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Kobo Wifi

Kobo Wi-Fi eReader Refurb $39; Kobo eBooks Discount Codes

Kobo is running a sale on the Kobo Wi-Fi while supplies last. It is refurbished and is selling for $39.99 with free shipping from Kobobooks.com. The regular price is $89 so that is a considerable discount. In fact I think it’s the lowest priced E Ink ereader I’ve ever seen. $40? That’s crazy. Even if […]

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Kobo Wireless

Kobo WiFi Refurbs are $65; Kobo Touch Officially Launches at Best Buy

While checking into an announcement that Kobo has officially launched their new touchscreen ebook reader at Best Buy, I happened to notice what is one of the lowest priced E Ink ebook reader to date. Best Buy is selling the Kobo Wifi (refurbished) for just $64.99. The only E Ink ereader I’ve ever seen priced […]

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Nook Color Refurb

Sales and Deals: Ebook Readers and Tablets

Here’s a list of ebook readers and tablets that are currently on sale or that have been recently discounted, along with some refurbished items. Additionally, Borders is running a 50% off sale on ereader cases. They don’t have a very wide selection but there are some good deals. They have quite a few Kobo covers. […]

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Kobo wifi eReader

Kobo Updates Android App; Kobo WiFi Now at Futureshop

Kobo announced on their blog this morning that they’ve updated the Kobo Android app to add some new features and that the Kobo Wireless eReader is now selling from Futureshop. With over 130 retail stores, Futureshop is the largest consumer electronics retailer in Canada. They are selling the Kobo WiFi from stores and online. Right […]

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Kobo - Over 2 Million eBook titles

Discount Codes for Kobo eBooks, Kobo eReader Bundles, Free eBooks

As usual, Kobo has several ways for you to save money on your next ebook purchase with discount codes and special offers on non-agency books. They’ve also put together some limited time Kobo ereader bundles and a $20 off discount code for the Kobo WiFi. First off, here’s a couple of free romance ebooks for […]

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Kobo $99

EReaders Under $100 – Nook and Kobo WiFi, Others

Ebook readers are dropping in price all the time. It looks like Borders has permanently lowered the price of the Kobo Wireless eReader from $139 to $99. One year ago a $99 E Ink ereader was unheard of, a threshold that many said an E Ink ereader couldn’t reach because of the high cost of […]

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Kobo WiFi, Oynx

Kobo Wireless eReader On Sale for $99

The Kobo Wireless eReader is on sale at Borders.com for $99 and is available in all three color varieties. The sale lasts for 4 days but unfortunately the Borders site doesn’t specify the dates so it’s unclear if the sale just started or is about to end (I was researching for a different article and […]

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Kobo Wireless Bundle

Kobo Wireless $20 off Coupon, Kobo eReader Bundles

Kobo is offering $20 off the purchase of the Kobo Wireless eReader with coupon code Kobo20, dropping the price down to $119. This applies to US orders of Kobo Readers purchased from KoboeReaders.com. Additionally, Kobo has introduced five limited time Holiday eReader bundle packs that include popular bestselling ebooks. Each package comes with the Kobo […]

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