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Hanvon WISEreader C920

The Hanvon WISEreader C920 9.7″ Color E Ink eReader

The Jetbook Color isn’t the only color E Ink ereader. The same company that makes the hardware for it also has their own model that uses the same color E Ink Triton display. It is called the Hanvon WISEreader C920. Its design appears to be very similar to that of the JetBook Color but it […]

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Hanvon C-18 Color eReader

Hanvon C-18 Mirasol Color eReader – Photos and Videos

The Hanvon C-18 is among three new ereaders shown at CES this year with Mirasol displays. Mirasol displays are an alternate type of color screen technology that has been rumored to be used on ereader products for a couple of years and is just now starting to show up in commercial products. Unfortunately none are […]

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E Ink Touch, Color

E Ink Says Color Displays on the Way (Yet Again) This Time With Touchscreens

There’s an article over at Digitimes about E Ink, the company behind the display technology used in most ebook readers today, sampling out two new color touchscreen electrophoretic displays to their vendors. One of the new displays uses a capacitive touchscreen similar to those used on some cellphones and the Apple iPad, and the other […]

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Hanvon Wisereader

Walmart.com Now Selling Hanvon eReaders

Since my local Borders stores all seem to be anti-Kobo Reader, I decided to check Walmart.com to see if they’ve started carrying it since Walmarts in Canada do. No such luck. But I did find that Walmart.com is now selling 4 Hanvon Wisereaders, and the prices are lower than expected: $228 for the touchscreen model […]

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