Can E Ink’s Color ACeP Displays Be a Viable Option for eReaders?

Flexible ACeP

Back in 2016 E Ink unveiled their latest generation color screens called ACeP displays, which stands for Advanced Color ePaper.

E Ink has mostly been marketing their color displays for digital signage, but could they eventually develop ACeP displays to use with ereaders too?

E Ink had a 13.3-inch 300 ppi ACeP concept demo on display in their booth at SID 2019.

Their earlier ACeP displays had lower resolution that wouldn’t work well for reading applications, but a 300 ppi color screen would certainly be sufficient for a reading device. However, the screen update time it still too slow at 2.8 seconds.

E Ink also had a flexible 13.3” ACeP screen with a Mobius backplane on display at SID (pictured above). It has a resolution of 2200 x 1650 (206 ppi). It only weighs 68 grams, but the refresh rate is a lengthy 8.6 seconds.

E Ink’s ACeP displays contain micro-capsules with four color pigments—cyan, magenta, yellow and white. Those four colors can generate eight primary colors to produce over 32,000 colors.

I came across the YouTube video below of a German company advertising development kits for E Ink’s 13.3-inch ACeP displays. The currently available ACeP displays aren’t going to be used for ereaders but perhaps future versions could be.

13.3″ ACeP Color E Ink Display

5 Responses to “Can E Ink’s Color ACeP Displays Be a Viable Option for eReaders?”

  1. Does it have to do that 25 second flickering thing every time it changes the image? If so, I can’t see this being feasible for anything reading related.

  2. E Ink told me that they have to develop a new waveform controller to make ACEP compatible with e-readers. The Regal Waveform they use in Carta, CARTA HD, Pearl etc is incompatible with ACEP. This is why we likely won’t see it for a number of years.

    • Why would it take so long to develop a new waveform? You make it sound like it’s developing a spaceship. They probably just want to keep selling b&w e-readers because the margins are much better.

  3. Me i am interested to continue my graphics tests, i am programming a software to paint in black and white with the dasung paperlike and i have a render engine to export pictures with some areas filled with colors.

  4. I just want this as a digital picture frame…