Video Tutorials for Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper

Sony DPT-RP1 drawing

Sony recently created a new YouTube channel called Sony Digital Paper USA with some help videos for their new Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper device.

The videos show things like how to setup the sync folder, how to transfer files, and how to setup the reader initially.

There’s one video that shows how to print a word document to the DPT-RP1.

That’s a handy feature being able to “print” PDFs to the device, but it should be noted that it only works on Windows 10 and Mac.

I still run Windows 7 and there’s no option to print PDFs to the DPT-RP1, so that’s rather unfortunate.

Check out the Sony Digital Paper USA channel for more help videos. There’s also the offical online help guide for the DPT-RP1 with more help articles and tutorials.

There’s also this earlier article with 7 tips and tricks for the Sony DPT-RP1, along with this preliminary review and video walkthrough. The more I use the device the more I like it. Too bad it’s so expensive; lots of people could benefit from a large E Ink ereader like this.

Sony DPT-RP1 Sync to Folder

Print a Word Document to DPT-RP1

Initialization and Setup

9 Responses to “Video Tutorials for Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper”

  1. Could you print to PDF from MS Word onto your computer and then send it to the DPT-RP1?
    I’ve been away from Windows since Win 8 came out and I bought a MacBook Air. I do have a few Win 10 laptops hanging around, but I just keep them updated ic case the Mac dies on me.

  2. Video tutorials aren’t going to help when it lacks the most basic of features like being able to transfer files over USB. Such a waste of potential that its stunted by limited software.

    • It’s still basically the same thing; you just have to drag the files into the Sony app instead. The device doesn’t even have to be connected to USB that way so in some ways it’s easier. They clearly wanted to make the device as secure as possible. If someone like a lawyer has classified documents you can’t have it so anyone can just plug it into any computer to copy the files.

      • Yeah its not like you can just make it so you can turn USB transfer off or anything, right?

        That would be too crazy

        • Of all the things to complain about that’s pretty low on the list. Personally I think the app works fine and works wirelessly or via USB so I don’t see what the big deal is. Either way you’ve got to use a computer to transfer files so what’s the difference? At least the app gives it the ability to do so wirelessly.

          • The issue for me and others is that I organize all of my research with Mendeley and I don’t need another app trying to take over my file organization.

            You said it yourself – of ALL the things to complain about. If the device was more open a lot of peoples personal issues could be solved. But instead we get a walled garden under the pretext of ‘security’.

          • Can’t​ you sync the desktop Mendeley folder with the Sony app? That’s what I do with Dropbox. What you add to the folder automatically gets added to the Sony app. Then you have to hit sync to transfer it but you can set it up to automatically sync at intervals between 10 and 90 minutes. I just sent a PDF to the Sony from an Android tablet using Dropbox, so it’s not as limiting as it would seem, but the only stipulation is the Sony app has to be running on the computer for auto sync.

  3. Well thats a good idea actually lol