is crazy! That is the problem I was having once I made it this far. Just replacing an old Galaxy and wanted inexpensive, so got the fire – forgetting about the loss of Google Play! I had a 1st Gen Kindle Fire and on it all you had to do was make sure it allowed apps from other services. YAY!

  93. My 5th generation Fire 7 is running 5.6. Will this work with the latest release (it updated yesterday … Nov. 17, 2017).

  94. I was frustrated for hours, trying to install google play. I read at least 10 articles, until I read yours. Thank you soooo much for the update tip!!!! I’d tried it and successfully worked!

  95. Hey. This does work and it’s great. I love this article. Could I get some more help please? I like this program called “AppLike” but when trying to use it on my Tablet it says “press ok to allow usage data” Well… now there’s a problem. The only thing that says something about usage data on my tablet is allowing Amazon’s App Store to collect usage data.

  96. I just want to be able to use this app on my Tablet. I know I’m asking for a lot but would you please consider going out of your way a little for me so I can use this? The app I’m referring to with the usage data problem is this one

    ht tps: //

    I have bad eyes and would rather just use this app on my tablet.

  97. No I’m not spamming, I legit want a response from whoever wrote this article or someone who is tech savy…. I just figured I might as well use my link in case someone got the bright idea to try the app cuz it would be like throwing away money or advertising something for free I legit want help dude. Plus…. I might run into this” allow usage data” problem again

  98. This doesn’t answer the question of why does Amazon NOT allow these apks to be in their app store.

  99. I followed these instructions for the new Kindle Fire 10 HD I bought last month. I had no trouble loading the play store and loading google apps. However I noticed that whenever I used one of the google apps, all the kindle books on my device were gone. I would then go into the cloud and re-download my books. Then when I used a google app, the books were gone again.

    I did 3 factory resets and attempted all this again, but still encountered the problem of my books disappearing when I used google apps. On the last reset, I left google play and google apps off my device and now my kindle is stable.

    If anyone reading this can tell me why my books kept disappearing, I would love to know so that I can put google play back on my device. Thank you.

  100. When I try to install the app the install button is Gray and it won’t allow me to install. Tried restarting and didn’t work…

    • The solution is mentioned in the article and in several posts above:

      1) Start installing your apk, and get to screen where Install is greyed out.
      2) Press the power button to put your device to sleep.
      3) Press the power button again, and unlock your device.

      The Install button should activate when your device unlocks, allowing you to install your apk.

  101. How can I install this on my child’s profile? It works a dream on the parent profile but I can’t even get my SD card to recognise the apps to try to transfer to the child’s profile. Even when using a file manager.

  102. Everytime I go to install an APK, even with the unknown credentials enabled, it first has the install button greyed out, I’ve tried turning the screen off then on again and it then turns green allowing me to install it, but after a few seconds it just comes up with app not installed.

  103. I can’t install the last two apps. It looks like it is installing and then I get the message “app not installed”. I had no problem installing the first two.

  104. Hi,

    the install button still grayed for me, even if i press the start button. I also restarted the device but nothing. Mi version is 5.6.00

    I hope anyone can help me

    • Instead of locking/unlocking the screen, try scrolling down to the bottom of the install window so “Next” turns to “Install”, then tap the Recents button (the square one) to show the windows of recent apps, then tap the same button again to bring the install window back. The Install button may now be yellow/enabled. I had to do this about 10 times with reboots in between before it worked. Also, while the install window is open also try going back into Settings and turn off / back on the Allow from Unknown Sources option, then going back to the install window using the Recents button.

      Note: this seems to be more of an issue with FireOS 5.6.0 vs earlier versions (it can be done, it’s just more of a pain and requires lot of attempts).

  105. I downloaded the play store but cannot get any apps to download, they all just say download pending. Rebooting, clearing data, and force stopping don’t work.

    • Having the same problem. I can get the store to install and run, but I can’t download anything in the store. It just hangs at “download pending.” =(

  106. i just got a new Kindle Fire 7 and this worked perfectly for me. I did see there was a newer version of some of the .apk but I used the ones in the links and it worked. thank you!

  107. Only one apk is install that google play store and rest of the 3 are saying parse error and can’t install?what should be the solution

  108. Got everything loaded OK( I think). My issue is its been checking Info for an hour. I have tried to restart 3 times.

  109. Mike same exact thing here. I did exactly above, same as other comments rebooted and still only download pending. Please help

  110. For the Greyed out install button, simply go into settings and disable/re-enable the “install from unknown sources” after each install.

