Kindle for Kids Bundle Marked Down to $59

Kids Kindle Bundle

Amazon currently has the Kindle for Kids bundle on sale for $59—that’s its lowest price ever. The regular price is $99. They used to put it on sale for $79 and few times it was $69 but $59 is a new low.

It includes the 2016 Kindle that was just replaced by the new entry-level Kindle with a frontlight, so they’re probably trying to clear out remaining stock of the older model.

If you want a cheap Kindle without a frontlight for reading outdoors this summer it’s not a bad option at $59.

The kids Kindle is the same as the regular Kindle—it just comes with a cover and a better warranty that covers accidental breakages and lasts for 2 years instead of the standard 1 year.

It’s also worth noting the kids model doesn’t come with Special Offers (ads) so you don’t have to pay an extra $20 to get rid of them.

The Kindle for Kids bundle never was very popular. Probably because it’s not really a kids Kindle at all; it’s just a regular Kindle with a 2-year warranty and a cover. It’ll be interesting to see if Amazon adds a “Kids Bundle” option for the new frontlight Kindle too.

Kindle for Kids bundle

One Response to “Kindle for Kids Bundle Marked Down to $59”

  1. I don’t understand Amazons new marketing campaign for the new Kindle. As follows..

    “All-new Kindle – Now with a Built-in Front Light“

    Kindles have had a front light since 2012. Why can’t they properly name these devices like “Basic Kindle 2019 now with front light” or Kindle Paperwhite 4.

    I sincerely hope that Amazon doesn’t go the way of Fire tablets with their Kindle lineup. I would hate to see a 167ppi lineup of 6” 7” and 8” Kindles.