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Energy eReader Pro

New eBook Readers from Energy Sistem

Energy Sistem, a Spanish brand for ebook readers, has recently launched some new ereaders. Energy Sistem is small electronics company that has been selling ebook readers since at least 2010 with the Energy Book 3050 and 4050 Touch. I haven’t posted about them since last year when the Energy eReader E4 Mini turned up on […]

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Energy eReader E4 Mini

Energy Sistem Energy eReader E4 Mini

Earlier I posted about a couple of Icarus ereaders that I found listed on Amazon. I also found another oddball ereader that I hadn’t noticed before, even though it’s been listed on Amazon since April of last year. The ebook reader in question is the Energy eReader E4 Mini put out by a Spanish electronics […]

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eBook 1058

Energy Sistem’s Color Multimedia eBook Readers, 1052, 1054, 1058

Energy Sistem, a small electronics company based in Spain, has some new color multi-purpose ebook readers, 2 of which are available now, and 2 more getting set to be released in November. All four units are very similar. There are red and blue models that both have 2GB of internal memory, a white model that […]

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energy book 3050 and 4050

Energy Book eBook Readers – Energy Book 3050 and 4050 Touch

Energy Sistem, an electronics company based in Spain, recently announced two new ebook readers, the Energy Book 3050 (white) and the Energy Book 4050 Touch (blue). Both ebook readers feature 5-inch E Ink screens with 8 levels of gray scale. They are basically the same feature-wise, except the Book 4050 has a touchscreen that uses […]

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