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Have E Ink Screens Reached Their Technological Peak?

This time of year I usually post a video from CES showing E Ink’s booth full of new ereading products and prototypes sporting E Ink displays. However, E Ink’s focus has gone farther and farther away from ereaders over the past few years. This year I haven’t seen a single video from CES showing anything […]

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Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

Touchscreen Friendly Gloves for Tablets, Phones and eReaders

A stocking stuffer idea that you probably haven’t thought of is a pair of winter gloves that support using touchscreens on tablets, phones and ereaders. One of the problems with the combination of cold weather this time of year and mobile devices is the fact that touchscreens don’t respond to regular winter gloves. So if […]

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DisplayCover E Ink

Tablet Keyboard Cover With an E Ink Screen (Video)

Here’s something a bit different. The Microsoft Applied Sciences Group has built a prototype of a keyboard cover for tablets that includes a secondary E Ink display that offers some unique new ways to use a tablet and help make productivity easier. It’s called the DisplayCover. It’s a new take on the two displays experiment. […]

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Dasung E Ink Monitor

Dasung PaperLike E Ink Monitor Video Reviews

Earlier this year we first saw the PaperLike E Ink Monitor from Dasung, and now there are several video reviews on YouTube showing it in action. The PaperLike is a 13.3-inch E Ink monitor that connects to a computer’s USB port to use the device as a secondary display. It uses so little power that […]

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Huateng Flag D1

Huateng Flag D1 Dual Screen E Ink Smartphone (Video)

It looks 2015 is going to be the year of the dual screen E Ink smartphone, as this is the third dual screen E Ink phone article this week. The Yotaphone 2 was the first dual screen E Ink phone to hit the market early this year; it’s expected to come to the U.S. in […]

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Yotaphone 2

Yotaphone 2 Dual Screen E Ink Phone Arrives in August

The Yotaphone 2 is offically headed to North America in a few months after being released in parts of Europe and Asia in December. Yota is running an Indiegogo campaign to bring the Yotaphone to wider markets. For those that make a contribution in the first 48 hours of the campaign, by May 21st, you […]

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Siswoon R9 Darkmoon

Siswoon R9 Darkmoon, a Dual Screen E Ink Smartphone

The Siswoon R9 Darkmoon is a new dual screen smartphone with an E Ink screen on one side and an LCD screen on the other. Smartphones that incorporate E Ink screens are starting to become more popular. Some like the InkCase are secondary E Ink displays often added to covers to pair with a phone […]

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Are Solar Powered E Ink eReaders Really Necessary?

Bookeen, a small ebook reader company based in Paris, has announced that they intend to bring solar charging to ebook readers through a new partnership with Sunpartner Technologies, also based in France. The press release is slim on details, and doesn’t specify whether the technology will be used on Bookeen’s line of Cybook ereaders exclusively […]

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