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Sony PRS 650

Sony PRS 650 and 350: Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

This post is a list of shortcuts for the Sony PRS 650 Touch Edition and PRS 350 Pocket Edition, along with some helpful tips and tricks. Here are links to some earlier Sony Reader posts that you may find useful as well: How to get free news feeds for a Sony Reader with Calibre’s news […]

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PRS-350 Bundle

Pink Sony Pocket Bundle Deal

For the remainder of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sony is offering a Pink Ribbon Bundle Pocket Edition for $179.99, the same price as the regular non-bundle Pocket Reader. The bundle package comes with a Pink PRS-350, a limited edition Pink Ribbon cover, and a coupon code for two ebook downloads from the Sony eBook […]

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Sony PRS 350 vs PRS 650

PRS-650 vs PRS-350: Sony Touch or Sony Pocket?

During the initial reviews for the Sony PRS-650 and PRS-350, I said that I liked the PRS-650 better because of the larger screen size and memory card slots. But after using them both for a few weeks, I’m not sure which one I like better. As far as the user interface goes, they are pretty […]

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Sony Pocket PDF Review and Video (PRS-350)

If you are curious about the Sony Pocket’s PDF displaying capabilities, check out the new PRS-350 PDF review page for all the details. There are 8 huge pictures and another lengthy video review. And in case you missed it, I just updated the main Sony Pocket review to add six pictures showing each different font […]

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PRS 350 Pink

Sony PRS-350 Pocket Edition Review

This is a quick note to mention that the review for the new Pocket Edition is now finished and can be found on the Sony PRS-350 Review page. Also, here is the link for the PDF review for the Pocket Edition. Both reviews include several pictures and a video in addition to the written review. […]

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Sony Pocket Edition Video Review (PRS-350)

I just finished uploading this Sony Pocket Edition video review on YouTube and figured I’d go ahead and post it here now while I continue to work on the written review over the weekend. The written review and photos will be added to the dedicated Sony PRS-350 review page, which currently lists the specs and […]

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Sony PRS-350 Blue

Sony PRS-350 Now Shipping – Some Odd Observations

The Sony PRS-350 is now listed as “In Stock” on the Sony Style website and I just received an email saying that mine has been shipped—pity it’s a Friday. The PRS-650, however, hasn’t shipped yet and is still listed as pre-order. It’s expected ship date is September 16th. While checking around on some of the […]

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PRS-350 Pink

More Sony Reader News, Updates, and Videos

Now that the new Sony Readers were officially announced a couple of days ago, more details about the technology used for the touchscreens are coming out, along with the user manuals and videos for both the PRS-350 and PRS-650. If you missed the details about the new Sony Readers, the big news is that they […]

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