Will Barnes and Noble Release a New Nook eReader in 2019?

Nook Glowlight 3 Orange Light

Barnes and Noble has a steady history of releasing a new Nook ebook reader every two years, and the current Nook Glowlight 3 was released in 2017.

The Nook brand has been declining for years, however, so you never really know what B&N is going to do with their Nooks moving forward.

They just released a couple of new Nook tablets last fall, though, so maybe we’ll see a new Nook ebook reader this year after all.

It came as a surprise when B&N released the Glowlight 3 in 2017.

A lot of folks like the retro design that’s similar to the original Nook Touch, and the screen has great contrast thanks to the infrared touchscreen that doesn’t require an added layer over the E Ink screen.

Lots of people like the frontlight with adjustable color temperature as well.

If Amazon came out with a similar low-cost Kindle with page buttons and a color-adjusting frontlight it would be a best seller.

But the Nook Glowlight 3 has failed to gain much attention. B&N rarely puts it on sale anymore, and they never seem to advertise it or promote it. Some people simply don’t trust buying ebooks from B&N anymore after all the quirky things they’ve done over the years, like making it nearly impossible to download backup copies of purchased ebooks.

One thing Barnes and Noble hasn’t done is release a Nook ebook reader with a screen larger than 6-inches.

What if they released an 8-inch Nook similar to the Likebook Mars or Kobo Forma but at a lower price? Is it possible for B&N to gain ground with something different and innovative? Or is it simply too late at this point?

There really is no reason to replace the Glowlight 3 this year; there aren’t any new cutting-edge features to add and the screen is already better than most other ebook readers with capacitive touchscreens. If B&N is going to stay the course and release another new Nook this year they should do something different to try and gain some new customers.

18 Responses to “Will Barnes and Noble Release a New Nook eReader in 2019?”

  1. B&N doesn’t seem all that interested in selling actual books, so I fail to see why they’d bother with a new Nook.

  2. I really like my Nook. I like the screen clarity, the size, the material, the weight, the temperature adjustment, but it is sooooo slow.

    I feel that people like me, might be able to benefit from an upgrade. If I tried one out in the store and it was almost as fast as my Oasis it would be hard to leave it there.

  3. Emmanuel Fernandez Reply February 7, 2019 at 8:31 pm

    To me it’s the lack of service I only buy books I know I’m going to read on the nook for sure.

    As Barnes and Noble does not offer a 7 day money back if you mistankely purchased or no longer interested in the book you have a chance to return the ebook it’s a key feature Amazon and other retailers offer that has led me to purchase more ebooks from them

  4. Do they even have the capital to release something new while their business is tanking?

  5. I’d like to see an HD version of the original Nook!

    1404×1872 16 greyscale primary 8″ eink display
    Frontlight array with 24 levels
    1404×420 LED touchscreen for app interaction
    Cortex A9 quad-core 1.5Ghz CPU
    8GB RAM, 32GB internal with MicroSD slot
    802.11n/g/b WiFi
    Bluetooth 4.1 (audio, keyboard)
    GPS, accelerometer & mic w/speech transcription
    Rear 13MPixel camera with flash for OCR
    microUSB 3.0 & USB-C ports with OTG support
    2 programmable buttons on L & R sides (each)
    4000mAh battery with solar charger in flipcase
    Hinge allowing conjoining two units at the spine into a two-page folding reader (side by side or flip) with merged storage

  6. I’m pretty sure they will. Hopefully they’ll stick with the infrared screen and thin out the megatron bezels.

    • I may be in the minority but i like the huge bezels. I don’t accidentally touch the screen the way i did on the voyage.

  7. I like my Nook Glowlight 3. The buttons are convenient to use, and the comfort light is a nice touch. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of true bold font options. Their “thin, regular, and think” are not adequate.

  8. I have enjoyed the GL3 hardware, after some tinkering with rooting and whatnot. As many others have said, I am quite impressed with the hardware. Using Moon+ with it, and its quite nice.

    • Hi Hunter, seems like you have succeeded rooting the GL3. I tried the rooting method put forward by XDA but it did not work for my GL3 (with app ver 40.2.36/ Can point me to the rooting method you used? Thanks for your help.

  9. I have a Nook 10.5 I just bought in the last few months. I have always had Nooks and liked them. I read the reviews on the 10.5 and there were some really bad ones in them, but I took the risk and ordered it anyway. The first one that arrived would not work right and there was no charger in the box. Customer Service was frustrating and a joke. I actually had one of them tell me they don’t come with a charger, you have to buy it separately. So, it did have the little pamphlet in the box, I got it out and read it to her. She continued to blame it on me until I was about ready to blow my top and she switched to her a superior. They weren’t much better. So she switched me to another department to get a replacement. That was a nightmare also. That one switched me to their supervisor and FINALLY I spoke with someone who actually knew what they were talking about. She sent me a brand new one which arrived in two days. They also sent the labels for me to return the first one free of charge I also was given a $10.00 credit on my account for all the trouble I went through. It works great and I love it but it was a disaster trying to get one that worked. I love the bigger screen. I love having color because I use it for more than just reading. It’s a Tablet. However the 9.6 I had was built by Samsung. The next time I need a new Tablet I will most likely forgo the Nook and just buy a Samsung. I don’t trust the Nook name any more even if they came out with a new one unless it had the Samsung name on it like the 9.6 did. I wouldn’t buy it. The Nook name lost it’s good reputation with the 10.5 to me.

  10. I purchased the 2017 model but never used it. The screen is poor quality, seems to have a gray haze on the edge.

  11. I also purchased the latest model Glowlight and haven’t used it in a long while. It was comfortable to hold but very slow and their choice of font thickness is a joke. I do not really trust the Nook brand and would not purchase another device from BN nor have I purchased any Nook books the past several years. I have a large Nook library since that was my first ereader but I usually read my books on the iPad.

  12. I’m still using my Nook Simple Touch.
    It works fine and I don’t need a glow light since I have a reading light. I’ve downloaded all my ebooks just in case they close the stores and their e-library.

  13. I have the newest nook and never use it. I love the feel of the materials but the bezel is way too big and the lighting is not as good. I see dark shadows on the edges. But the biggest reason I do not use it is the software seems to be buggy and slow. Improve the software, screen and make a smaller bezel then I would use it more