Nook Tablet Can Install Amazon Appstore and 3rd-Party Apps Without Hack! (Video)

Nook Tablet Apps

The title says it all. It turns out there is a really simple way to install third-party apps on the NOOK Tablet without a hack, including the Amazon appstore.

As you can see from the picture above, I’ve got Launcher Pro installed on my Nook Tablet, along with the Kindle and Kobo ereading apps, ezPDF, Opera Mobile, and some games and other apps too. Plus the Nook Tablet and all its features still works like normal. I can’t believe it!

Update: Unfortunately Barnes and Noble issued a firmware update that closes the loophole to install apps. If your Nook Tablet is running firmware 1.4.1 or newer, then it is no longer possible to sideload apps. But you can still run alternate versions of Android from a memory card to get full access to Google Play.

Okay, so I know you are eager to try this out on your Nook Tablet, so enough with talk, here’s the directions:

Enabling Nook Tablet to Install Non-B&N Apps

1. Enable 3rd party app installs. This link will install the Amazon appstore, but you don’t have to install it if you don’t want, just use it to trigger the hidden menu; only certain apps will do that. Open the Nook Tablet’s web browser and enter this url:

2. Tap the download icon in the lower left corner of the Nook Tablet’s screen. When the download is finished, tap the notification.

3. When prompted to install, always select the second option “Package Installer”. If you select “App Installer” it will mess up the file and you’ll have to re-download it.

4. This will prompt an option to select a hidden settings menu in the Nook Tablet. From there, check the box at the top that says “allow installation of non-Market applications”. Once you check that box, the Nook Tablet is free to install apps from anywhere you can get them!

Now you can tap the notification bar again for the Amazon download to install the Amazon appstore. Note that you have to have a microSD card installed in the Nook Tablet to install apps from Amazon.

Setting up a Launcher

1. You’ll need to setup a separate launcher now that app installs are enabled because any apps you add won’t show up in the regular Nook Tablet’s set of apps; you need an Android launcher to easily get to them. There are some launchers in the Amazon appstore but I installed Launcher Pro instead.

2.a. There’s no obvious way to access the launcher from the B&N homescreen. One workaround is to tap the “n” button and then “search” and then type the name of the launcher app you chose to use and it will appear in the search results ready to launch.


2.b. Install HomeCatcher to set the “n” button to redirect to the launcher home instead of the B&N Nook home.


2.c. Another option is to install button savior. Just run a search for “button savior apk” on Google and install it with the browser (I used this one). I got a prompt to enable debugging when launching button savior the first time. I hit “yes” but nothing seemed to happen so the second time I hit “no” and now it is working fine. It puts a small, nearly invisible icon on the right-edge of the screen. Tapping it opens on-screen android buttons. The only one that works is the Home button without root, but that’s all we need. So now you can hit the home button anytime to bypass the Nook Tablet’s B&N homescreen.

Installing Apps on the Nook Tablet

Now that you have a launcher setup to get to the apps you install, it’s time to get some apps. There are a lot of places on the web to get Android apps. There’s the GetJar appstore, SlideMe, and many others. I often use Android Freeware to download APK files directly. The Nook’s browser works well for that. Just make sure to hit “Package Installer” when prompted to install.


What a strange loophole, huh? I tried installing a couple of apps from Android Freeware after first getting the NOOK Tablet, and while the app install prompts were promising, none of the apps I tried would install. It’s funny that only certain apps trigger the hidden menu to allow third-party apps installs. I’m sure glad someone at XDA noticed. I wonder what Barnes and Noble will do about it…

Update: I uploaded a video on YouTube to show how the process works and to give a look at some of things you can do with 3rd-party apps on the Nook Tablet.

154 Responses to “Nook Tablet Can Install Amazon Appstore and 3rd-Party Apps Without Hack! (Video)”

  1. I wonder if you sideload dropbox or whether the downloaded files hit the 1gb user allocation or the B&N allocation.

  2. I just checked and the dropbox files are going to the memory card.

    • elijah negrete April 6, 2014 at 5:12 am

      The hidden menu does not come up and whe I try to do it I get package install and verify and install is there something I’m not getting I really need help here nathan

      • Paragraph number three says it all. And going back to 1.4 probably doesn’t work anymore either. The best way to get the most out of a Nook Tablet at this point would be to use Cynogenmod.

  3. What’s the name of that live wallpaper you have as your background? Also, am I mistaken or is the live wallpaper actually working with the B&N home screen?

