E Ink Screens Still on the Decline, Report Suggests

Eewrite E-Pad

Last year E Ink revealed to investors that they expected the market for ereader displays to be down through 2018, and that proved to be true, but they expected things to improve in 2019.

In fact here’s the quote from last year:

“We still believe e-readers are a business with consistent growth. This year is an exception. Next year, the e-reader market will resume high-speed growth as experienced over the past few years.”

However, a new report at Taipei Times shows that the ereader market is still down in 2019.

As a result, E Ink has lowered their yearly revenue forecast by 10%.

Some of the decline is being blamed on the trade dispute with China, but the effects of that would be minimal at this point considering the fact that consumer prices of ebook reader and E Ink notebooks haven’t increased and the usual sales are still going on across different brands.

About 70% of E Ink’s revenue comes from displays for dedicated ebook readers and E Ink notebooks (devices like the Sony DPT-RP1, Remarkable, and Onyx Note Pro). Demand for E Ink’s electronic shelf labels continues to grow in 2019, but the ereader market is still down.

Here’s what E Ink’s president told investors during a recent teleconference:

“Demand for e-readers and e-notes fell short of our expectations. We have cut the prices of our products to cope with the situation, which would reduce our revenue generated from consumer electronics.”

via: Taipei Times

7 Responses to “E Ink Screens Still on the Decline, Report Suggests”

  1. When oh when will a mainstream company make an wink phone? I will buy one for each of my kids and one for myself. Bye bye games. Hello eyesight.
    but they never do.
    Love my Sony DPT.

    • Articles like this would suggest they wouldn’t be popular. I’m not poo pooing the idea. I would happily buy one, but companies won’t make something they don’t think they can sell.

      • I think e-ink companies had priced themselves out of the market. Just look at the e-reader market. You can get a relatively good 8-10 inch LCD based tablet for USD 200, but a similar e-ink one would cost USD 400 or higher. Unless, they are competitively priced, the e-ink market will not grow. Another aspect is that the e-ink devices are singular use only – reading devices. If I have to one device, it will be an LCD/LED device since it is multi-purpose. Hence, the pricing is critical in promoting and growing this category. Not every manufacturer can price their devices like Apple.

  2. Part of the problem is that eink technology has stalled. There have been prototypes and promising technologies (mirasol I’m talking about you) but they never seem to make the jump to a mass market device.
    Even though the new Kindles are nice, they seem like something from the last decade.
    The other problem is that tft tablets keep getting more capable and cheaper. Without the advantages of battery life and contrast in sunlight, eink would not have a reason to exist.

  3. So, It’s not going to be cheaper…

  4. It’s a shame sink isn’t used at bus stops and transport stations for timetables and notices. I can think if half a dozen other uses that would benefit people. I guess price is the main reason it’s not used more.

  5. Why not make e ink screen as accessory for smart phone