Kobo Updates Android App; Kobo WiFi Now at Futureshop

Kobo wifi eReader

Kobo announced on their blog this morning that they’ve updated the Kobo Android app to add some new features and that the Kobo Wireless eReader is now selling from Futureshop.

With over 130 retail stores, Futureshop is the largest consumer electronics retailer in Canada. They are selling the Kobo WiFi from stores and online. Right now they have the Kobo WiFi listed at $149 and the original Kobo refurbished for $79.

The Kobo Android app received three key upgrades:

  • Sharing Passages & Notes to Facebook
  • Brightness and Rotation Lock Controls
  • Share a Book Recommendation to Facebook

With Facebook sharing you can share highlighted passages, quotes from ebooks, and annotations directly to Facebook from within the reading app. You can also post what book you are currently reading to your Facebook wall.

The new brightness control allows you to set the brightness by percentage and the orientation lock lets you disengage the accelerometer to keep the page orientation locked in one perspective.

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