    Just did it and worked perfectly.

  111. Thank you! this worked perfectly across multiple fire devices for us! 🙂

  112. Tried it on my new 10″ Kindle.
    Will not install. Rebooted twice???

  113. Thank you. Worked like a charm on my new 2017 Kindle Fire 8HD. I had to shut it down each time to ungray the “INSTALL,” but it worked.

  114. Keep getting parse error??

  115. After installing, do I turn the security feature back off regarding installing apps from unknown sources?

    • Whatever you want to do; it doesn’t matter one way or the other.

    • After all 4 files are installed, you’ve rebooted, and the Play Store opens successfully, you may turn ‘Unknown Sources’ back off. I just tested it and the Play Store was able to update the gmail app successfully.

  116. Got the new 10 inch version but play store account manager will not install. The install link is greyed out and yes the option to allow third party downloads is on and I have rebooted several times. Also tried newer versions of the account manager and they do not work either. I have Play store on an 8 inch version so I have done this install before,just will not work on the new 10 inch version 11/28/17.

  117. purchased Fire HD 8 kids edition for grand daughter…new to Android (all Apple) …got You Tube working with very little problem on my account..but can’t get it to work on childs account. Have tried everything…moved APKs to SD card…but nothing will install on Free Time account….any ideas ??

  118. When you’ve got this all installed, what about the option to install from unknown sources? Can we turn that back off again, or does it need to be that way for this stuff to run afterwards?

    Also, an easier option for those whose install option is greyed out. When you get the greyed out option, click the square at the bottom, then go right back into the thing you just downloaded, and the install button will be clickable then. Don’t need to power off to get the install open “un-greyed out”. 🙂

  119. Have Fire 7 OS 5.6.0 greyed out install button. I’ve tried every suggestion on here multiple times – nothing works. Re-booted, updated, unlocked, sleep mode nothing works. held my tongue just right, sat on the left side of my chair, while whistling Dixie – still nothing. Need a “real” solution that works.

    • The method that worked for me is to install ES File Explorer from the Amazon Appstore. (It works well with the Amazon interface.) Open that program, find the .apk file, then open the file with ES File Explorer. When you get to the greyed-out INSTALL button, press the ‘RECENT APPS’ button (the square button to the right of the round ‘home’ button. Press the same button again and the INSTALL button should be active.

  120. I keep getting “there was a problem parsing the package”

  121. Love this article and method. Fast and easy. I love my kindle, I’m pretty much immersed in Amazon devices and services so having the kindle and native with my videos and books makes the limitations worth it.

    I’ve always wanted a few things like chrome and Civilization 2 on my tablet and now I can!

    Works great thanks for sharing.

  122. FINALLY GOT IT. This is so hard to explain, it’s a combination of what J Nelson said. 1st you have to download the correct version (see video above)with silk browser using apk site. then once it’s downloaded (check for it in your storage (local) then open ES file mgr and click on it, and do the box twice thing J Nelson talks about,and the install button should light and allow you to install. If you download the wrong version, you will get a parsing error so go back keep track of version, newest isn’t always the best here. I will add another window showing the version #s I used. Long frustrating time involved, but maybe this will help.

  123. version #s I used:

    Acct Mgr – 5.1-1743759-22.apk
    Framework – same # as above
    Play services – 11.7.44.v-all (230-173432861)-1744230.apk
    play store – 8.4.40.V-all(0)(PR)
    These worked for me. What an abuse it’s been for a software issue. I still believe it’s something in the OS 5.6 cause the 5.0’s work without issues. Good luck

    • I used these file versions and the install on my brand new Kindle HD8 went exactly as the video shows. Cheers!

    • Gerry these instructions worked perfectly on my new Fire HD 8 7th Generation! Thank you so much! NOW – has anyone figured out a way to project the screen of the HD8 7th gen to a TV? We just purchased an LG OLED TV, which has an amazing picture, but our internet is slow so I wanted to be able to download movies to the Fire tablet, then project them onto the TV. Any suggestions?

  124. Don’t forget that once it shows up on your screen, you still have to create (if you haven’t all ready) a Google account sign on that you will use the first time (only) that you open Play store. Goodnight

  125. more tips: Try to only download from site- if you wind up on some other site(ie bing) it may not work. I said local storage above, I meant internal storage on kindle under settings menu and sub section silk. you need to download ES file manager from Amazon app store and install-it’s free. Find the downloaded app under downloads in ES file mgr click on it and do the square button thing twice and it should install. If there’s anything I didn’t describe so it can be understood, I apologize, write a question on here and maybe I will find a way to explain better.
    this is definitely not for the faint at heart. I am only a tech with no ties to the kindle or software. Just something I figured out for myself, with the help of others. Remember this all began as how to install in under 5 minutes.Having a cold one now! Wife’s xmas present is complete.
    Sleep well!

