Software Update for Likebooks Adds Several New Features

Likebook Mimas

Boyue has released a new software update that adds handwriting recognition and split-screen modes, among other new features, to the Likebook Mimas and (probably) the Likebook Muses.

There’s an update for the Likebook Mars as well, but since it doesn’t have a Wacom touchscreen obviously it won’t get the writing-related features.

To update the software go to User Settings > System Updates > Update via Wi-Fi.

The new update version is BYRead-V1.1.0 -2019060320.

I briefly tried the new AI feature on the Likebook Mimas to convert handwritten notes to typed text but it seems pretty buggy.

It repeatedly got hung up on a “loading” screen using different notes. Sometimes going back and trying again would fix it and other times it just never loads. The actual conversion is pretty sketchy as well. At one point during a test the conversion added Chinese characters to an English sentence.

I also tried the new sidenote feature with PDFs and it seems to work pretty well (it’s just like Onyx’s sidenote feature) but the only problem is using the page buttons turns both the note page and the PDF page.

Here’s the list of changes from the release notes on the Likebook Mimas.

Release Notes:

  1. Add horizontal screen double-page reading mode;
  2. Add new notes to support the export of local, two-dimensional code sharing and uploading a cloud note;
  3. Added support for bookshelf to display title/file name;
  4. Add personal space hiding function;
  5. Added split screen handwriting function;
  6. The new handwriting input method function;
  7. Add notebook AI recognition function;
  8. Add notebook note search function;
  9. Optimize the bookshelf book deletion prompts;
  10. Fix known issues.

8 Responses to “Software Update for Likebooks Adds Several New Features”

  1. You got it to do sidenote? I used the PDF reader and it was able to show me two PDFs side by side, but I wasn’t able to get it to give me one PDF and one blank page the way that my Onyx does.

    • The first time I tried using the new sidenote feature the device froze up and had to be restarted but now it seems to be working okay.

  2. Thanks for the update! I know you probably have a ton of things on your plate, but will you be making a video on the changes like you did for the Onyx Boox update? I’m leaning to the Mimas, just because of the price point. Poor students can’t be too picky, heh

  3. Thank you, I found the Book tab unable to recognize folder tree of my ebooks library, it can’t show it as subfolder, but only as 8ndividual folders. Is there a. Solution for that. I just got Alita, but software is just like Mimas.

  4. Also, the annotated ebooks, doesn’t save within same file when I try to copy it back to pc (unlike boox). So I need to export my annotated ebook to a new file, then that new file which contains saved annotation can be taken back to my pc. It is strange as this will. End up having 2 copies of every ebook. I do want to like Likebook, but as you mentioned, the software is too buggy.

  5. I cant download the update. It just sits at the establishing connection window. It does nothing if i press Download Now….
    Can someone help me ?