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E Ink Carta vs E Ink Pearl

Screen Comparison: E Ink Carta vs E Ink Pearl

Ever since I got the Kindle Paperwhite 2 I’ve been a bit skeptical about the so-called new and improved E Ink Carta screen technology. Right now the Paperwhite 2 is the only device using Carta screens; most other ebook readers use Pearl screens. Both are the same type of epaper screen tech produced by the […]

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Introducing Carta: E Ink’s Latest Gen E-Paper Display Technology

Today E Ink officially introduced their latest epaper display technology designed primarily for ebook readers. Carta is an upgrade from Pearl displays that come on most current E Ink ereaders. According to E Ink, Carta brings a 50 percent improvement in contrast. The contrast ratio has been bumped from 10:1 up to 15:1. Reflectivity has […]

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