  126. What a bunch of messing around, ugh!

    It was a lot of work, but I got it working on my Fire 8 7th generation tablet. Let’s hope it keeps working when Amazon updates the software.

    Thank you Gerry Howard & everyone else!!!!!!

  127. Jarzzapan Scutekzatibonedo Reply December 3, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    Thank You.

    Just got the Kindle Fire 7 With Alexa.

    This is so useful.

    That is my real name. :/

  128. So, I followed the directions, typing in and installing exactly what the tutorial says, turned off and restarted the tablet, and now nothing happens when I tap the play store app. Now what?

  129. Sorry to hear that Stephanie. Sounds like you do have it on your screen which is good. If- as you say-you followed everything (in order of install), it should have worked. recheck your internal memory to see if all 4 files are there in proper order would be the first thing I would do. maybe one of them didn’t install correctly. I do remember running across that symptom somewhere, I’ll recheck and post if I find it. You can always uninstall/delete everything and try it again,

  130. I’m still having an issue. I have downloaded the apps but am unable to install them, it keeps saying “inability to parse package” or something to that effect. Anyone know how to fix this>

  131. you are downloading the wrong versions of the files – see what versions worked for me above.

  132. Installed all four apps in order.
    When trying to sign into Star Wars game get this message:
    “Failed to sign in. Please check your network connections and try again”.
    Network connections are OK.

  133. sorry, these 4 apps have absolutely nothing to do with any star war game- it’s Google play store.

  134. I keep getting “administrator has not given you access…” to certain apps like Nest thermostat.. How to fix? Thanks.

  135. This thread is getting way off base lately, I’m surprised no one has asked for the winning lotto numbers. Google Play Store people.

    • Hi,

      im thinking about buying a fire hd 8, but im a little bit concerned, that i will not be able to install the google play store, because of all the „greyed out button“ problem quite a few people seem to have..
      Is it still possible to install the google play store on the fire hd 8?
      Thank you very much..

  136. Not looking for lottery numbers… Just looking for answers, if you can’t help, feel free to ignore… Google play store is up and running, but I can only retrieve certain apps, just wondering why I can get some but not others while using the Google play store. I am currently signed in with a regular gmail account.

  137. Ollie: Yes it is possible to install Google play store on the HD8, just follow my recommendations closely and you should be successful. Most of the problems come by downloading the wrong versions of the 4 apps, check my version numbers.

  138. I have a new Kindle 10. I can download the Google Account Manager. but when I click install, I get an error message: “parse Error. There was a problem parsing the package.”
    any ideas on how to get around this.
    btw—I tried the most recent and 2nd most recent versions. both failed.

  139. Never mind. I read above re versons. version 5 seems to be installing fine.
    thanks for the great article.

  140. So I got the play store installed, but the only apps that are showing in the store are Google’s own apps, nothing else is visible, wtf?

  141. Brilliant. This worked a treat for me. Thank you very much

  142. I did all the installation process on my new fire 8, 5.6, and I have google play store working right now, the only thing is that all the apps install through GPstore don’t appear on the home launcher, if I search the app, then I can lunch it… very weard

  143. these instructions worked on my 5th Gen 7″ Kindle Fire, Fire OS:, last updated Dec 16, 2017.

    Used the links above to download & install each of the 4 files (1 at a time) with a soft restart after installing each time and had hard shutdown after all installed and then started the GPstore app from the Kindle homescreen and was able to register to my existing GP user account.

    And if it helps I used the Silk browser to search for the 4 required files:1)Google Account Manager 5.1-1743759. 2) Google Services Framework 5.1-1743759. 3) Google Play services 10.2.98 (230-146496160). 4) Google Play Store 7.4.25.L-all [0] [PR] 145823605 (240-480dpi) (Android 4.0+).
    And all these should be found at:

    Now I’m off to see if this will also work on my brand new Fire HD 8 7thGen which is also running FireOS:, updated Dec 16, 2017.