  4. Does this affect the performance of the Nook tablet at all? Any strange issues or sluggishness? Also, does movies from work??

    • That’s odd. I tried some random videos and they played okay but the sound didn’t sync up. Then I tried the same exact videos with the Opera Mobile browser and they worked fine. No issues yet.

  5. Hello, I read somewhere that nook only gives the user 1gb for anything downloaded that did not come from them. Is this correct? And if it is what good would installin6g the Amazon Appstore? Does it send those apps to the sd card? Between the Kindle Fire and the Nook tablet which one would you recommend? I use Aldiko and Kindle reader apps, and sometimes the nook app. At the moment I have been using an Elocity A7 tablet as my reader, so I am used to having the choice between reader apps. Sorry this was so long. Thank you

    • Irma, that is true the Nook Tablet has 1GB for user content but I don’t see why everyone is making a big deal about it when the microSD card slot provides an extra 32GB.

      Stan, no lag with the 1080p YouTube video I tried with the YouTube app.

      Fahad, PDF reviews are difficult with a tablet because the answer is always the same: it depends on what app you are using. I use ezPDF and it works great on the Nook Tablet.

  6. how do youtube videos play on 1080p?

    any lag with them?

  7. I am betting the new firmware upgrade for the Nook Tablet will address this little “feature”

  8. You don’t have to upgrade even if it did right?

  9. Nathan, Thank you for your efforts in all reviews but do you have a review on running different PDF types on Nook Telltale.Thanks.

  10. Sorry it should be NOOK Tablet

  11. Enjoying the new tablet, especially color display. These tips have been very helpful–thank you. I couldn’t get Launcher Pro to work, so will live with Go Launcher. Also, had problems with the button savior, but will keep working at it. Going through the search menu is cumbersome.

  12. I downloaded Go Launcher app for brand new Nook Tablet, but a warning screen came up prior to proceeding with install. Said allow this application to: your personal info (read contact info), network communication (full Internet access), SD storage (modify/delete card contents), services that cost you money (directly call phone numbers), system tools (make app always run, modify global system settings, retrieve running applications), network communication, hardware controls and system tools. Sounds very scary! How concerned do I need to be?

  13. Can ANY apps be saved to a Micro SD card or loaded from one? Or are we limited to saving apps downloaded from the Amazon store to the 1 gb memory? Also, does work? It does on the iPad 2

  14. I couldn’t get the Starlight Live to work after I installed it (Package INstaller). I clicked on the “Open” button but nothing happened. Couldn’t find the app in the B&N apps or the GO Launcher apps. Any advice?

    • You can apply the wallpaper in the regular settings menu or by long-pressing the B&N homescreen, although the latter restarted my NT the last time I tried…worked though.

  15. Hi nathan! i am thinking of getting this tablet. so you mean i can download words with friends with this?

  16. That worked (of course). Not sure where my brain was, thinking of it as an app and not wallpaper. Thanks.

  17. Nate, could you please address my question on whether Amazon android apps can be saved to the sd card or are saved to the 1 GB and if works? My decision to buy a NT might depend on your answers

    • From the article: “Note that you have to have a microSD card installed in the Nook Tablet to install apps from Amazon.”

      Sorry but I’m not going to buy a video from Vudu just to see if it works…especially when they don’t list Android as a supported platform…

  18. has FREE Trailers Nathan

  19. Nevermind, a person confirmed doesn’t work. At
    Least you said works

  20. Lastly, can you BUY Paid apps from the Amazon AppStore?

  21. What is better the rootedNook color or Nook tablet or Fire ? I am from India, so neither the B&N or the Amazon ecosystem and services does not concern me. All I want is a tablet for reading and sideloaded media. Is it true there is a growing fear that the Nook tablet may not get Cyanogenmod?

  22. Can someone please confirm if Skype can be installed from Amazon app store or Android Market and if it works. I don’t care about video as long as audio works. I am looking to buy this if Skype works. Appreciate the response.


  23. Is anyone else having problems simply downloading with the NT? I can’t get Nook Tablet to download a single thing anywhere from browser, so I can’t even install Go Launcher. Get “download Unsuccessful” from any file on any site. Tried turning on/off, clearing cache, etc. no luck. Any ideas?

  24. GOOD NEWS!!! NOOK TABLET HAS BEEN ROOTED!! With the Market!!! Check the XDA FORUMS

  25. Is there a way to easily get to the page where you uninstall the apps?

  26. Installation of a launcher/Amazon App store worked like a charm. BUT. . .anyone having trouble with the power button? Mine takes about 5 presses before the unit turns on. I’ve contacted BN tech support; they recommend a hard reset. Comments? Probability this will work?

