Manga Kindle Paperwhite with 32GB $89 at Woot

Kindle Paperwhite 32GB

Woot has the 32GB Kindle Paperwhite on sale again for $89.

They’re labaled as refurbished and both the white version and the black version are available to purchase.

They don’t have 3G wireless, just Wi-Fi, and they come with Special Offers but the ads can be removed by paying Amazon an extra $20 after registering if you don’t want to see them.

Known as the Manga Model, this version of the Kindle Paperwhite was released exclusively in Japan in 2016.

It’s normally not available outside of Japan and they aren’t available to purchase on Amazon’s US website. You can get them on eBay but other than that these Woot deals have been the only way to buy them in the US.

Aside from having 8 times the storage space as the regular Kindle Paperwhite 3, everything else is exactly the same.

Unlike the last time these went on sale at Woot, this is not a 1-day only sale. It has a listing date of 14 days or until sold out.

Hopefully this deal lasts longer than the $179 Kindle Oasis deal that sold out in a few hours last week…

Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model

13 Responses to “Manga Kindle Paperwhite with 32GB $89 at Woot”

  1. Has anyone bought a PW Manga? What can be wrong this refurb? Thank you!

  2. Unless a reader has audiobook support or a screen large enough for graphic-heavy PDF files, it seems like total overkill to put that much storage in it.

    Well, unless you’re one of those mobileread piratez who have 20 gigabyte Calibre libraries.

    • It’s made for Manga, so yeah, graphics.

      • Except the display isn’t really large enough for manga.

        • I’ve actually read manga on my PW2 (212 ppi). The PW3’s higher ppi (300) actually greatly helps with legibility. The occasional text that I had to zoom in on the PW2, I found perfectly readable on the PW3. Physically, the screen is just a little smaller than bunkoban.

          Unlike American comics (really need at least retina iPad mini for those), I find manga to be quite readable even at smaller sizes.

  3. Can you left align the text on it? Thank you!

    • It depends on the format. That’s an enhanced formatting feature so it will only work on KFX books.

      • It’s a deal-breaker. I’ve been working on my reading speed and found it much more convenient to have the text left aligned rather then traverse weirdly spaced lines.
        If jail-breaking is the only way, I’ll pass on Kindles altogether.

        • Jailbreaking has nothing to do with it. Most of Amazon’s books are KFX now and if you use Calibre you can format the books however you want.

          • Bought a dozen of books from Amazon lately, all were saved on the PC, and none were KFX. If I download them to a PW directly, will they be KFX then? Thank you!

          • If the books say they have enhanced typesetting enabled on the product pages then yeah they should download as KFX. Are you using an older version of Kindle for PC? It got KFX support over a year ago.

  4. The deals has ended – Sold Out.

  5. I wanted to purchase a new version kindle under 15 thousand