    Good luck

  144. I did these exact instructions and now I only get download pending inside of google play it never downloads. Tried multiple google services and play apks, clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing worked any help

  145. Chris you didn’t say who’s instructions you followed- Jimmy C’s or mine. If you tried Jimmy’s, try mine.

  146. I installed on a 2017 HD8. Google Play appears in “For You”, but NOT in “Home”. Same for the apps it downloads, such as Google Earth.

  147. Downloaded the play store on my Fire HD 10. Seems to work good but my paid apps are asking me to pay again and where I was left off on others has me starting like I never played before. How can I get all my information to back up?

  148. I just folowed all the steps and everything seemed okay. I joined Google Play and it worked fined. Then, all the sudden the icon became darker and it says it isn’t installed and I should download it again.
    I couldn’t find a way to fix the issue.
    I used the same app version you did.
    I have a Kindle Fire 10″ 7th gen running the version of software.
    Could you pls help?

  149. I have the Fire HD8. I download the first file, Google Acct Mgr, but get an error as soon as I try to install:
    “Parse Error” There was a problem parsing the package.

  150. Tanya: You are downloading the “wrong” version #’s. Go back up further and read the section about my version numbers

  151. This was a great short video that provided step-by-step direction on how to install Google Play on a Fire Tablet. Well Done!

  152. I think I found the problem with the greyed out install button. My exacts steps: scroll the permissions to the bottom and quickly press the power button 2x to get to the lock screen. Then put in the unlock code and you should see the install light up. If not just play with trying to get back to the permissions page of the install quickly.

  153. Hi. I ended up using another method to put all of the Google services onto my mom’s Kindle 8. Shouldn’t she be able to do in-app purchases through Play Store apps now? I was testing a couple of apps and it looked like they would go through (I backed out so I wouldn’t purchase), but she likes playing Hot Shot Casino, or something like that, but payments won’t go through. Is there something else that needs to be done?

  154. Ga!e I downloaded from playstpre won’t get past play ga!es login screen. Brings it up and when it should do the play games login it just freezes and closes app

  155. Ok so I downloaded all the app’s and rebooted several times with different time intervals in between. The play store app is not showing up although I downloaded in order and the downloads were complete. Please hdlp

    • This is supposed to say apk’s not app’s

      • Jessika: Please tell me who’s procedure you followed, there are several on here, and I can only speak for mine. You didn’t need to reboot, but once after all is loaded and time intervals are not required, sounds like you followed someone else’s steps.

  156. Followed the instructions and all seemed ok. Like a couple of posts above that have not been responded too, the play store app is now greyed out and will not load. Gives some SD card error message.

  157. Tony: that sounds like a problem with your SD card. Cheap Chinese SD cards will act like that.

    • Hi Gerry,
      Successfully installed and using these,but nothing that’s installed by GPS shows up anywhere but the For You homescreen tab. Not find-able in Home or Apps. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!

  158. Got hd fire 8 for daughter xmas 2017 worked without a hitch and even paid for apps still worked ! thank you for taking the time to post.

  159. Hi Gerry.
    I have followed your instructions and Google Play installed perfectly. However I cannot download anything from Play, it just gets stuck on “Download Pending”. I have tried a reboot, I have cleared data and cache and I have forced stop Play. I have even factory reset my fire 10 2017 and reinstalled but its still the same. Any ideas bud?

  160. Kade & Mark: I’m very sorry to hear about your issues after installing GPS. For me, this all started when I couldn’t install GPS and I went through a lot of problems before I got mine to work. I suggest keeping an eye on this site, others have chimed in and it was their help that got me past the install issues. I have had Mark’s issue, but not Kade’s so I have little help at this time.
    Kade: Check your “settings” to see where your downloads are to be installed.
    Mark: Try downloading something else (something you don’t want, to see if it’s the program you are downloading that is the fault. I have run into several programs (apps) that just don’t work, especially on Amazon store. Glad to hear at least you both were successful in getting GPS installed- keep working on it.

  161. It worked well but I can only access the apps thru google play. Is it possible to isntall the apps in the main secction?

  162. Dave: Check your settings to see where your downloaded apps are to be installed. Otherwise, try “moving” the app to where you want it located. Maybe ES File Mgr can be used to do it.

  163. Fantastic support out there on the web. Was very unimpressed to see fire hd challenges on Android apps, with favourites not available direct in Amazon apps. So glad to have found this workaround and works well for my news and magazine subscription apps. Many thanks and highly recommended!

