New White Version of Sony DPT-RP1 Now Available on Amazon

Sony DPT-RP1-W

Amazon has started accepting pre-orders for a white version of the Sony DPT-RP1, Sony’s specialized digital paper PDF ereader with a 13.3-inch E Ink screen.

It sells for the same $699 as the black version and it’s expected to get released on January 13th so it should be available next week.

From a hardware and software standpoint the white version, model DPT-RP1/W, appears to be exactly the same as the black version, the DPT-RP1/B.

They used to only sell the white version in Japan and the black version in the US, so now customers have the option to choose whichever color they want.

So far there is no white option for the smaller DPT-CP1, however.

There’s also a listing for the white DPT-RP1 at B&H but their estimated arrival date is February 6th.

If you want to know more about Sony’s digital paper PDF ereaders check this Sony DPT-RP1 review, although you’re probably better off watching the video review for the 10.3-inch Sony DPT-CP1 because it shows the newer features they added to the software after the RP1 was first released.

Sony DPT-RP1/W

6 Responses to “New White Version of Sony DPT-RP1 Now Available on Amazon”

  1. hi – I read on another blog that sony will release a new version of the rp1. Have you heard the same? thanks

    • I strongly doubt it. The hardware is already as good as it gets so there’s no reason to release a new model and they just started selling a white version last week so the RP1 certainly isn’t going away anytime soon.

  2. The hardware is two years old. Nothing has changed. No dictionary function, only 11 GB storage, and older e-ink screen. Sony is pawning off its two year old e-reader with a different color case, that’s all.

    Avoid this model like the plague. It has horrible reviews on Amazon.

    • Actually the flexible Mobius Carta screens are the latest screens from E Ink. There’s nothing old about them. E Ink tech evolves at a very slow pace. The $79 Kindle uses a screen from 2010–now that’s old. The hardware on the Sony is still top of the line by E Ink ereader standards. The software is basic, yes, but there’s nothing wrong with the hardware.

  3. Actually it is rumored that a new version of the 13 inch RP1 is coming out, based on a goodreads article. I’ve been waiting for an update before jumping in. I read a lot of scientific papers, in PDF format, and this device would be awesome. However, the software can use a serious overhaul.

    Regarding Sony selling the White version, I bet this is to get rid of excess stock in Japan. My money is on a new version being released in the June or July timeframe.

  4. Great with your sont product