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Clearink 2

Closer Look at Clearink’s 2.0 Color ePaper (Video)

Charbax has uploaded a long, detailed video showing Clearink’s latest Color ePaper 2.0 from SID Display Week 2019. Clearink is a new low-power color display technology that is attempting to take a bite out of the LCD market, largely as part of the education sector with tablets and basic laptops. Lenovo recently invested in Clearink […]

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ClearInk Prototype

ClearInk Shows Off Disappointing Color Screens at Display Week

ClearInk is a low-power color display technology with hopes of becoming an alternative to E Ink and LCD displays. Unfortunately ClearInk still looks like it’s a long ways off yet, if it ever makes it to the market at all. A number of similar low-power color displays have come along in the past 10 years […]

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ClearInk Display

A Closer Look at ClearInk Color ePaper (Video)

A new color epaper technology called ClearInk is getting set to take off in the near future (hopefully). We first saw ClearInk this past summer and now there’s another video with a closer look at ClearInk prototypes. The technology is similar to E Ink’s low power sunlight readable displays, but ClearInk is capable of displaying […]

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ClearInk: New Reflective Color ePaper Displays (Video)

New color epaper screens called ClearInk (actually CLEARink but I can’t stand writing it that way) were being shown off at SID DisplayWeek in Los Angeles. In fact the screens won best in show so maybe they’re something that might actually materialize into viable products (unlike all the other low-power color displays that get demoed […]

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