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Ebook Waiting List

Getting Free eBooks From the Library is Overrated

One of the biggest draws and selling points of Adobe DRM-supporting ereaders, especially the Sony Readers, is that you can checkout ebooks for free from your local library to read on them. This applies to most ereaders and tablets on the market, all except the Kindle and a few no name brands. (more…)

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Overdrive Android

OverDrive Updates Apps for Android and iPhone for Free Library eBooks

Yesterday OverDrive announced updated iPhone and Android apps to add support for ebooks borrowed from libraries. The apps previously only supported MP3 audiobooks from libraries, but now you can download and read ebooks on Android devices and iPhone and iPod touches. The iPhone app works on the iPad as well, but isn’t optimized for it; […]

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Bluefire Reader

Bluefire App Can Read Library eBooks for iPhone and iPad

The Bluefire Reader app for iPad and iPhone has just been updated to add support for reading borrowed library ebooks through the Overdrive service. Bluefire Reader is a free app that supports EPUB and PDF file formats, including Adobe DRM protected EPUB and PDF files. Here’s the download link for the app on iTunes. And […]

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How To Get Free eBooks From Libraries Using Overdrive

Libraries are a great resource for downloading free ebooks and audiobooks to enjoy on an ebook reader or other device. Digital media that’s checked-out from the library automatically expires after 7-21 days, depending on the particular library, so there’s no late charges or hassle to return. The ebooks come in Adobe ePUB and PDF formats, […]

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