  27. If I stick with NOOK COLOR, will it have the power to run ICS, with just 800MHz/500mb.?

  28. Ok so an out of the box Nook Color –

    I follow your instructions verbatim. . .

    Get stuck here

    “3. When prompted to install, select the second option “Package Installer”.

    4. This will open a hidden settings menu in the Nook Tablet where you can select to install apps from third-party sources. Once you check that box, the Nook Tablet is free to install apps from anywhere you can get them!”

    I get

    Install Blocked

    For security Reasons your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android Market…

    So whats the work around for this?

  29. Nathan,
    Forgive the newbie/ignorant question, but is getting the Kindle android app on the new Nook tablet as simple as using its web browser to go the Android market and installing it? Or is that the point of your article – that there are a couple of hoops to jump thru first?

    • No Android Market without rooting, you have to enable third-party installs for other apps, so yeah, that’s the hoop to jump through.

      Wolo, you have to go one step further; this is the workaround.

  30. So, in doing this work-around you describe to be able to download 3rd party apps and Amazon apps, you are indeed actually rooting the Nook Tablet, thus voiding any manufacturer’s warranties, correct? Does this also mean you can’t get B&N support from that point?

  31. were you able to run button savior without rooting? I’m running Go Launch now on my NT without rooting like you show in your video, but I wasn’t sure if button savior would work without rooting. BTW, thx for the article and supporting video.

  32. thx Nathan. Do you have a trusted source for tha button savior apk? I’m having a hard time finding one that will download on my NT.

    • I couldn’t find a trusted source for button savior, just the mediafire link in the article. I didn’t initially include it for that reason, but couldn’t find it anywhere else so went back and added it. I haven’t had any problems…

  33. Has anyone been able to load the Videos app from the Android Market?

    Having this would give the Nook Tablet the power to rent movies for offline viewing from YouTube and the Android Marketplace (making use of that MicroSD slot).

  34. I installed go launcher and launcher pro, no problemo.

    However, the box that I’m supposed to check to allow 3rd party apps never appears.

    How can I make it appear? Nook tablet

  35. Quick question: can the nook tablet be rooted at a later date (using the Indirect’s hack) after doing this? Ya’know, should i want full access to the android market later…

    Btw–thanks for the great info, m8… respect.

  36. Looks like my tablet search is finally over… HUGE thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, Nathan. I will be SURE to click thru your site when I buy my nook tablet.

  37. thanks again Nathan. I was able to get the soft button to work. Having that function sure makes the tablet experience much better. 🙂

  38. I got problems… After trying to install button savior, the Nook says trouble Parsing. I can install third party apps, but I can’t access them. I went to search and Typed in Go Launcher, but it is not there to click on.

  39. the only time I got a parsing notice is when I tried installing as an app, rather than package. From what I can tell , all 3rd party apps have to be installed as a package on the NT.

  40. Still can’t get the button savior to show up. I can access the third party apps (the long way). I deleted button savior and re-installed it, but nothing.

  41. Thank you Nathan for your post. I had luck installing everything BUT the Google earth app. Every download I find asks me for my android mobile phone number.(I don’t have one) Do you have a download that will work like your other highlighted sites? Why do you prefer the pro launcher instead of the go launcher? Just curious. Thank you in advance.

  42. I tried installing the golauncher and after the download i pressed package installer and a warning came upsayingdownload unsuccessful due to security? Im not very computer savvy so what do ido now?

  43. Please help me…..
    Rooted, golauncher, can install any app but cant run ANY of them. Device not compatible message. Automatically installs after download so i don’t get the option of package installer.

  44. Hello Nathan, this is the message i am getting when trying to install the v2.66 “SORRY: The application Browser ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”. Unfortunately… This response is not new to me. I cannot see a way around this. Please help.

  45. I downloaded the Go Launcher, clicked to install the Package installer and the Nook went to a black screen that says “no applications”. It look like it is the internal storage for the nook. the app/package installer doesn’t seem to install. What am I missing?

  46. I have installed go launcher and button on my NT and had no problem. I cant seem to install any apps from amazon or the app freeware site. They download and i use package installer but i get not able to parsing problem, any suggestions??? I put in an sd card and everything??

  47. i did get it to install….says that it is non compatable..UGH what now??

