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LG ePaper

LG Mass Producing High-Def Flexible Electronic Paper for eBook Readers

One of the biggest problems with E Ink ebook readers is the fact that they are somewhat fragile, especially when not using a case to keep them protected. If you accidentally drop your ebook reader, sit on it, or stick it in a bag with a bunch of other stuff, there’s a good chance the […]

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Fujitsu Color ePaper

A Look at Fujitsu’s New Color ePaper (Video)

Earlier this week at the International Digital Publishing Expo, Fujitsu demonstrated their latest cholesteric LCD color epaper. Fujitsu has been one of the pioneers in color epaper technology and has been developing it for several years. Over the past four years they have released two different ereaders that use their color epaper technology, the FLEPia […]

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LG Color ePaper

LG Demos New Color ePaper Displays (Videos)

LG decided to show off two new color epaper displays at the Flat Panel Display International show in Japan on Wednesday alongside E Ink’s new Triton color epaper display technology. The first LG color epaper prototype has a 9.7-inch display with a pixel resolutions of 800 x 600—seemingly low for the large screen size. The […]

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Sony Flexible ePaper

Sony’s Flexible ePaper on Display

There’s a lot of news sources covering this topic the past few days from an article posted over at Sony Insider. The story goes like this: Every year Sony demos new prototypes and gadgets at a special dealer’s convention in Japan. While the main draw is showing off new technology like 3D televisions, they apparently […]

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