Closer Look at Pocketbook InkPad 3 (Video)

pocketbook 740 inkpad 3

The recently announced Pocketbook InkPad 3 is one of the most intriguing new ereaders to surface so far in 2018.

A brief video review has turned up on YouTube that makes it look even more interesting. The video is in German but it still gives a good look at the Pocketbook InkPad 3 in action even if you don’t speak the language.

The Pocketbook Inkpad 3 has a 7.8-inch E Ink Carta screen like the Kobo Aura One and Likebook Plus.

It has a touchscreen and page buttons, along with a microSD card slot and a dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM.

The InkPad 3 features a frontlight with adjustable color temperature, called a Smartlight.

It looks like the device has an indented screen instead of the flat front screen that has become more common over the past few years.

The design is also kind of unique the way buttons are situated below the screen. It doesn’t look anything like the previous InkPads that had the buttons on one side of the screen.

PocketBook InkPad 3 Video Review

12 Responses to “Closer Look at Pocketbook InkPad 3 (Video)”

  1. typo: “intended screen”

  2. Slow motion comparing to Kindle PW.

  3. What is the battery life of this ebook reader (1 month/2 months)?

    • The specs say up to one month but I never found those kind of estimations to be very accurate. I don’t know why they can’t just say how many hours the battery will last like other kinds of battery-powered electronics. For some reason E Ink gets a pass on proper battery life claims.

  4. They got this reader on Ebay. I’ve already ordered one. Here’s the link. Hopefully the seller is for real since I dropped about 330 usd on it.

    • Nice find. Too bad it’s so expensive. I wanted to buy one but that’s just too much with shipping. 9.7-inch Onyx ereaders sell for less than that.

  5. I tried for the 9.7 onyx reader a couple months back, but the seller on ebay was fresh out. Anyway, I got my money back on that, and went Pocketbook instead.

    I’ve played with most of the ereaders over the years, usually based on reviews from this site. Sony, kobo, kindle. My favorite was the Sony prs series for the calibre management, also because you could move the sd card between units, and migrate the library to a new reader. Kobo had the same, but slowed up whenever you put too many books in it.

    Kindle. I always think I’ll get something amazing there. But then it lets me down. Call me old fashion, but I like seeing the book cover when I close a book, or rather when I power down the reader. I know it was possible to set the kindle to do this with some weird hack/root, but I never could get it to work right.

    So Pocketbook seems the best of two readers. Kobo and Sony. Calibre management, expandable memory, and the smartlight.

  6. Is it possible to read Kindle books on the InkPad 3? If so, how?

  7. What’s the screen like compared to the oasis 2?