  48. Matthew N. Petersen November 28, 2011 at 12:35 am

    Does this open up the tablet to unsolicited third party attacks? And if so, is it possible to reverse this?

  49. Matthew N. Petersen November 28, 2011 at 1:10 am

    Also, google won’t let me download anything because I don’t have an android device listed on my account, but they also won’t let me list an android device on my account. How do I get around this?

  50. Can anyone explain how to get LauncherPro installed? I’ve got GoLauncher installed, along with the Amazon AppStore and Kindle app. Download LauncherPro .apk and it appears to install but when I get to the final install screen that has the “Open” and “Done” buttons the “Open” button is disabled. If I search for “LauncherPro” on the Nook Tablet, nothing is found… I see the .apk in my downloads folder but it doesn’t look like it got installed?!?

  51. Jason K. Chapman November 28, 2011 at 6:07 am

    For those getting the “parsing error” on app installs, try uninstalling Go Launcher (assuming you installed it) and using Launcher Pro, instead. Go Launcher caused every install attempt to get the “parse error” on mine. Uninstalling it fixed things.

  52. How do you uninstall? I’d normally do it in Settings, but that just takes me back to the useless Nook settings screen…

  53. Hey its just not working for me. Saying that the formate isnt right… i cant get passes the download step. Please help!

  54. I am also getting the “The application Browser ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” message without ever getting the option to use Package Installer or Application Installer. Any solution?

  55. nathan.
    you are cool. you replied to so many questions you must be dedicated!
    ive got no questions. you published a very easy to follow tutorial and i give you props on all your other work ive seen on youtube, mainly.

    my gf works at b&n and for 2 weeks this month they get, either 20 or 30 percent off of the whole line of readers. one each, only, tho.
    keep it all, up, man. i pray that we dont loose these ‘workarounds’ when an inevitable update comes wi-fi flyin’ at us!
    here’s a throwaway email i use, like 6 times a year: djebel666@gmail
    hit me up!

    • Thanks for the kind words, djebel. I try to answer most comments and emails but sometimes there’s just too many… I had to stop answering comments on YouTube. 100 videos = too many comments for one person on top of everything else :).

  56. Hey nathan thanks for the helpful information I’m hoping to get a nook tablet soon and plan on doing this so i can use an app from Amazon. One quick question does this free app work for you? it’s called SketchBook and as an artist I would love to know if it works fully on the nook. Thanks again Nathan!

  57. Matthew N. Petersen November 30, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    I’m curious how to uninstall apps. It isn’t under the “app settings” menu, nor under the “device settings”. I’ve tried deleting apps when I’ve plugged it into the computer, but somehow they still seem to be there.


    • It depends on what launcher you are using. With go launcher I think you have to long press the app icons to bring up the uninstall option. Or you can install an uninstaller app.

  58. Add me to the ” “The application Browser ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” ” error list. Any help?

  59. Yes, every time. Using 2.65 (latest version)

  60. Just found 2.67 and tried it. Still same error.

    • Just checked and it still works on mine. Maybe B&N closed the loophole on newer ones. What version of firmware is your Nook Tablet?

  61. I just picked up a nt amd got golauncher, launcherpro, and perfect view to load, but they dont show up when i search for them. Any one have any ideas? Mt nt hss SW version 1.4.0 loaded, if that helps

  62. Matthew N. Petersen December 2, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    I just bought mine on Sunday(software version 1.4.0) and I didn’t have any troubles downloading golauncher.

  63. I’ve got the amazon app installed, and supposedly the kindle app, but it’s not discoverable anywhere. The search won’t find it and it won’t let me re-install it. Any suggestions?

  64. I accidently downloaded and installed both the Go Launcher and the Launcher Pro. How do I uninstall/dete the Go Launcher (Agree – I like the Launcher Pro much better). All else worked greated – can now get to the Amazon app store!

  65. I just got my Nook Tablet on black friday and I cannot install go launcher… this is what I get too.
    “The application Browser ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” ” error list
    I have 1.4.0 firmware.I tried launcher 2.67

    any help ?

  66. figured it out…I had to erase and reset my nook then put my sd card back in.If you have to do this,make sure not to sign in with your original email as it will not work again and you will get the same error when trying to install go launcher.

