Sales and Deals: Ebook Readers and Tablets

Nook Color Refurb

Here’s a list of ebook readers and tablets that are currently on sale or that have been recently discounted, along with some refurbished items.

Additionally, Borders is running a 50% off sale on ereader cases. They don’t have a very wide selection but there are some good deals. They have quite a few Kobo covers.

Nook and Nook Color

Sony Reader

  • $239 – Sony Reader PRS-950 (Refurbished) at Sony.
  • $143 – Sony Reader PRS-350 at Sears.
  • $90 – Sony Reader PRS-300 at Amazon.

*The Sony PRS-650 isn’t on sale, but has finally been steadily in stock for the past two weeks at Sony for $229.

Kobo WiFi

Kobo has been promoting the fact that their wireless ereader is now $99 at Best Buy and Walmart. This really isn’t news because it has been selling for $99 for months from Borders.

Kindle with Special Offers

It’s not on sale exactly, but Amazon’s new $114 Kindle with Special Offers is kind of a perma-sale.

Color eReaders and Tablets

  • $181 – Entourage Pocket Edge at Amazon.
  • $169 – Coby KYROS MID7024-4G 7″ Android 2.2 at Amazon.
  • $299 – ViewSonic 10″ gTablet at Office Depot.
  • $588 – Motorola XOOM WiFi at Amazon.
  • $179 – 9″ Pandigital Novel at QVC.
  • $124 – Cruz Tablet T103 at Borders.
  • $474 – Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile) at Amazon.

6 Responses to “Sales and Deals: Ebook Readers and Tablets”

  1. walmart sells velocity micro cruz ereader 7 in flat touch screen movies apps music book for only 109 bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I guess my Samsung Galaxy TAb won’t play mkv video files. It also won’t play certain audio tracks from some XVID avi movies I have. I read about this issue a bit with people who owned Archos 70. I guess I may to have to make a purchase to play certain media files. Any experience with this issue?

    • I can’t say much when it comes to video files; I mostly stream video or use DVD Shrink + Handbrake. Will those files work with other media player apps on the Galaxy Tab?

  3. I am going to use AVS converter on these files. I assume since I am starting with a 720p video file which is 1280×720, I can convert it to an mp4 file that has the same resolution as my Galaxy tab which is 1024×600. I am going to leave all the other settings as default since I don’t know what they mean anyway.

  4. Well, apparently when I installed the driver it all installed an application similar to iTunes that allows the user to convert to a format presumably compatible with the Tab. That will probably do the job.

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