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Color eReaders

Mirasol vs Color E Ink vs Pixel Qi – Which is the eReader of the Future?

The next obvious step for ebook readers is color. And there are currently three different types of screen technologies trying to bring color to ereaders, Mirasol, color E Ink (Triton), and Pixel Qi. All three screens differ quite a lot, but there are similarities. Each is meant to be readable outdoors in bright light, each […]

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Hanvon C-18 Color eReader

Hanvon C-18 Mirasol Color eReader – Photos and Videos

The Hanvon C-18 is among three new ereaders shown at CES this year with Mirasol displays. Mirasol displays are an alternate type of color screen technology that has been rumored to be used on ereader products for a couple of years and is just now starting to show up in commercial products. Unfortunately none are […]

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Mirasol Mockup

When are Mirasol Displays Coming to eReaders?

Mirasol is an alternative display technology that Qualcomm has been working to perfect for mass-production over the past few years to use for color ereader displays. Mirasol displays are a lot like existing monochrome E Ink screens in that they use little to no energy when an image is on-screen and don’t use back-lighting so […]

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Mirasol Color eReader Prototype

Qualcomm Invests $2 Billion for Mirasol Color Displays

According to an article at DigiTimes, Qualcomm has found a major client for their 5.7″ color displays. So major that they are willing to invest $2 billion to build a new production plant in Taiwan. So the big question is who is the major client? Given the fact that the article says this, the displays […]

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