  67. hey i have tried to download the launcher but keeps stating that it was unsuccessful…… i even tried the button savior too and it stills says unsuccessful…. pleas help

  68. Hi i was finally able to launcher the go launcher but unsure about the button savior apk……. when i google it there are many and not sure which i am supposed to use…… please help

  69. Ok Nathan, i fianally got the button to work and even managed to get the amazon app, but everything i put on there does not work and closes…..eeeeeeekkkkkk

  70. Too bad this site won’t let me enter the answer to the download unsuccessful notification. I figured it out. Oh well…

  71. Matthew N. Petersen December 12, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    So I think my nook is letting me download content, but google sure isn’t. How do I get apps if google won’t let me download them from the app store?

  72. Matthew N. Petersen: If you can really install non-B&N store apps, you can install the Amazon appstore, SlideME, GetJar, or some other android store. You can also find apps at the Freeware lovers site.

    • Thanks for taking the time to answer questions, fjtorres, especially when it’s the same question I’ve answered 50 times and don’t feel like doing so again :). But I had to remove your link. I hate that website with a passion and will never link to them because they have stolen content from this site in the past and continually steal content from MobileRead and post it in their forums.

  73. Note taken.
    Bad boys.

  74. Did anyone get Words with Friends to work?
    If so, how? thanks

    • I just tried the free version of Words with Friends from Amazon. It installs but it won’t work. It just force closes every time. It’s surprising it isn’t available in the Nook appstore.

  75. First of all i would like to say thank you for this step by step guide. thanks for taking the time to write this. Now it’s like having two tablets in one. I have some questions though, sometimes my wallpaper change like it zoomed out, is it happening to your nook too? secondly, where did you get the google maps and the youtube app. they are not on amazon app store. Thank you very much.

  76. I have the same problem as Wolo. I can not find said hidden menu…I just get this message:

    “Install Blocked

    For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android Market.”

    Where’s the secret menu?

  77. thank you for your insight and expertise/comments on the BN tablet. Thinking of getting one and wonder if you’d share why you got this one versus a Kindle Fire? Thank you in advance.

  78. I see what the problem is, Wolo. You probably tried it on a Nook Color. This is only for the Tablet. Hope this helps!

  79. Does this make it possible to buy movies and put them on the nook.

  80. Just wanted to say thanks for the info.. Wife is my best friend right now.. lol… all i need to do is check the uninstall options and i’ll do that later…

  81. Hi Nathan,

    I would like to use LauncherPro, but once downloaded the the nook tablet will not let me open. Is there anything I can do here. Also, the words with frees app is opens but then forces close. Is the normal?


  82. Hi nathan, I just got my nook tablet yesterday and i downloaded launcher pro, button savior, and the amazon app store. But i want to delete all of them! Please respond ASAP i really need to know

  83. Hello, I’ve downloaded the amazon app store, go launcher, button savior, android market and more. I have no problem downloading apps from the android market, but I cannot download apps from the amazon app store. It just says installing and never does anything. It also gives me a reinstall button, which still doesn’t do anything. Help?? thank you!!

  84. I followed your instructions and cannot figure out how to get to the alternate home screen. I installed nookhome and it brings me to the nook home screen. I do not see how to get to the amazon app which i downloaded. I downloaded home catcher and it brings me to a donate screen which i do not wish to donate. Please help.

  85. Does this also work for the Nook Color? And if not, is there something that can be done to the Nook Color?

  86. Nathan ,

    I was having problems with my launcher pro.. For some reason everytime I went to that screen with all my apps.. The screen would jump up and down .. I installed the amazon launcher ex and it’s working fine now.. But I wanted to know how can I uninstall the original launcher pro from my NT…as well as any 3rd party apps I downloaded???

  87. I have the correct version on my nook, but every time i down load the app-email it shows a screen that says, the application browser(process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again. im lost, dont know what to do, please help!!!

  88. What do you do when nook does an automatic software update .and now it wont let me do 3rd party app downloads it says its been blocked .this sucks what do i do.?

  89. Is there any way to have the nook tablet go to the nook home screen first when turned on instead of going to the launcher pro home screen by default?

