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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Dropping ePub Support on Edge Web Browser

Back in April Microsoft suddenly decided to close their ebook store and take back all the ebooks they had sold while issuing customers refunds for all purchases. Now Microsoft has put up a new support page that says the Microsoft Edge browser will no longer support ebooks with an .epub file extension. Of course older […]

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Microsoft eBook Closing

Microsoft Closing eBook Store, Refunding all Past Purchases

Today Microsoft announced that they will be closing their ebook store for good as of April 2nd, 2019. Considering how unpopular it was that’s not surprising, but what is surprising is the fact that they’ve decided to delete all ebooks from user accounts and issue refunds for past purchases and pre-orders. It sounds like another […]

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Microsoft Courier

A Microsoft eReader and Notebook Could Be Great, an E Ink Courier

Now that Microsoft has just opened the doors on their very own ebook store, it makes you wonder if they have any future plans of releasing a dedicated ebook reader to compete with the Amazon Kindle. Microsoft is about the only company outside of Apple that could legitimately put a dent in the ebook market […]

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Microsoft eBook Store

Microsoft Launching New eBook Store and Edge Gets ePub Support

Microsoft is getting back into the ebook market once again. They were once known for their LIT ebook format some years ago, and then they invested in Barnes and Noble’s Nook Media business in 2012 and lost a boatload of money. Now Microsoft is opening their very own ebook store for PC and Mobile on […]

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