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5 Alternatives to Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping

This week Amazon made a change to their Super Saver Shipping policy that makes it so customers have to spend $35 on qualifying orders instead of $25 to get “free” shipping. The price increase hasn’t gone over well with many customers, me included. I think that Amazon is clearly doing this because they want to […]

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Kindle Whispercast

Amazon Set to Acquire Goodreads

Today Amazon announced something that I’m surprised didn’t happen a long time ago. Amazon is set to acquire Goodreads, pending various closing conditions. With over 16 million members and over 30,000 book clubs on their website, Goodreads.com is one of the best places to go for personalized reading recommendations and to discuss and review books, […]

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Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Discounted Again

Today, an email was sent out to all Amazon Student members offering them a $50 discount code for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. Amazon has discounted their premium tablet a couple of different times since the beginning of December, leading some to speculate that the company has a few more units on-hand than they would […]

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Amazon’s Tablet Will Cost $229 and Won’t Officially Support Android Market

That’s my prediction. What’s yours? Every single week there are more unsubstantiated Amazon tablet rumors, so why not add some good old-fashioned speculation to the mix? If Amazon is indeed going to release an Android tablet in the next month or so, I believe that it will most certainly undercut the price of the Nook […]

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ezPDF Reader

ezPDF Reader is Amazon’s Free Android App Today

The marketing department at Amazon is really good. Every single day I find myself checking Amazon’s website to see what the free Android App of the day is. Today the free app is ezPDF Reader, the first ereading-based app Amazon has given away. It normally costs $0.99 and has 4.1 stars over 17 reviews.

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Amazon Appstore for Android – Put This in Your Tablet and Smoke It

Today Amazon officially pulled the veil off of their new Appstore for Android. Check it out; it’s pretty sweet. And if you hurry you can get a free download of Angry Birds Rio. In fact, Amazon says they are going to offer one paid app for free each day.

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Two Amazon Exclusives: 7 Einstein Kindle Books, Angry Birds Rio

A couple of Amazon exclusives came to light yesterday. First, Amazon announced that they’ve added seven of Albert Einstein’s books to the Kindle Store, which happened to be on his 132nd birthday. Secondly, Amazon’s Appstore for Android is getting set to launch most likely this week or next. Amazon nabbed a new version of Angry […]

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Amazon Kindle

Amazon Sold 115 Kindle Books for Every 100 Paperbacks Last Year

Amazon, a company that was founded on selling books, is now selling more Kindle Books than paperback books, according to Amazon’s fourth quarter sales announcement, which indicated Amazon’s sales increased 36% to $12.95 billion in Q4. Throughout all of last year Amazon sold 115 Kindle ebooks for every 100 paperbacks sold, and three times as […]

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