  164. Hi, was able to download the google pay app using the instructions given on my kids fire HD8 7th generation. However the app seems to be doesnt open to allow me input my login details.I have restarted the tablet several times and clicked on the app to open it but nothing happens. Any idea what i can do next to get it working?

  165. Jayb: You didn’t say who’s instructions (there are many-all different) that you followed. I suggest that you uninstall it and start over, following my instructions. Good Luck

  166. Jayb: See “Lisa Arthur” entry above.

  167. I just did this on my fire 7 tablet is but I can’t dl anything is pending is there anyrhing I can do

  168. Mannie: Un-install it and re-install using MY DIRECTIONS above. Somewhere along the install, you either did something incorrect, or you followed the wrong directions, there are many on here and confusing. Try again, good luck

    • FYI, my directions still work flawlessly as well. Just used them a couple weeks ago with no issues. I don’t know why some people continue to have problems but it’s usually because they didn’t follow the directions closely.

  169. Mannie: Another thing causing “download pending” problems is trying to DL an app that is “not for kindle” or an app that just doesn’t work. I have had that problem with my wife trying to DL Fox Sports from Amazon. Even Amazon support couldn’t get it to work and they turned it in to the original software writer to fix. I was able to DL it from GPS. BE SURE the app you are trying to DL says “FOR KINDLE” in it’s description. When having these types of issues always try downloading something else (you don’t want) to see if it’s the app or the kindle at fault.

  170. Just installed these on my son’s new Fire but Play Store takes forever “Checking Info” once an email and password is entered, and then comes back with account not found.

  171. Nick: I believe you probably downloaded the wrong version # of the 1st file. Check the version # against what I recommended.

  172. Nick: I assume you have a Google account all ready set up.

  173. Well I’ve been on this site way to long and it’s past time to move on. I in no way can solve everyone’s issues. All the info one needs to install GPS is here, all you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and it should work without issues. Good luck to all and so long.

  174. Today I successfully added Google Play Store to my new Kindle Fire HD 8 with NO difficutlies. I did so by…

    1) Carefully following the video step by step(pausing as needed) and
    2) carefully following the 4 steps listed below the video.

    I would recommend…

    1) Viewing the video several times before attempting to install the files
    2) Play the video, using it as a step by step process, as you install the files.
    3) Finally make certain you do Step 4(as it is not mentioned in the video).

    Thank you Nathan for your website and video in helping us put Play Store on the Fire HD 8.

    Thank you Gerry Howard for your contributions to this forum as well. I bookmarked it in case any upgrades to the Fire operating system causes Google Play to stop working.

  175. Also have to mention, for people who are having problems look at *** Gerry Howard *** posts.
    The one that helped me was on
    November 30, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    I just got a brand new Fire HD 8, and was getting the “Parsing the Package” error. True statement that newer isn’t necessarily better.

    The only thing I changed up was that I downloaded the latest version of Google Play Store which is working for me.

    Google Play Store 8.7.09

  176. Thanks for the step by step setup. Took a tweek or two but setup in a little over 5 minutes😁

  177. I got the Google Play Store downloaded, but one of the apps that I downloaded from the store says that it needs the latest version of Google Play Services to work. And Gmail crashes as soon as it opens.

  178. Also, how do I uninstall the files that I’ve added to start over?

  179. Okay, now I have been able to install the Play Store again, but the apps that I have installed from it aren’t appearing on my home screen. The Play Store is there, but not the other apps. I can’t figure out how to move them there.

  180. How do I uninstall so that I can start over ?

  181. Thankyou worked on my fire 8 HD

  182. Hi Everyone,

    Followed these steps however when I go to press install it doesnt work, install isnt greyed out, it is in orange text like cancel however it doesnt respoond when pressing on it. Tried rebooting etc but still nothing.

    Any ideas would be appreciated 🙂

  183. Thank so much bro . I have already my playstore because of you .. thanksss.

  184. Thank you. Sooooooooo much. Simple & straight forward.
    A life saver. My lil one also says thanks

  185. Thank you for this! My tablet is now so much more functional.

  186. Worked perfectly for me. They had the Fire HD 8 on sale for 39.99, but I didn’t really like the idea of no Playstore, but with this it all works.

  187. This worked on my Fire HD8. I made sure to stick with the linked APK’s. The download pending issue was solved by disabling “enable autoupdate”.

  188. I have fire hdx 7
    Any help?

    That file is for rollipop. so, It doesn’t install kitkat.

  189. I have a Kindle HD8. Installed as instructed. Don’t see Google anything except what was already there – Google Search. Now I’m scared I may have screwed up my new tablet. Better not have.

