Sans Forgetica Font Claims to Help You Remember What You Read

There’s a new font type called Sans Forgetica that was scientifically designed by academics at RMIT University to help enhance memory retention of digital text.

I saw this topic mentioned over at MobileRead the other day and thought it was interesting, especially since it’s easy to sideload alternative fonts on ebook readers like Kindles and Kobos.

They claim that Sans Forgetica can help you remember what you read because it forces the brain to engage in deeper cognitive processing.

This can lead to improved retention and recall of information.

I tried the font briefly and at first I could see how maybe it could help with memory retention because it requires more focus and a slower pace to make out the words, but I found that I got used to it after awhile and I was able to read just as fast as usual, so it’s probably not helping at that point.

They do say that it works best when used as a highlighting tool for specific phrases, rather than whole texts. It was designed to help students remember study materials so it’s probably more effective in small doses.

If you want to try the Sans Forgetica Font it’s free to download from the RMIT University website. There’s also an extension for the Chrome web browser.

What do you think? Does using Sans Forgetica help you retain more information?

Sans Forgetica – The Font to Remember

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