First Look at Rooted Sony Reader PRS-T1 (Video)

Rooted Sony Reader PRS-T1

That didn’t take long. The Sony Reader PRS-T1 has been out less than two weeks and it’s already been rooted.

The video below is evidence of a rooted PRS-T1. It’s still in its early stages so its not exactly running smoothly, and there aren’t any directions or details, but it’s a good sign of things to come.

The video shows the PRS-T1 running ADW Launcher and the Cool Reader app. Speaking of Cool Reader, I wonder if the Cool Reader app that was tailor-made for the Nook Touch that supports partial page refresh will work on the PRS-T1 with partial refresh.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t really show any other apps, just a failed attempt to launch Angry Birds. What’s with the obsession with Angry Birds, anyway? The first rooted Nook Touch video that surfaced was an attempt to get Angry Birds to play too.

Regardless, it’s good to see that the Sony PRS-T1 has already been rooted. A few more weeks and there will probably be a stable version for everyone to experiment with. I’ll post a PRS-T1 rooting guide once that happens. Subscribe to keep updated.

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7 Responses to “First Look at Rooted Sony Reader PRS-T1 (Video)”

  1. It’s great to see that rooting doesn’t mean you lose the Sony software. So for certain apps, this could be very nice! I wouldn’t like to play a game though. The refresh rate of the e-ink screen would make it impossible to play I guess.

    I just ordered one, hopefully receiving one next week!

  2. So happy right now, can’t wait for this to be released! Glad I waited for this e-reader instead of buying a nook touch. The exclusion of audio in the nook touch was a deal breaker for me. The Sony PRS-T1 is about to become the perfect device!!!

  3. What does rooted mean?

    • Rooted means to have access to files not normally accessible to users. The underlying operating system is Android. Sony essentially created apps for their Reader software to run and closed the door on the Android OS. By modifying the files you can add more Android apps to the device. A good is example is this rooted Nook Touch video.

  4. maybe we can play eg tetris on the reader … 😉
    would be nice.

  5. Yeah, what does “rooted” mean? 🙂 It’s like the new expression I just learned at work that I never heard before: “It’s on the ‘punch list.'” This means that it’s on a “to do” list of sorts for getting things repaired, for example.

    By the way, I was at our local Sony Style store and even though they had the 6-inch reader that comes in 3 colors, they had no Wi-Fi connection so all I (and the salesperson) could do was turn it off and on! Ugh!

  6. Now here’s the cruncher – installing the Kindle App.