SleepCover Review for Kobo Clara HD (Video)

Kobo Clara Sleepcover

Kobo unveiled a new style of sleepcover for the Kobo Clara HD so I wanted to try it out and post a review of it.

The cover has a flip-up design with a lower magnetic flap to keep the cover closed, and the flap also flips around to the back to prop up the case as a stand.

The cover is fairly light at 100 grams so it doesn’t add a lot of extra weight to the Clara HD.

It has the sleepcover feature that automatically turns the screen on and off when opening and closing the front.

The cover is made of PU leather and it has a plastic shell to hold the reader in place.

I like how the flip style case works and how it keeps it from being too bulky. It’s surprising that this kind of cover design isn’t more common.

It’s a lot more sturdy as a stand than other cover/stand combinations that I’ve tried in the past, and it sits at a good angle to read comfortably.

My only gripe with the cover is that it’s rather difficult to dislodge the Clara HD from the cover. You have to pull on it fairly hard and twist it just right to get it out, and it’s pretty much impossible not to mash the power button while doing so.

The Kobo Clara HD sleepcover sells for $29.99 USD from Kobo’s website. It comes in black, blue, and red.

Kobo Clara HD SleepCover Review

7 Responses to “SleepCover Review for Kobo Clara HD (Video)”

  1. This is probably the best ereader cover i have ever purchased:

    • Tried that case but its way too bulky and cheap looking so I returned it. I did like the fact that it has a stand though. However, imo there’s nothing like the original onyx black cover designed for the Paperwhite although it doesn’t have a stand.

      • The added bulk doesn’t bother me…. And, in my opinion,it doesn’t look cheap…i like the way it looks.
        I like holding the kindle without the case, and i like having the stand…so this was the perfect option…a sleeve that’s also a stand.

  2. I really like the sleep cover on the Clara. It makes for a study stand if you want to read hands free. It does not add bulk to the device. It helps to give a more secure hold when you slide your fingers between the two covers – held in place by the flap. I wish Kobo would make this style cover for their other devices.

  3. My favorite

    Been using it near a year and hand strap is still tight. Very snug fitting case.

  4. Hi there
    I have been using KOBO Glo for more than four years. I had used a Sleep Cover on it. The sleep cover was designed like a book-it opened like a book, you could read from KOBO like a book, close the same like a book and carry it like a book. It was so convenient. On the launch of KOBO Clara, I was gifted one. I got a Sleep Cover for it. Whereas KOBO Clara is indeed a much improved version with many added features like HD etc, but one thing which is very inconvenient is its Sleep Cover, which is more designed like picture frame. The cover flap turns not the sideways but from above. There is even a photo-frame stand. what do you with that. You have to read the book from Clara with one hand like any other tab, and not like a book. Except for the very good looks and material used, Clara Sleep Cover is of no good use.
    Sorry, but under the circumstances, I have reverted back to mu old KOBO Glo.
    Please change the design of Sleep Cover for KOBO Clara, to make it for any practical use. Please remember that it is not an item of display- like a picture frame- but a digital book to read.

    • Thanks for sharing. My wife has a Kindle with the official Kindle sleep case and it is fantastic. I am looking at the Kobo but do not see that I can find a quality case such as the one for kindle. It is a shame there is a lack of quality cases out there for Kobo.