What’s Battery Life Like on the New Kindle Oasis 2?

Kindle Oasis

Here lately a number of people have been asking about the battery life on the new Kindle Oasis 2, but I’m not quite sure what the answer is, even after several weeks of using the device.

My problem is I have too many ereaders in use at the same time to get an accurate feel for battery life.

I read on the Kobo Aura One for awhile and then get bored with a book and switch over to a different title on the Kindle Oasis.

Then I read on it for a few days before switching to something else.

I’ve been trying to use the Nook Glowlight 3 since I was supposed to post a full review a month ago but still haven’t gotten around to it (I like the Nook but it’s no match for the other devices I have around).

Amazon says the battery on the Kindle Oasis 2 will last up to six weeks per charge when reading 30 minutes per day with wireless turned off and the frontlight set at ten.

That’s the same exact battery life claim as the Kindle Paperwhite 3, so in theory they should be about the same.

Having wireless turned off definitely has a big impact on battery life, so lots of people keep airplane mode turned on most of the time. The only problem with that is it limits the use of certain features, like Wikipedia lookup and translations.

At first the battery went down pretty quick when I got the new Kindle Oasis, but it seems to have leveled out over time. It still seems like it might drain a bit quicker than the Kindle Paperwhite but without doing extensive, repeated tests it’s hard to tell for sure.

I’ve gotten somewhat used to shorter battery life with the Kobo Aura One. Its battery lasts about 15 hours or so between charges. From my experience the Kindle Oasis 2 seems to be about the same.

What about you? What’s your experience been like with overall battery life on the new Kindle Oasis 2?

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  1. I’m getting 12 hours on my Oasis2. WiFi off, frontlight at ~18. For me, it seems every advancement of the Kindle brings decreased battery life: The PaperWhite 1 was (about) 25 hours, PaperWhite 3 ~ 22 now this.

    My Aura One 8GB got ~ 18-20; the newly-arrived A1 32GB seems a little better but it’s too early to tell based upon 4 hours of use.

  2. I don’t know exact times, but it certainly seems like battery life on my Oasis 2 is much shorter than my Kobo Aura One. I keep wifi on, but I seldom use the light on both.

  3. I’ve been happy with the battery life on mine. It went down very quickly when I first took it out of the box, but I attribute that to setting up the device and adding all my content back onto it. Plus it only had around a 56% charge when I got it anyway.

    Did a full charge after that, and just did, I believe, my second full charge last night. Still had about 30% battery life remaining, but I was doing the newest firmware update anyway so I figured I’d throw it on the charger.

    Kind of hard to judge right now, but I’d say its been better than my gen 1 Oasis, but maybe not quite as good as the Paperwhite 3 I had.

    So far I have no complaints.

  4. Compared with my Kindle Voyage I don’t see much of a difference.

    Sure, if you download a whole bunch of books every few days the battery drains rather quickly, because of all the indexing and stuff.

    But I read quite a lot lately and I would estimate, that you can easily read two to three mid-sized books without worrying about the battery at all.

  5. Seems the same as my Voyage.

  6. Getting about half of my Voyage, plus seems to hang up quite a bit, especially with the share option.

  7. I charged it sunday not its friday and 80% battery drained with little use!!!! And on airplane mode and brightness between 10 and 13 I barely used the thing too. i am so mad at the battery drainage

  8. bestbuy deleted all the negative battery reviews

  9. I’ve been v disappointed with the Oasis. This is my third attempt ie replacement. Despite leaving airplane mode on and low light I was only getting a few hours reading time. Haven’t had chance to test this third one properly yet but I’m not hopeful.

    I want an e-book I can travel with and not have to worry about charging after every 4-5 hours reading My old paper white gave me that.

  10. exchanging will not help they all suck. I loose 6 to 12% a day on 30 minutes to an hour reading

  11. I have been disappointed with the battery life on my Kindle Oasis. I do use it a lot, but I thought this one would be better.
    What really got to me was the cover that gives it extra battery. Call me crazy, but I thought you would be able to charge the cover separately, so it could sort of act like a power bank, and then put it back on again. Hence you would never have to stop put he Kindle down to charge.
    I think this is really stupid design.

  12. My Oasis is coming up for 2 years old, and I am suddenly getting about 4 hours, before it shuts down completely. I checked the last charge, showed 100% in both batteries. This is an expensive shock to me, the whole rationale was the quality angle. This indicates poor quality. I will turn the Wi-fi off.

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