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Visionect Launches New ePaper Devices and DIY Software Platform

Some interesting news crossed my desk this morning about a new way to design and develop epaper products. Visionect, a Slovenia based company, has launched a new do-it-yourself type of platform that lets anyone develop an epaper-based product, and not just ebook readers, but other types of devices such as restaurant menus. Then Visionect’s V-Platform […]

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Video Tour of E Ink at CES 2014

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show or some other trade show, Charbax from posts a detailed video showing the current state of E Ink and the projects the company is working on for the future. The first device shown in the video is Sony’s new DPT-S1 Reader with a 13.3″ Mobius display that […]

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Could Low-Power LCD Displays Replace E Ink?

Last week Japan Display announced that they’ve started mass-producing a new type of energy-efficient LCD display that could potentially be used for ebook readers in the future. The new display technology shares some similarities with E Ink—being low-power and outdoor readable—and could prove to be a worthy alternative. What’s most interesting about these new LCD […]

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Pocketbook CAD Reader

PocketBook to Release CAD Reader with 13.3″ E Ink Fina Screen and Android 4.0

There is some interesting news coming out of E Ink and PocketBook today. E Ink has just announced the upcoming release of a new screen technology called E Ink Fina, and PocketBook is going to be the first company to use it in their new PocketBook CAD Reader, which is designed specifically for displaying drawings […]

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e-ink monitor

An E Ink eBook Reader and Secondary Computer Monitor Rolled into One

Have you ever wanted to use your ebook reader as a computer monitor? If so, I’ve got some good news for you. The folks from Shenzhen Ocean Blue Technology in China are trying to raise $2000 via IndieGogo to build the first E Ink ebook reader, named CBR, that can double as a secondary computer […]

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E Ink Booth

E Ink Expected to Release Successor to Pearl Screens By End of Year

Earlier in the month David Carnoy from CNET posted details of an interview with E Ink, the company that makes the screens for the Kindles, Kobo and Sony ereaders, Nook, and most other ebook readers around the world. Unfortunately the folks at E Ink didn’t reveal very much new information that hasn’t been talked about […]

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Kindle Paperwhite

Controlling a Kindle Paperwhite with a Remote Control (Video)

Sometimes when a gadget doesn’t come with all the features you would like it to have, you have to take matters into your own hands. That’s what a member over at Mobileread did with the Kindle Paperwhite. The person known as zxczxc wanted to be able to turn pages without having to hold/touch the Kindle […]

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E Ink Mobius

New 13.3″ Flexible E Ink Mobius Displays Introduced

E Ink has announced that they have co-developed a new large format epaper display technology with Sony called Mobius that is going to start being mass producing later this year. Mobius displays measure in at 13.3 inches, and have a resolution of 1200×1600. The size is meant to correspond with a typical A4 size sheet […]

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