How To Root the Pandigital Nova and Install the Android Market

Pandigital Nova Rooted

I’ve spent the past couple of days experimenting with rooting the Pandigital Nova and installing Google apps for Android Market access.

The good news is that I succeeded, and even put together these two tutorials: how to root the Pandigital Nova, and how to install the Android Market.

I followed various sets of directions over on SlateDroid, but there’s not been very much feedback for the Nova specifically so please feel free to add your two cents in the comments section below if you decide to risk stepping beyond the disclaimers.

A few folks on the forum say that they’ve successfully rooted and installed the Market without any issues, but I had some problems and now my Nova’s home button doesn’t work (it works now; here’s the fix). Everything else seems to work fine, however. I’ll post a video tomorrow.

Pandigital Nova Rooting Guide

Pandigital Nova Google Apps Guide

40 Responses to “How To Root the Pandigital Nova and Install the Android Market”

  1. do u have anybody else did the same stuff and their results on it?

  2. Great instructions , rooted from the original instruction on slatedroid , but your’s was much easier to follow. Thanks for the warning about the Home key, mine did the same, fixed by just reinstalling the OS from and re-rooting. Update to Market and Hack for restricted apps work great as well !


  3. Was able to root the Nova ok. This allowed Titanium Backup to work finally. However, I get an “e-signature verification failure” error on the Google Apps file, and it will not install. Anyone else run into this? Any work around? I tried downloading the file again in case it had been corrupted, but I get the same error.

  4. Nice review of the Nova Nathan, went out to Best Buy and bought it. Serves my needs as ereader and to watch a few movies. Where did you find the wallpaper of planets with clock and weather on the rooted PDN?

  5. Thanks Nathan, keep up the excellent work with your website!

  6. i cant get my pandigital nova to go to boot mode it acts like it goes to the bootloader screen but does not give me choices to select from my wife did the first update as soon as she turned it on for the first time can you help

  7. Hey Nathan thx for ur work man! Anyhow when I try booting to the setup screen with the options it read “Mounted /dev/block/cardblksd.”
    It says its finding updtae package and installing… Any ideas ‘cuz as the Doug said I don’t reach that set up screen…


    • Did you make sure to remove all the previous update files first? It will automatically create a file for old firmware too, so make to delete that as well.

  8. It took a while.. I even had to take the NOVA apart and unplug the battery because it froze up on me. Now everything is installed. My hold up was that I didn’t do the factory reset and I didn’t format the sd card. Thanks 🙂

  9. Can someone tell me how to root Pandigital Planet and instal Android market. Thanx

  10. How do I unistall the firmware?

  11. I tried to root my nova but when I get to the screen that is suppose to show your choices i do not get that screen. I formatted the memory card and still can not get it to go. Any ideas?

  12. How do you do step one?

    • I delete the firmware files by plugging the memory card into my computer’s SD card reader. You can also use the Nova’s ES file explorer. Long press an item to bring up editing options.

  13. I went through a lot, including the return and exchange of a Nova, that I’m not going to post about, but for those having issues with it not letting you select what file you want to boot from; REMOVE your SD card and wait until the first Android pops up, then it will give you a list to select where to boot from, insert your SD card, select update from SD card, then you can choose a file from your card. At least that worked for me! Hope it helps.

  14. I dont know if there have been updates to the software but i didnt have any problems once any problems with rooting my nova straight up with no need to play with it

  15. help how do i remove previous firmwire files so i can get into boot mode? i dont want to mess up my nova.

  16. I have a 9″ black pandigital novel. I am not able to get into boot mood. Nor can I figure out how to remove any firmware files. Please help!

  17. Does this work with the pandigital planet? The Planet was cheaper at kohls with the 30 % off coupon so i bought the planet instead. I would really like to have the android market on my tablet. Remember the planet has android 2.2 and it is not the same as the novel series

  18. @Cameron Or can someone possibly tell me how to root it?

  19. How do you format you sd card

  20. Hey on my Nova every time i go into Recovery mode it says failed to mount /sdcard and then when i got to the option to update from sdcard it doesnt let me saying that my sdcard failed to mount. but when i turn it on it works perfect and i can use my sdcard. any suggestions??

  21. Ok so I have the white pandigital novel model nunber PRD07T10WWH7. I want to root it. Can someone tell if it can be rooted. And how to root it step by step. Because i tried the root for the black one but it doesn’t give me the option to select from the SD card and I can’t find the zip file on my sd card. How to get it on the sd card. Please help ASAP.

  22. Hey nathwn thanx rooted it 1st time around but i dnt get all the apps n market and youtube wont load nor will the rest of the apps i downloaded any suggestions?

  23. Can you use this to root the supernova as well?

  24. I am having a hard time figuring out my nova.. i can not get apps unless from jetgar, cant use calendar…. need lots of help…. do not have a computer for the rooting either

  25. Hello,How do you change the Andro-market to Goo-play Market?

  26. Thanks for the link .. tried it works..!!!

  27. The link to the root firmware seems to have failed, is there a new place I can download it from?

  28. help! when i install the update it says ”E:signature
    verification failure”. what does this mean?

  29. 2. Download this file and place it as is on the root of the Nova’s microSD card:

    The link is down! Can someone help providing the file?? Thanks