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The Best eReaders for Reading PDFs – Fall 2019

It’s been nearly two years since last posting a list of the best ebook readers for reading PDFs, so here’s an updated list for fall 2019. In some ways not much has changed in the past two years. Onyx and Sony remain two of the three best options. Boyue is a new entrant with the […]

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Onyx Nova Pro PDF Review

Onyx Boox Nova Pro PDF Review (Video)

Onyx’s ebook readers are among the best E Ink devices for reading PDFs. The Onyx Neo Reader app has a lot more features than a typical ereader, and they just updated it to version 3.0 with the last 2.1 software update. While other Onyx models like the 10.3-inch Note and 13.3-inch Max are better suited […]

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Kobo Forma PDF Review

Kobo Forma PDF Review with Video Demo

If you’re wondering how good the new Kobo Forma is for reading PDFs with its 8-inch E Ink screen, here’s a quick review. Kobo’s software is notorious for being below average when it comes to PDFs, and they haven’t improved it over the years, but Kobo actually did add a couple of new features for […]

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iPad vs Fire HD 10

Fire HD 10 vs 2018 9.7″ iPad – PDFs and Comics

People often ask if the Fire HD 10 is a good tablet for reading PDFs and comics, and the fact is it is a good option, especially considering it has a nice high resolution screen. Lots of tablets with 10″ displays have lower resolution screens unless you spend a lot for a higher up model. […]

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Pocketbook Inkpad 3 PDF

PocketBook InkPad 3 PDF Review (Video)

The Pocketbook InkPad 3 (also called the PocketBook 740 in some places) is a new 7.8-inch ebook reader that I’ve posted about a couple of times recently. Unfortunately it’s not sold in the US anywhere but it is available in other parts of the world. There’s a listing for the InkPad 3 on eBay from […]

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Best eBook Readers for PDF Reading – 2018 Edition

Now that 2018 is upon us, it’s long past time for an updated list of the best ebook readers for reading PDFs. Way back in 2010 I posted an article outlining the best PDF ereaders, and it’s been updated a few times, but things have slowly changed over the years so it’s time for an […]

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Kobo Koreader PDF

KOReader on Kobo Aura One Looks Interesting for PDFs (Video)

I came across a video on YouTube that shows an example of KOReader running on the Kobo Aura One. It’s the first video I’ve ever seen that actually shows KOReader, an alternative open-source reading app, on a Kobo ereader. I tried installing it on a Kobo Touch once but it wouldn’t work so I didn’t […]

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Kobo Aura One PDF

Kobo Aura One PDF Review and Video Walkthrough

The Kobo Aura One is the latest and most interesting new ebook reader to hit the market. The larger 7.8-inch E Ink screen helps set in apart from all the various 6-inch ereaders currently available. You would think that the larger screen on the Kobo Aura One would make it a good option for reading […]

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