PocketBook InkPad 3 PDF Review (Video)

Pocketbook Inkpad 3 PDF

The Pocketbook InkPad 3 (also called the PocketBook 740 in some places) is a new 7.8-inch ebook reader that I’ve posted about a couple of times recently.

Unfortunately it’s not sold in the US anywhere but it is available in other parts of the world. There’s a listing for the InkPad 3 on eBay from Germany, but it’s a bit pricey at about $325 USD with shipping (or 238 euros).

A few video reviews of the InkPad 3 have started to show up on YouTube.

The video below focuses on PDF features and performance.

Like most Pocketbook reviews, it’s not in English but the video quality is good it shows a number of PDFs in action.

The screen on the InkPad 3 looks really good, as you’d expect from a 300 ppi 7.8-inch E Ink Carta display, and I like the fact that the device has page buttons.

The software looks kind of sluggish sometimes but it seems to vary from one PDF to the next. Some tasks are surprisingly zippy and other times it takes awhile to respond, like when fitting to width in landscape mode.

PocketBook 740 PDF Performance

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  1. Have you noticed a measurable speed difference respect Icarus XL? The latest has a quad core processor, which ought to make responsiveness faster.

    • I don’t have an Icarus XL but from my experience those kind of quad-core processors aren’t any faster than the single core processor Kindles have been using for years. In fact I’d bet the Kindle is faster in almost every way.

  2. I just received my InkPad 3 as my 5. ebook reader (two Kindles, a Boyue and an Onyx preceded it). I can but say that I’m very pleased so far – the screen, touch functionality and overall quality is quite impressive. Without this blog, I would probably never have considered it. Thanks Nathan!

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