Onyx Boox Note S on Sale for $305 with Coupon Code

Onyx Boox Note S

Onyx currently has the Onyx Boox Note S available at its lowest price ever, slightly lower than the Black Friday sale price, and it also comes with a free cover when both are purchased together that sells for $25 separately.

The deal is available on Onyx’s Amazon store where you can get the Onyx Boox Note S for $305.99 with free shipping when using coupon code VXRV6W6L at checkout. The coupon takes 10% off the list price of $339.

The Note S has a 9.7-inch E Ink screen with dual-touch support, along with a quad-core 1.6GHz processor, and it runs open Android 6.0.

It’s Onyx’s entry-level Note device so it’s not as nice as the 10.3-inch Note but it’s about $200 less expensive.

The Note S has a lower resolution screen and less storage space and RAM with 16GB and 1GB, and it uses a Hanvon touchscreen instead of Wacom, but most of the software features are the same as the more expensive models.

It does not have a frontlight like the newly-announced Note Pro, which will probably cost about twice as much as the Note S.

Check the Onyx Boox Note S review for more details about the device. They’ve updated the software since that review was posted so Google Play works now and the newer 2.0 software allows you to set a custom resolution so that should help with the scaling issues when using the Kindle app and other 3rd party apps.

If you’re looking for an entry-level large-screen ereader that’s good for PDFs and doesn’t cost too much the Note S is worth considering at that price.

Onyx Boox Note S

3 Responses to “Onyx Boox Note S on Sale for $305 with Coupon Code”

  1. I honestly think that the new Boox Nova is going to cannibalize the Boox Note S.

    Of course, it depends on the pricing… time will tell. Any opinions?

    • Probably so. I never really got the point of the Note S with inferior specs but it does make more sense at the $305 price than $389 when it was first released. There’s still a pretty big difference between a 7.8-inch screen and a 9.7-inch screen when reading PDFs but still most people would probably prefer the addition of a frontlight and higher resolution screen on the Nova regardless.

  2. 1/20/19 UPDATE:

    They lowered the price to $309.99 but your coupon is still taking so (for the time being)it is now $278.99

    Sadly, I’m still gonna pass but at least this price is in the right range.