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Will Any eReaders Have Newer i.MX7 Processors in 2017?

When it comes to dedicated ebook readers the technology evolves at a much slower pace than other forms of electronics. With computers, tablets and phones there are tons of different processors and hardware components used among them. But with ebook readers they all share some of the same components. In fact all E Ink ereaders […]

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Why Aren’t Plastic E Ink Screens Available for More eReaders?

Why is it that in 2017 we still don’t have a single option for a smaller ereader with a plastic-based screen? E Ink has been making plastic screens for their 13.3-inch devices for a few years now, but why don’t they offer any smaller screens with a plastic substrate? Normally you’d think of plastic as […]

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QuirkLogic Quilla eWriter with 42″ E Ink Screen (Video)

QuirkLogic is showing off one of their latest inventions at CES 2017 called the QuirkLogic Quilla eWriter. It’s essentially a 42-inch E Ink writing tablet that also doubles as a gigantic PDF ereader. E Ink and their partners are always trying to come up with unique new ideas for ways to use E Ink displays, […]

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10.3-inch reMarkable Paper Tablet and eReader Unveiled (Video)

A Norwegian hardware start-up company has unveiled plans to launch a new digital paper tablet called reMarkable that attempts to bring the look and feel of paper to a tablet-like device. The reMarkable tablet combines a 10.3-inch E Ink Carta screen with a new type of screen technology called Canvas that claims to be the […]

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Wexler Flex One

When Will E Ink eReaders Start Using Flexible Plastic Displays?

A lot of people were hoping that the new Kobo Aura One would come with an E Ink screen that uses a plastic-based substrate instead of glass, but unfortunately that’s not the case. So when will ebook readers start using plastic screens? Generally when you think of plastic you think of cheaper quality but when […]

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Futecha Kindle Remote Control Concept

Should Kindles and Other eBook Readers Have Remote Controls?

Today Amazon announced a new page flip feature for Kindle ebooks to help make navigating ebooks easier and more convenient, especially with reference type material. Another thing that could make navigating Kindles and other ebook readers better is adding the option for a remote control. That would be especially useful for folks with disabilities. People […]

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Gvido ePaper Music

Gvido: Dual Screen 13.3-inch ePaper Music Score Device (Video)

There are a lot of forms of ereading, more than most people realize. A Japanese company, Terrada, has a new specialized epaper product under development designed for reading sheet music. The device is called the Gvido. It’s a dual-screen ereader with two E Ink Mobius screens (wow, that’s going to be expensive!). E Ink issued […]

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Dasung Paperlike

13.3-inch Dasung Paperlike E Ink Monitor Available on Indiegogo

Earlier this month Dasung posted a series of YouTube videos showing their new 13.3-inch E Ink monitor doing various tasks and now we know why. Last week Dasung launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their 13.3-inch Paperlike monitor. The pre-order price for the Paperlike is $799 USD with free shipping. It’s expected to ship […]

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