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Toshiba Excite 10

Toshiba Excite 10 Android 4.0 Tablet Now Shipping

As summer approaches, new tablets are starting to crop up all over the place. Toshiba has three new Android 4.0 tablets set for release. There’s a 7.7-inch model, a 10-inch model, and a giant one with a 13-inch display. The first to hit retailer’s shelves is the 10-inch model, the Toshiba Excite 10. It is […]

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Toshiba Biblio Leaf

The Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02, a Solor-Powered eReader

Japan has been a hotspot for new ereaders lately with the recent releases of Sony’s new ereaders and Sharp’s Galapagos tablets. And now Japan is getting another new ereader on December 25th, the Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02, the first solar-powered ereader to reach the market. (more…)

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Blio Woodstock

Blio eReader Review and Toshiba Book Place Too

There’s a new ebook reading platform called Blio for Windows computers and tablets, with apps for iOS, Android, and Silverlight platforms coming soon. With Blio you can read ebooks, purchase ebooks from Blio’s new store, and download free ebooks from Google and Feedbooks (although this last feature currently is not working, but does work for […]

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Toshiba Book Place

The New Toshiba eBook Store Powered by Blio

Last week we reported on Toshiba’s new Libretto W100 dual-screen laptop as a possible ebook reader, and now Toshiba is launching their own ebook store—the Toshiba Book Place—powered by Blio software. Blio is a new ebook software platform created by Ray Kurzweil—a well-known inventor, author, and futurist—that preserves a book’s original layout, including fonts, images, […]

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Toshiba Libretto W100

Libretto W100: Toshiba’s Dual Screen eReader?

As part of Toshiba’s 25th Anniversary of “Laptop Innovation”, they recently announced the Libretto W100, a dual screen mobile PC with an ebook reading twist. So is this Toshiba’s jump into the ereader market? Hardly. But they do list ebook reading as one of the Libretto’s features and even demo it as an ebook reader […]

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