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Sony DPT-RP1 drawing

E Ink and Sony Create Linfiny to Develop E Ink Notebooks

Last week Digitimes posted an article about a new startup called Linfiny, a joint venture backed by E Ink and Sony. The article is hidden behind an annoying paywall but you can find it if you run a search for “Linfiny Digitimes”. Basically the article states that Linfiny, which was first started in April 2017, […]

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Paperlike Pro iPhone

Paperlike Pro E Ink Monitor Mirroring iPhone and iPad Displays (Video)

Dasung recently released a 2nd generation version of their 13.3-inch E Ink monitor, the Paperlike Pro. Generally the Dasung Paperlike is thought of as a secondary monitor for a laptop or computer, but the 2nd gen model can also be used to mirror iPhone and iPad displays as well. The Paperlike Pro is the first […]

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Paperlike Pro

Is the Paperlike Pro Monitor the Fastest E Ink Device Ever? (Video)

Dasung recently released a new version of their E Ink monitor called the Paperlike Pro. It’s designed to work as a secondary monitor for computers, and this new model adds an HDMI port for faster response times. It supports Windows XP and up, some versions of Mac OS X, and Linux Ubuntu. The Paperlike Pro […]

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E Ink Laptop Monitor

E Ink and Laptops Are a Great Mix in Sunlight (Video)

Have you ever wanted to use your laptop computer outside on a sunny day but then the bright sun makes it nearly impossible to see the screen, even at full brightness? Some people like using E Ink screens as secondary computer monitors, and when you pair a 13.3-inch E Ink screen with a laptop, it […]

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Foldable E Ink

Video: Foldable 10-inch E Ink eReader and Other Peculiarities

Charbax is back again with another video showing off E Ink’s latest prototypes from the recent SID Display Week convention in Los Angeles. This time around E Ink is showing off an ereader with a foldable 10.2-inch screen. The flexible display allows the device to be folded in a book-like manner, making a large ereader […]

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ClearInk: New Reflective Color ePaper Displays (Video)

New color epaper screens called ClearInk (actually CLEARink but I can’t stand writing it that way) were being shown off at SID DisplayWeek in Los Angeles. In fact the screens won best in show so maybe they’re something that might actually materialize into viable products (unlike all the other low-power color displays that get demoed […]

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Japan Display E Ink

Are 400 and 600 ppi E Ink Screens the Wave of the Future?

Yesterday Japan Display announced plans to develop higher resolution epaper displays through a recent partnership with E Ink Holdings, makers of E Ink screens. With resolutions of 400 ppi (pixels per inch) and 600 ppi, the new backplanes that Japan Display has developed are the highest resolution epaper displays in the world, they claim. Current […]

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Siam 7X

Why Isn’t the Siam 7X E Ink Phone More Popular?

Earlier in the week we were talking about how phones with E Ink screens and E Ink cases haven’t really caught on very well. The Yotaphone is the most popular E Ink phone crossover device, with the 3rd generation model expected later this year. There have been some other smartphones that incorporate E Ink screens […]

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