Kobo Firmware Update 4.9.11311 Released

Kobo Aura One

Kobo has started rolling out a new software update for Kobo ebook readers.

Currently the update is available for the newer Kobo models released in the past couple of years, but the older models will probably get the update soon as well.

The new firmware version is 4.9.11311.

There are a few changes and bug fixes with the update but nothing major.

The most notable change, they removed the limit when running searches in ebooks. Previously searching was restricted to 100 results, but not anymore.

Another change with the update, they fixed a bug that was causing problems with certain books not conforming to the proper order by date—that explains the issues I was having with Clara HD not sorting by recent properly and sometimes not showing the right book on the sleep screen.

The release notes also include a tip about using the recently-added fast page-turn feature, which requires holding down on the lower left or right corner of the page to activate. While holding down, you can drag your finger across the bottom edge of the screen to change speed or direction.

The new update will automatically download and install while syncing as long as your Kobo device’s WiFi is turn on, but sometimes if can take a few a weeks before the update shows up.

If you want to manually install the update now, the downloads for each model can be found on the Kobo Firmware Downloads page.

11 Responses to “Kobo Firmware Update 4.9.11311 Released”

  1. I am new to making changes to my device and recently configured the full page and inverted color codes to my Clara HD. Does new firmware erase these changes?

  2. Thanks Nathan! I was already wondering why the sleep screen of my Clara HD doesn’t show the cover of the book that I am reading (and the book that I’m reading also doesn’t appear on the homepage)

  3. I don’t understand why they refuse to add password/PIN protection. So frustrating.

  4. Any chance of introducing a night mode (black back and white text)? I know there are “hacks” out there but I don’t want to play around with the configuration.

  5. Didn’t fix my cover issues with the Clara at all.

    • I think I read at MobileRead that it doesn’t fix the problem for books that have already been loaded onto the device; you have to remove them and then add them again for the fix to work.

  6. A bug appeared with this new update: While reading a book or an article, when I tap on the middle of the screen (in order to show the sidebars), my ebook freezes, the led blinks, and the ebook reboots. This means I cannot resume my reading without going to the end of the book or forcing a crash of the ebook. It has a 100% reproduction rate. I reinitialised my ebook, it worked great again, until I was asked and installed again the new firmware (4.9.11311). I am on a Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2, I don’t know if anyone else has this same bug appearing.

  7. Is there a diffrent version of firmware by country ?