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Icarus Excel Review

Review: Icarus Excel 9.7″ E Ink eBook Reader

It’s been a long time since I had the chance to review a large ebook reader with a 9.7″ screen. Ever since tablets have risen to prominence, E Ink ebook readers have been on the decline, especially expensive models with larger screens. It was fun to test out something different for a change. So here […]

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Icarus Excel

New Icarus Excel 9.7″ E Ink eBook Reader with Wacom Touchscreen

I stumbled across an interesting new ebook reader listed on Amazon this morning called the Icarus Excel. It sells for $349, which is actually $30 less than Amazon’s own Kindle DX, and from a features standpoint the Excel looks like a better choice. There’s hardly a shred of information about the device on Amazon so […]

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