  90. Hello, I was able to successfully download the android settings to my nook, but now I am not able to access my lovely nook menu that popped up when I press the ‘n’ key. Also, I am not able to access the built in e-mail for the nook. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  91. <> Need Some direction

    Hello Nathan

    I was wondering if I could get a bit of assistance. Here are the facts:
    1. Got nook tablet 1.4.1 on Sunday as a birthday gift
    2. Not happy not being able to use (wanted to redeem gift card)
    3. Found this really cool way to pimp my tablet to download third party apps
    4. Reverted tablet to version 1.4.0 to get the hidden settings menu
    5. Not able to keep hidden settings menu in 1.4.0 have to either keep hidden settings menu up while downloading dirvers, rooting and blocking updates (instructions per
    6. Followed successfully, and rooted tablet
    7. Device settings looked UGLY–thought tablet would look a lot like the tablet in this youtube video MOVING CLOUD WALL PAPER AND EVERYTHING. Everything looks so nice and neat.
    8. Did not turn out to be so
    9. Could not access nook tablet apps such as built in e-mail, nor nook quick menu when ‘n’ was clicked
    10. Returned to factory settings, but device still rooted
    11. Tried to unroot to start over using
    12. Device received null error
    13. Tried to unroot downloading script on page
    14. No script found
    15. Tried to go through the process of rerooting using
    16. Nook Zergy script window shows no device found and it called me a liar (lol)
    17. Device Manager shows Android ADB interface
    18. Totally stumpped, and not sure what to do
    19. Was able to reboot using SD card and have quick menu and nook e-mail back <>
    20. Not sure what to do from this point. Would really like to get my tablet to look like It is so pretty and functional

    • I can’t give any advice on un-rooting because I haven’t done it. There was a part in the rooting process asking about overriding the n button with a single press. You can select no to keep it like normal. The look you want is Launcher Pro. You can select it during the rooting process or install it afterwards or on 1.4.0.

  92. Hi, there I really appreciate your instructions. I am having a small problem. I cannot seem to download the right launcher pro. I downloaded the launcher pro but it was the launcher pro v0.8.6 apk. This launcher does not have the android market on it. How can I get the launcher pro 2.65 or how can I upload the android market separately? I tried to go to the android site and it does not let me because I am trying to download it to my nook tablet and it says it is not compatible.

  93. Nook Color Tablet version 1.4.1 tried downloading amazon email app to trigger hidden “third party” app option, clicked on “package installer” received dialogue box indicating that “For security reasons only apps purchased through NOOK Shop can be installed”

  94. Hey Nate, Thanks for the great technique….works great…however i rooted in 1.4.0 and didn’t see or catch the OTA option….how can i prevent the 1.4.1 update from happening ?

  95. Correction …i pro launched in 1.4.0…not root

    • The best way to block OTA updates is to root, which does it automatically. I think you might be able to find a way at XDA but it’s just about as complicated as rooting so you might as well get the Android Market on there while you’re at it.

  96. Thanks !

  97. Will this work for the Nook color ereader?

  98. Nook Color Tablet version 1.4.2 tried downloading amazon email app to trigger hidden “third party” app option, clicked on “package installer” received dialogue box indicating that “For security reasons only apps purchased through NOOK Shop can be installed”

  99. B&N just blocked the “third party option” it tells me just what NK said : “For security reasons blah blah..” What should I do know Nathan?

  100. It says on your article that to enable the nook tablet for android apps the nook has to be on the 1.4.0 format. My nook is new and the lady at B&N turned my format to the latest one which is 1.4.3 do you know the difference between the formats? And will it be safe for my nook to change it back to 1.4.0? Thanks 🙂

  101. do you know yet if this method will work with the nook hd?

    • No one really knows for sure yet until they start shipping. It’s highly unlikely B&N will allow sideloading apps but I’m still hoping.

  102. So I did as your instructions stated but instead of bringing me to the secret app menu that allows you to check the box that says allow 3rd party apps mine only says For security reasons only apps purchased through the NOOK shop can be installed… Please Help

  103. Well i just followed your video… Well now i am unable to navigate through my tablet. i downloaded to my SD card then installed it on my NT. Now its says “The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Then the only option is to “force close” then when i do, it just keeps popping up… no way to navigate or to reset… WHAT DO I DO!? Please help.

  104. Does it work with NookHD +?

  105. i can not get it to work, it keeps saying: for security reason, olny apps purchased throught the nook shop cab be installed? what am i doing wrong

  106. Does it install the apps on the sd card? I am using my mums sd card and she doesnt want the apps instalked on the sd card… because she wants it back….

  107. Can you please link the update

  108. Hello i was wondering how do i get to application settings so i can dwonload games because its not leting me

  109. it wont let me install the app it say that nook has blocked app not from the apps store..,!?

  110. How can I install third party apps with a nook HD

  111. Hey ive had my nook tablet for sometime now its running 1.4.3 will i still need to restore it back to 1.4.0

  112. Can you be a little more disstimptive im olny 10 and i dont understand and i tryed to asked my parents to help but they are tooooo busy please help me

  113. It says it cant open that website why not