Have You Tried the New Libby App from OverDrive Yet?

Libby Overdrive

Back in June OverDrive released a new app called Libby for borrowing ebooks and audiobooks from public libraries for free.

It basically does the same thing as the regular OverDrive app, and you have access to the same libraries and content, so I didn’t quite understand its purpose at first, but Libby offers some features the OverDrive app lacks and it’s designed to be more streamlined and easier to use.

One of the advantages with the Libby app is you can sign into multiple libraries using multiple cards, and the same library with different cards, and manage all your books and audiobooks in one place.

The app also has the option to send library ebooks to your Kindle if you’d rather read on it.

Unlike the OverDrive app, it doesn’t support streaming videos, just ebooks and audiobooks, and you can download them for offline use as well.

The Libby app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. It’s also available in the Amazon appstore but it’s currently listed as incompatible with Fire tablets, but it can be easy installed by adding Google Play.

Libby Android
Libby iOS
Libby Windows

17 Responses to “Have You Tried the New Libby App from OverDrive Yet?”

  1. Wow, I work in a library (that has Overdrive and several other eBook vendors), yet I hadn’t heard about this app. Definitely going to check it out… the Overdrive app has become very confusing and unintuitive, so if this streamlines things, I’ll definitely point people to this app. Also, with the ability to use multiple cards easily, that’s a biggie for some folks. Going to have a close look at that. Thanks!!

  2. I recently tried it on an audio book…worked well!

  3. I just tried it on my Fire due to your post. MUCH better than the Overdrive app, more choices and it found my library in Tel Aviv, Israel in a few seconds. Also settings are easier too although I cannot read in the Kindle app, I can read it on Libby. Now I’ll try to download it onto my husband’s old Kindle Fire in Henrew. Thanks a lot!

  4. Hebrew. Darn that automatic corrector!

  5. I use Calibre with the Import List plugin to populate books, then the Overdrive plugin to search availability in my 8 libraries and borrow directly to my PW via WiFi. Would Libby offer some improvement over that process?

  6. I’m really liking Libby over the Overdrive app. I normally checkout books/audiobooks from a computer, and always hated that when it came to audiobooks, I had to basically go through the same process again when I wanted to listen from Overdrive. The Overdrive/Kindle checkout has really spoiled me, since it autosynced to the Kindle app/ereader.

    But with Libby, all as it should be. A checked out audiobook appears in one shelf, no matter which library you checked it out from (another OD minor irritation). The only major feature I’m missing now in Libby is Android Auto support.

  7. Can I use Libby on my Kindle?

  8. I like the auto download function but find it keeps stopping for no known reason. A bug I guess. Use it for audiobooks.

  9. Is it possible to listen to audio books in a browser? I didn’t see a feature for this on Libby. It looks like you can only download since I use my phone I would rather not use my storage to download.

  10. So frustrated with this app. all of a suddenn a book I was reading just disappears without any warning. Probably due back, but unless I remember to check, there doesn’t seem to be any reminder that it’s due.

  11. Yes and I hate it II a can’t get the insignia off the bottom of the page so I can read it kindle is much easier

  12. I think this app is horrible!! Can’t download audio books on..means I’m using data every single moment of commute and don’t have access if I don’t have signal. Combines all of my holds across libraries! There’s a reason I have multiple cards. Can’t download across multiple devices, so not so much moving from my tablet, to my phone, to my desktop. So much for being seamless.

  13. Maybe this works on phones, but a failure on my Windows laptop. Only loaded the book the first time. After that, will not open. (Just spins.) Not at all intuitive or user-friendly. In short, not ready for prime time.

  14. Libby does not allow the user to sort by author z to a. It takes along time to get to the end when you want to browse authors.
    Also, Libby’s choices are in the cloud or automatic download. I miss being able to download a book WHEN I’m ready to read it.

  15. I used Overdrive and now use Libby. I like the app however I don’t like the long wait for audio books. It makes it challenging to follow a series. Have one book in my “holds” that says 6 months!