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iPad 2 vs BlackBerry PlayBook

Apple iPad 2 vs BlackBerry PlayBook (Video)

Here’s another comparison review, this one pits the iPad 2 vs the BlackBerry PlayBook. There are several screenshots and an HD video included in the review. I’m sure there are plenty of things missing from the Advantages lists of both devices. If you have any you want to add, please feel free to leave them […]

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iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom

Review: iPad 2 vs Motorola XOOM

Here’s a new review that compares the iPad 2 vs the Motorola Xoom, complete with an HD video and several screenshots. The Apple iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom are two of the top tablets on the market. Both devices have their pluses and minuses, and each offers something the other does not. So which one […]

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Apple iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2: Videos, What’s New, Release Details

Despite being on medical leave, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad 2 today at Apple’s big iPad event. The iPad 2 will go on sale March 11th in the US from Apple Stores at 5pm and online with free shipping. It will go on sale internationally to 26 countries on March 25th, and then will continue […]

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