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New Sony Readers

New Sony Readers Pic Reveals More Details

The picture shown above is from Engadget. If it is indeed authentic, then we’ve got some really big news about the new Sony Readers, most notably the touchscreen. If Sony has managed to find a way to remove the additional layer over the E Ink screen, then the new PRS-350 and PRS-650 could be huge. […]

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Refurbished Sony Pocket $99, Sony Touch $119

The prices of ereaders are dropping all the time. Sony Style now has the refurbished PRS-300 marked down to $99 and the refurbished PRS-600 marked down to $119. Refurbished products are often items that have been returned or ones that have had minor fixes, so they’re generally a good deal and this time, for an […]

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New Sony Reader PRS-350 and Sony PRS-650 Coming Very Soon

Over at SonyInsider, there’s an interesting article about two new Sony Readers set to launch soon, the PRS-350 and the PRS-650. Both are upgraded versions of the current 5 and 6-inch models. Given Sony’s history of releasing new ereaders at this time of year, expect an official announcement within the next few weeks. According to […]

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