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InkCase Plus

Oaxis InkCase Plus Achieves Kickstarter Funding Goal in 3 Hours

Oaxis is coming out with a new E Ink phone case called the InkCase Plus that works as a secondary screen with all Bluetooth-enabled Android smartphones running Android 4.0 and up. Yesterday Oaxis launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the InkCase Plus with a goal of $100,000. It only took 3 hours to […]

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Netronix E Ink Smartwatch

Netronix E Ink Smartwatch Works with Android and iOS (Video)

Netronix has a new smartwatch in the works that features a flexible 1.73-inch E Ink display, with a resolution of 320 x 240 (that’s 231 pixels per inch). Generally I don’t follow smartwatches because I don’t see ebook reading devolving to that state any time soon—let’s face it, it wouldn’t be very much fun to […]

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First Look at Mysterious New “E-Card” Smartphone eReader (Video)

My daily YouTube rummaging turned up a video of an interesting-looking new E Ink device called the E-Card. According to the description, the E-Card is a smartphone reading companion that can display ebooks, comics, and other content from a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Basically the E-Card is like the Oaxis InkCase and PocketBook CoverReader, minus […]

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E Ink Launches New 32″ ePaper Displays

This past week E Ink unveiled their largest single epaper display module yet. The new screens measure 32-inches diagonally, and are almost 25 times the size of a standard ebook reader display. The overall dimensions are 27.75-inches by 15.75-inches. Next to a Kindle the new screens look absolutely gigantic. The new screens are available in […]

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Oaxis InkCase

Oaxis InkCase E Ink Covers for Smartphones (Video)

In the recent video tour of E Ink’s booth at Computex 2014, we saw a number of E Ink’s protoypes and products, but one that was missing was the Oaxis InkCase. The Oaxis InkCase is a specially-designed smartphone cover that has an E Ink screen. You can pair it with a phone and display content […]

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Video Tour of E Ink’s Booth at Computex 2014

Every year Charbax posts a video tour of E Ink’s latest products and prototypes. This time the venue was at the Computex event in Taiwan, and is the first time E Ink has had a booth there. Like usual, E Ink had all kinds of products on display. Everything from ereaders to watches to signage […]

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WhiteMagic Tablet Display

Outdoor Readable “WhiteMagic” Displays Coming to Tablets

Japan Display has announced that they have developed new high resolution 7-inch WhiteMagic tablet displays that are designed to provide better readability outdoors in bright light and use less power than traditional LCD-style displays. WhiteMagic displays first debuted in 2012 on Sony’s Xperia P smartphone, which uses a 4-inch screen. Japan Display also started mass-producing […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung’s Tablet Screens are Better than the Resolution Suggests

I picked up one of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablets that Samsung just released (I’ll post a full review soon), and I was surprised to find that the screen is a lot better than I expected from a tablet with lower screen resolution. I read a review somewhere that said something along the […]

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PaperFold’s Bizarre Foldable Multi-Screen ePaper Contraption

The folks at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab are back at it again with their truly odd take on epaper prototypes. Last year they demoed what I dubbed the ridiculously laughable PaperTab. Now they’ve got another prototype building off the same idea that they are showing off and it’s just as bizarre and unlikely to […]

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Visionect Launches New ePaper Devices and DIY Software Platform

Some interesting news crossed my desk this morning about a new way to design and develop epaper products. Visionect, a Slovenia based company, has launched a new do-it-yourself type of platform that lets anyone develop an epaper-based product, and not just ebook readers, but other types of devices such as restaurant menus. Then Visionect’s V-Platform […]

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