Sony Touch Review and PDF Review (PRS-650)

PRS 650 Review

This is a quick note to mention that the review for the new Sony Touch is now finished and can be found on the dedicated Sony PRS-650 Review page.

Also, here is the link for the PRS-650 PDF review. The PDF review includes several large close-up pictures of the Sony Touch.

I plan on updating both reviews later next week to add more information.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions below.

11 Responses to “Sony Touch Review and PDF Review (PRS-650)”

  1. After a couple more weeks I`d really like to know which you prefer for just sitting down,forgetting about the World and reading a book for a couple of hours.
    There are tons of free Public Domain books available for both so the limitations of either Reader(Availability of Library books or cost of books(Amazon vs other stores) really doesn`t matter.
    I tend to buy hardcover books if I really want the book in my home Library and it`s not just a one time read and I can borrow Library audiobooks and listen to them on an iPod
    Kindle or 650 for just the reading experience alone?

  2. I’m still on the fence choosing between the Kindle 3 and PRS-650. The Kindle is easier to use and get ebooks onto, but the 650’s touchscreen is so much better than the seldom-used keyboard. I still need to give it some more thought and testing; I’ll update later in the week.

    One thing is for sure, though, the Kindle 3 is the better value, that’s why I’ve got it listed for the #1 pick in the Buy Box to the upper right.

    Personally, I signed up for an credit card so the Kindle WiFi only set me back a total of $109, that included shipping. The 650 was $229 plus tax, shipping was free. Pretty big difference.

  3. This is a tremendous site and thanks for keeping us updated. I’m following in anticipation of buying a reader. And of course what I want is only

    6″ +WiFi +broswer +epub +removable storage +pearl or better +maybe apps to light email and calendar

    I’m leaning toward the Nook, at least the new one you indicated may be coming out this month.

    Other new ones on the horizon I should be researching?

    Many thanks

    Dan in Austin, Tx

  4. Hi Dan,

    That sounds like an awesome ereader you outlined. There aren’t any with all those features just yet, but the PRS-950 might be the first to match most of those—email might be a stretch though.

    The new PocketBook ereaders will probably have all of those features except the Pearl screen. I will be getting a couple of review units next month.

    Some others to look out for are the Cybook Orizon. It has a SiPix touchscreen but the rumor is SiPix’s screen background is grayer than Pearl screens—I haven’t seen any in person to confirm that yet.

    There might be a new WiFi Kobo eReader coming out sometime soon . . . but that’s just rumor at this point.

    You must have read about another Nook coming out somewhere else, but that is a fairly probable scenario, at least before Christmas.

    Most the new ereaders scheduled to come out over the next couple of months are color LCD ereaders . . . and so far most of those haven’t turned out very well. I’m not really even excited about any of them, except perhaps the Notion Ink Adam.

  5. Dan, when you find that reader, let me know… I want one too!

    I’m still waiting patiently for details on the PRS-950, and hoping for a side-by-side with the Kindle 3 when the 950 finally comes out.

    I was sadly disappointed in the Nook when I played with it in a local store recently. The touch screen requires touch by the skin, so can’t use stylus — or finger nails! I have long nails. I need to be able to tap with them, not awkwardly try to hit the correct super-small-font word with the flat of my finger tip and get it right maybe once in five attempts. Touch without stylus is in other words a deal breaker.

  6. can one edit books stored on the PRS 650, and save the changes,rgds David

  7. i am interested in the text-highlight and freehand-writing remarks in PDFs with the stylus.

    if u got a complex scientific PDF (math-formulars etc.) and u take care to setup a suitable zoom and lock it (to keep the original layout[no reflow]). does the SONY keep that zoom-adujustemt when u switch into the edit-mode to highlight text e.g. ?
    in many videos about the 650 PDF functionalities the edit-mode seems to shrink the prior zoomed&fixed PDF-Page to show those edit-icons at the top and coreesponding shrink it a little bit ?
    Can u turn pages while u are in the edit-mode?

    • No, on-screen scribbles and highlights can only be added to a PDF in default layout with no zoom. Also, pages can be turned while the notes function is open.

  8. what about the text-highlight at the Tips@tricks site, here:

    if u got a nice zoomed adjustement and use then the double tap & hold and drag the cursor to click at the highlight icon
    when the dictionary pop-up appears.
    does that variant reset the prior zoom?

    • That method works for adding highlights if it is zoomed in using the page pre-sets (2 page, 3 page) but not when using the custom zoom dial, not even when it’s locked.