  190. Peter Sorrentino Reply March 27, 2018 at 4:27 am

    Does anyone know if Google’s new device locking will impact this solution to putting the Google Play store in Kindles?…

    • According to the article, no, it only applies to new devices that come preloaded with Google Play without certification: “Google has started entirely locking out newly built firmware from accessing Gapps. This change apparently went into effect March 16th and affects any software builds made after this date”…

      But it might affect Onyx ereaders that come with Google Play because I doubt they’re officially certified with Google.

  191. Peter Sorrentino Reply March 27, 2018 at 6:47 am

    This article mentions Kindles.
    I fear an update might fail, but am hoping for no problems. Your reply is reassuring. Thanks.

  192. thank you for everything!!!!

  193. Okay this worked for me so far, but here’s a question: once I have Google Play installed, should I use it to download all apps, even if Amazon has the app too (i.e. Facebook app)? or should I only use it to install the apps that aren’t available in the Amazon store and use stock Amazon for all other apps?

    • I personally use the GPStore for everything. I followed these instructions several months ago & haven’t looked back!

  194. Thanks! Works as advertised!

  195. Did this for my Kindle Fire HD 8 several months w/o issue – love It! However, when I to put it on my mother’s Fire HD 7 (OS 8.5.1), I keep getting a “Parsed Error: there is a problem parsing the package” error. I get it when I try to open the download to do the actual install.

    I’ve backed out, deleted the download & restarted the Fire several times, but still no luck.

    My mother has been a trooper, but just can’t deal w/ the lousy selection Amazon offers & wants to be able to use Google Play – thoughts?

  196. I followed Gerry’s steps carefully, double checking the version numbers, but Google Play Store always gives me a “failed to download” message. Any suggestions?

  197. O haven’t started the process yet, but based on all the comments i read, this will work. I thought I would share that I discovered a n issue with downloading some individual apps rather than than Google play services.
    I have a 3to son who’s absolute favorite app is YouTube Kids. I got the apk file downloaded fine, but when we tried to play it, it said we couldn’t play it because Google play services was not installed. So, for anyone who may be considering whether or not to download Google play services v. individual apps, that’s something to add to the pro side off installing the entire store.

  198. Outstanding! Thank you so, so much! I love (and already have) my Kindle Fire HD8, and wanted to use it as an all-around tablet. However, I’m a touch typist (don’t judge) so thumb-typing is frustrating. I just follow your very sensible and well-written procedure, installed the Google products, and NOW have (via Google Play) the ASETNIOP chorded keyboard available. Bliss!

  199. I followed these then chrome quit working and I deleted the apps and it worked again…

  200. Just got my 1st Tablet 3 days ago. A Fire HD 8. Was really disappointed that I couldn’t access Google Play Store cos it had a few things on there that I was needing/wanting..
    A friend sent me the link to this page, within 10 minutes I got the Google Play site up and running and have the Apps that I wanted/needed.
    A fantastical site, just follow the instructions to the letter.
    Ta very much…

  201. I can download the first 3 files no issue. Every time I try the last one for the Play Store it says failed to download. Followed every instruction to the letter. Kindle fire 8 6th gen.

  202. I just purchased an Amazon Fire 10, yesterday. I would like to install the playstore. I understand and appreciate these instructions. However, I do have a couple of questions. I believe it is step 2 where it says to first install Google Apps. what does this mean? And where do I go to get them? I understand installing the 4 files. It’s the step before all that starts. Thank you!

  203. The last download keeps failing. Do you have a suggestion. On the fire 10

  204. Could install first 2 apk’s, but the G P services & G P store appear to download, but are never there when the fire HD 8 is shut off & turned back on as it says you must do.

    • If it’s the newer Fire HD 8 it might require different files since it has newer software. I don’t know about that model but you could probably find something about it at XDA.

  205. THANK YOU!!! This was by far the easiest solution. I downloaded files in order, then found the files by swiping to open left sidebar menu in Silk browser, under downloaded files. As previous comments suggested, nothing happened when I hit “Install”, button, so I had to shut down and restart (not just “sleep” mode), and then “Install” button worked. Once all were installed, in order, I shut down & restarted again, and sure enough there was the Google Play app! Took a minute to “check system” but then brought up sign in screen and we’re good to go!

  206. Tried all suggestions. Have Google Play app icon on screen but just blinks and won’t open. Do I need to do a factory reset and try again? Help.